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  1. I preferred the Matte finish wood from the Denali models, so thats what i installed in mine
  2. Selling complete wood kit with center console unit, removed from my 2018 Sierra crew cab with 18,000 miles, no scratches or damage to any of the trims. I swapped out the wood in my truck for different style trim. Please message me if interested, asking 325.00 plus shipping. Thank you. Located in Jacksonville FL. Center console has all usb plugs, 2 12v outlets and the 110v outlet still installed.
  3. The new compressor would come pre charged? Not sure who told you that false information, but that doesnt make any sense. On the other hand, did your system lose all of its freon? If not then they will be able to re-cover your existing refrigerant charge, perform the needed repairs, and then re-charge the system with the same stuff they took out. If the truck is still fully charged with freon then you shouldnt have to buy freon at all. btw, i highly doubt the dealer is going to use what freon you supply, they are going to use their machine and charge you as needed.
  4. No it didn't mess with any lighting or electrical systems that i could tell. Mine literally only made that noise at hot idle in park or neutral, drop it in gear or race the engine the noise went away.
  5. Is there a drain plug on the torque converter that can accessed thru the bottom inspection hole in the bellhousing?
  6. Yes, thats the exact noise my truck was making, hasnt come back since they replaced the alternator
  7. I have a question for you guys that work on these everyday, i personally work on Mercedes for a living. Anyways i have a 2018 1500 with the 6 speed, currently has 12k on it, i purchased it new and pretty much ever since day one it has had a shudder, sometimes a more abrupt jerk when gently accelerating, but usually just a soft shudder sensation. Happens usually from 50-80 and only when the torque converter is locked up, press pedal down a hair more TC will unlock and shudder/jerk will go away. I have complained about it twice at the dealer, they say "operating as designed". My question is if there is a fix for this, or would even a new converter have a slight shudder to it, is it really the nature of the beast? thanks
  8. Thats correct, my SLT has the premium package, not the premium plus package so i did not get the full led headlights. This is where my question comes from, because i have seen other trucks with the same headlights as mine, and their DRL light shuts off when the regular incandescent turn signal bulb is flashing. So im just curious as to why mine does not.
  9. I have noticed on other trucks similar to mine that when the one of the turn signals is activated, the corresponded daytime running led portion of the headlight shuts off. My truck is a SLT and does not have the full LED headlights, mine has the regular orange bulbs for the turn signals with xenon headlights. Anyways on my truck the daytime running light stays on when i activate the turn signal, unlike others that i see on the road. Anyone have any clues to why that is, is it a programming glitch? I purchased my truck new, only modification i have done is install a jumper diode to run the fogs with the high beams, and another to run the cargo lights with the exterior puddle lights, could those diodes have an affect on the DRL's staying on when the turn signals are on? I only noticed this cause i can see the reflection in the vehicle in front of me during the daytime, headlights not on, and headlight switch stays in the auto position. Thanks
  10. Mine had a noise very similar to this, it was the alternator, dealer replaced under new car warranty. Try removing the belt and running the engine for a short amount of time(less than 1-2 min) to see if the noise goes away.
  11. My 2018 5.3 was seeping oil in that area, they pulled the lower oil pan and re-sealed it. It doesnt leak anymore but the tech was very sloppy with the grey sealant, crazy excessive amounts of sealant from the edges and around bolt holes.
  12. Price lowered to 850.00 Message me if interested. Thank you
  13. Selling a like new GM borla performance exhaust system. I had it installed on my truck for about 500 miles and removed it, just wasn’t the sound i was looking for, looking for something a bit more aggressive. Will fit all 14-18 5.3 trucks either crew cab short bed or extended cab long bed. This is the dual side exit setup. And comes with set of the borla chrome tips with all hardware needed. Im located in Jacksonville FL and will travel to meet if someone is interested up to 50 miles one way. Shipping would prolly be a killer on something of this size. Message me if your interested, thank you 1000 with the tips included Stewart
  14. My 2018 5.3 will drop to 15 psi at hot idle after it gets good and hot, usually after a run on the highway in FL heat. Im assuming its normal operation considering how thin the oil is required to be.
  15. Just wanted to give an update to this high pitch whistle noise i was having, the dealership found it was in fact the alternator, that fixed the issue i was having after they installed a new one. Thanks for the input
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