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  1. My 2018 5.3 was seeping oil in that area, they pulled the lower oil pan and re-sealed it. It doesnt leak anymore but the tech was very sloppy with the grey sealant, crazy excessive amounts of sealant from the edges and around bolt holes.
  2. Price lowered to 850.00 Message me if interested. Thank you
  3. Selling a like new GM borla performance exhaust system. I had it installed on my truck for about 500 miles and removed it, just wasn’t the sound i was looking for, looking for something a bit more aggressive. Will fit all 14-18 5.3 trucks either crew cab short bed or extended cab long bed. This is the dual side exit setup. And comes with set of the borla chrome tips with all hardware needed. Im located in Jacksonville FL and will travel to meet if someone is interested up to 50 miles one way. Shipping would prolly be a killer on something of this size. Message me if your interested, thank you 1000 with the tips included Stewart
  4. My 2018 5.3 will drop to 15 psi at hot idle after it gets good and hot, usually after a run on the highway in FL heat. Im assuming its normal operation considering how thin the oil is required to be.
  5. Just wanted to give an update to this high pitch whistle noise i was having, the dealership found it was in fact the alternator, that fixed the issue i was having after they installed a new one. Thanks for the input
  6. Hey guys and gals, new member, purchased my 2018 GMC Sierra Z71 5.3 6-speed new off the lot a few months back. Been doing lots of reading on here, lots of good info on here so thanks for that! Anyways, over the past few thousand miles i have noticed 3 things that kind of bother me, otherwise i love the truck. When the truck is sitting idle in park i can hear a fairly loud high pitched whistle or whine noise from the engine if i'am standing outside the truck in front of the radiator. Sounds like a cricket or dog whistle almost, but doesnt stay steady, it changes pitch and goes away if engine is raced. It seems to be only when the truck has warmed up, i dont notice it after a cold start. Seems loudest new the alternator, maybe whine from alt or pulley, small vacuum leak, not sure really? My other two concerns are a hard downshift when slowing down quickly, it shifts down from 3-2 pretty hard at times, also the v4/v8 flap valve on the exhaust rattles loudly when at idle. I stopped by the dealer i purchased it from and expressed my concerns with the service manager, he heard the high pitch whine or whistle noise, but said he'd never heard that noise before, and he said he wasnt even sure if they would be able to repair with, which kind of make me question their ability. He heard the rattle from exhaust valve, and ordered a new exhaust, he said they would try and look into the high pitched noise when i return to have exhaust installed. As for the hard downshift he stated this was normal and nothing could be done about this, basically stated they all did it, normal operation. Has anyone hear experienced a high pitched noise similar to what i described above? Anyone had any success getting that 3-2 downshift smoothed out on the 6 speed, lots of info on the 8 speed, not so much for the 6 from what i can tell? Thanks!
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