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  1. 1Slow1500, that’s one nice setup to stay on top of all readings. I think I am going to go to the dealer and have my truck documented at its lowest pressure and have the mechanic plug in his OBDII reader to see the actual oil pressure in numbers. I will also test drive one of their 2018 trucks with same equipment and see what that does. That should put it to rest as far as wondering if my truck is normal with its pressure. The funny thing is, of the new trucks that I’ve purchased in the past I’ve never had a concern like this but I have to admit it does concern me on this one. It seems the only way to know is to simply see what other trucks are doing in around the 2018 model year, as far as oil pressure goes. When I do get a chance to do this at the dealer, I will update you guys on my findings for other people with the same concerns.
  2. Thanks guys, I’m ok using the OEM 0w20 oil in the truck. I am just trying to see if anybody sees their needle go to where mine does, idling, in gear, as in the pic in the first post after an hour of running in cooler weather or about 30/40 minutes of running in hot weather. It’s sits around 18/20psi just before the time frames I just mentioned. So far I have not seen anybody with the needle where mine is. I think one person on this thread has said they are getting about 15 Psi. I may have it documented at the dealer after all.
  3. FlipZ71, Maybe they changed something with the 2018 models for the oil pressure? Did your buddy do anything about it with the dealer on oil pressure that low on his 2018?
  4. 1Slow1500, Thank you for your suggestion. Sounds like you feel it’s normal, but to have it at least documented would be a good idea. That’s why I started this thread is to see if other people are getting the same pressure using the suggested 0w20 oil. If enough people chimed in saying they get similar results (well under 20psi) under the same circumstances, I would not even take it in. So when other people see this thread they will easily be able to tell if they’re concern with oil pressure in these new trucks is legit or not. So far I think I may just take it in to get documented like you had suggested.
  5. Jacoby, Thank you for that updated info on your first answer. I’m sure if I put thicker oil it would bring the gauge to more of what I would like to see. I would say this because when the engine is cold and the idle just drops to 500/600 RPM, and the 0w20 oil is thicker. I get between 30 to 40 psi while idling in gear. Of course when it heats up to full temperature that changes ....
  6. 1Slow1500, What year truck and size engine do you have? If you had my truck (2018 Sierra SLT Z71 CC 5.3) brand new with only a couple hundred miles on it when you noticed it. and have oil pressure go to as low as 15 psi (according to the factory gauge in the dash) at stop lights after fully being heated up (30/40 minutes of driving) with OEM 0w20 oil, would you take it in to have it looked at?
  7. Thank you for the update DirtyAndy. Yours looks to be about in the 21/22 psi range. That’s where I think mine should be, but mine may read around what you have if I drove for 30 minutes in somewhat colder weather. Here in California today we have low 90s weather and in 30 to 40 minutes of driving it does go to 15/16 PSI. Do you guys think that I should bring the truck in for this low of pressure? I would be much more OK about it, if it was to rarely go below 20 psi
  8. 79Mercy, Good to know that your truck does the same thing as mine. Another step closer to thinking it’s normal to go this low. Hope it’s a piece of mind for you as well.
  9. Jacob, what year is your truck and is it the 5.3? I believe this lower oil pressure is on the 2014 to 2018 trucks. My 2001 never goes below 30 psi. I agree 15 is nerving thou.
  10. Mike, in my own past experience having the oil pressure jump up-and-down as you’re on the gas and through shifting of the transmission is perfectly normal with any model year in my experience.
  11. DirtyAndy, it would be great if you got back to me on this. Problem is you have to drive it for over 30 to 40 minutes to get the readings that low, as far as how mine is. Thank you guys for all these great replies. So you guys are actually getting as low as around 15 pounds PSI according to the lines on the gauge in the dash? The more people that chime in on these low oil pressure’s of about 15 PSi, on this model year, I think, will make a lot of us feel better that it’s very likely normal . I would’ve been OK in the first place, if it was a little above 20 psi at the lowest reading . All my other previous trucks, never went below around 30 psi stopped, at idle, in gear, after a long drive. The more people that chime in, give us a better idea of how these new trucks really are or what to expect...
  12. That could be..... The way I look at it if other people are getting this low of readings in these conditions, I should be good at the end of the day, I would think.
  13. It takes 8 quarts of the 0w20 wt oil which I know is thin. Just getting this low on a brand new 2018 Sierra seems crazy as when the engine gets older, with miles on it, it will probably go lower.. Never had warning messages thou. I know the dealer will tell me it’s normal until the warning message appears.. Anybody out there actually have oil pressure that gets this low? So I should have nothing to worry about? BTW Thank you so much for your replies so far.
  14. Hello, I have a brand new 2018 GMC Sierra SLT Z71 8 speed Crew Cab with the 5.3 engine. I know this has been discussed before, but I haven’t heard anybody say this low of oil pressure (15 psi) at idle, stopped, in gear, after driving for about at least 30 minutes. Yes, I freaked out the first time I noticed it when the truck only had about 250 miles on it. It now has a little over 2000miles on it. When driving at speed of about 45 miles an hour it’s about 35ish psi pressure which I think is ok, and all other speeds it seems ok. It’s the hot idle (about 600 RPM)while stopped and in gear low oil pressure that has been bugging me ever since I first saw it. It only goes this low after driving for at least 30 40 minutes in warm 85* weather. I know about the two stage oil pump but this just seems low. Can anybody please tell me if their trucks run this low of pressure stopped, idling, and in gear, after completely being warmed up? It will put my mind at ease if others have the same results. Even pics of the gauge. Thank you, Steve
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