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  1. Is the alternator mounted up high or down low on these. I haven’t looked. from the grill area and under the hood the noise is very slight as the video shows. It’s much louder from the wheel well and loudest underneath.
  2. Is the alternator mounted up high or down low on these. I haven’t looked.
  3. No normal idle and gas mileage and performance are normal. it does that more when it is warmed up. what is lower on the engine that would make that noise?
  4. What is this noise? From in front of the truck and under the hood the noise is very light. It’s louder from the wheel wells and is loudest from underneath, particularly on the passenger side. I sprayed the belts and pulleys with wd40 from the top while running and it did not change the noise at all. IMG_5826.mp4
  5. that crossed my mind to, but it started running better later on.
  6. I was towing my tow hauler, weighs about 6500 pounds. I experienced power loss with no engine codes popping up. I was cruising on the freeway at 70mph with small rolling hill with no issues. I pulled over got some gas and turned on a highway road. The road was relatively flat with some small rolling hills and I could only go 54mph and slowing before I pulled over. I pulled over cycled the engine on and off inspecting things and continued on, I went partially up a longer hill and could only go 44mph. at this point I turned around and limped home. I have towed this trailer up steeper and longer hills while weighed down more and have not had this issue. It didnt seem to be making/getting all it's power. I am still confused if it's the engine or trans that was holding back. The truck would down shift, but just did not seem to make full rpms and make power, when the rpms would rise they would seem to hang there for 3-5 seconds when I would let off the gas. All gauges were in normal range and trans temp stayed in the upper 190's. At some point while limping home it started making power again and i could cruise the freeway again. At some point on limping home on route I remembered to do a data log. Could someone here (smarter than me) view my data log and let me know if they see anything? 3GTU2VEC3EG476659_00.log
  7. Thanks Enthusiast! Drivers side was not seated correctly. Will drive tonight to see how the passenger side is doing, didn't want to pull the airbox if I didn't have to.
  8. Here s a pic of my headlight beam pattern, notice the weird lines. Anyone know whats going on here?
  9. the third seat lower in that same link it shows a #14 and lists for leather.
  10. That link also says with cloth. Mine is leather with heat only. Is the cloth and leather only element the same? Thanks for all the responses .
  11. I recently picked up a 2014 Sierra All Terrain with 40,000 miles on it, coming from an 2005 Sierra. There are a couple issues i want to address and have tried to read this form for fixes, but may not have found a specific answer or the threads were very lengthy to try and find an answer. 1) My drivers side, lower seat heater only heats up the back of the lower cushion. The middle and front of the cushion are dead cold, Is it possible for part of the element to work? If the element is the problem, can someone help with a part number for this? I have leather, bucket seats with heat only. I can find a cloth part number, but not for leather. 2) My frame is pretty rusty, I read the TSB on this. Is it safe to assume that a dealer will not cover this for me, since I am not the original owner? If I am on my own with this what is the best and reasonably easy repair. 3) The headlights suck. How can I tell if the TSB has been completed on my truck for the BSM higher voltage output? I have verified it has the correct bulbs. I also read the bulbs not being fully seated was an issue, how many degrees does the bulb turn to know it is fully seated. 4) Is there any other known issues I should know or take care of as a new owner? The truck is clean and bone stock. Thanks in advanced!
  12. Yes I did clear the codes. I looked at the wiring and noticed the connector to the o2 was a little grungy, so I cleaned that and rest the codes. Need to put a few miles in to see what happens. Thanks for the help thus far,
  13. I have a 2005 Sierrra, 5.3 crew cab 4x4. I have replaced my passenger rear o2 sensor with a Bosch unit and I am still getting codes P0161 and P0060. I have checked the o2a and o2b fuses under the hood and they are good. What is my next steps?
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