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  1. Never know what lazy people are capable of.
  2. Why reinvent the wheel and risk getting your rubber coupler stuck in the tube? are you just going to leave the filter? You’re under there anyways.
  3. Lick a dick mods wake the **** up and get rid of this guy
  4. Looking for a good take off grill to fit my 2017 Sierra 1500 color needed is crimson red PM me - thanks. serious buyer.
  5. I did a dealer flush and fill at 50k and dropped the pan, changed the filter, and refilled what was lost. I will just run it until it lets go at this point.
  6. Could be something from the blower motor housing. Usually those rubber backed flange nuts acts as a gasket. So I think that it was used to seal outside air from coming in to the hvac system from under the hood somewhere. have you looked up parts diagrams yet? How about a service manual?
  7. Common issue. Bad batch of thermostats that cycle too often causing the radiator to weep at the plastic / aluminum seam. Condenser needs to be removed. AC discharged and recharged. Trans topped off. Coolant replaced. Thermostat replaced. Oil topped off. Lots of labor involved. it’s very well documented here. Search.
  8. Fix the warranty stuff and tighten the plugs yourself
  9. Replace the bulb. They are dual filament. Parking lights are one filament, the other is for turn signal.
  10. Getting my truck tuned was the best thing I could have done. The torque converter...It’s either locked up or not. No more 4cyl mode. I had it done around 50k miles. Now at 103k, dropped the pan to do the trans filter and looked brand new inside. Just some metal on the magnet. oh and 30 hp and 30 tq across the whole curve running on 89 pump gas.
  11. How old is the current battery? You can have it load tested at any auto retailer. Just because it shows full voltage doesn’t mean it has the amps needed to turn the motor over anymore. The fact that it needed a boost one time and started fine leads me to believe your battery is pooched. it sounds like one of the computers isn’t booting up consistently. I’m assuming because of low voltage. Any check engine lights? personally, if the battery is 4 years old, I’d just swap it out. My 2017 is on the original one and it reads 12.1 volts after sitting for a day or two. It still starts but isn’t all that happy if it’s cold out. I’m delaying it as long as possible for some reason. Why? I don’t know. these trucks are very picky regarding battery Health / cables / voltage.
  12. No. It just stopped a few weeks later and never happened again. it may have been something with the AC even though it was in the middle of winter.
  13. I towed a toy hauler with my 17 1500 when it only had 6000 miles on it...from RI to IN and back. 6500 lbs loaded. I saw around 10 mpg average. 70 mph or so tops. What you’re seeing is normal. The 3.43s don’t help. I had an 04 z71 that had 3.73 and got 21 mpg no matter what I did with it on the highway. I miss that truck. Should have done the brake lines and body work and kept it.
  14. I have a 17 with the 6 speed and 96k next week I’m doing trans filter, oil change, plugs and wires. The trans was flushed at 50. Both differentials and transfer case were done at 50k also. Cabin filter once a year. Will do the diffs / tcase again at 100, coolant and brake fluid at 150. this truck has to last me 10 years and 250k. They’re too expensive now.
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