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  1. No. It just stopped a few weeks later and never happened again. it may have been something with the AC even though it was in the middle of winter.
  2. I towed a toy hauler with my 17 1500 when it only had 6000 miles on it...from RI to IN and back. 6500 lbs loaded. I saw around 10 mpg average. 70 mph or so tops. What you’re seeing is normal. The 3.43s don’t help. I had an 04 z71 that had 3.73 and got 21 mpg no matter what I did with it on the highway. I miss that truck. Should have done the brake lines and body work and kept it.
  3. I have a 17 with the 6 speed and 96k next week I’m doing trans filter, oil change, plugs and wires. The trans was flushed at 50. Both differentials and transfer case were done at 50k also. Cabin filter once a year. Will do the diffs / tcase again at 100, coolant and brake fluid at 150. this truck has to last me 10 years and 250k. They’re too expensive now.
  4. Just fix the brakes. A lot cheaper. trans has the tsb. Get it done.
  5. To the top...here are a few pics
  6. That’s a smoking deal. I’d take a spare trans for 750 in a heartbeat
  7. I remember reading something about two bushings on either side of the power steering rack which go bad and cause a clunk while turning at slow speeds. I think there is a TBS but I just remember reading about it as my truck wasn’t exhibiting the symptoms. good luck
  8. Chrome front bumper off of a 2017 SLT. Includes fog lights. Has holes for parking sensors but does not include sensors, sensor mounts, or bumper wiring harness. Includes all bumper mounting brackets. May not include front license plate mount. No dents. No scuffs. Beautiful condition. $500.00 Located in RI Thanks Mike
  9. Dune Center / front jump seat out of a 2017 1500 SLT...removed with around 65K. Includes wire harness as well as cocoa front ash tray / 110v outlet trim pieces. great condition. Located in RI $350.00 Thanks, Mike
  10. These trucks do strange things when you change the battery out. Try to put it back to stock config on the battery box and see if it’s fixed.
  11. Did you physically test the fuses? Do you have power at the switch? How about at the drivers window motor? What about pulling the negative cable and letting it sit for a while then power it back up? Does the door ajar light stay lit when the drivers door is shut?
  12. Get under your truck and look for oil leaks. Especially around the oil cooler lines. They will ignore the majority of the leaks. at idle while parked, really pump up your brakes and see if you can get the vac booster to act up. Tell the dealership you lost brakes while parallel parking and almost hit another car or solid object. latest software and recalls are a must. these are really solid trucks. My 17 just hit 79k and i haven’t owned it 3 full years yet.
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