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  1. Quality has dropped I’m sure but complexity is so much higher than it used to be, so it depends on how you look at it. the more a truck has, the more that can go wrong
  2. My 17’s chime is a douche. The settings adjustment doesn’t do a freaking thing.
  3. Replace the neg cable when you can. Cleaning the ground got me through a few months but it started to act up again. No issues since.
  4. Has anyone figured out aftermarket lines? I’ve done the GM ones twice already. I’d love to do braided lines end to end.
  5. At least you’re under warranty. Better than 385 out of your pocket
  6. Pull the RF fender liner and clean. The ground on the frame and above the starter.
  7. Just to follow up. Trans lines weren’t leaking. Oil cooler lines are starting to weep. installed new trans thermostat (70c) and trans runs under 150 f on the highway at 32-40 ambient. I plan on adding a deep trans pan with drain in the near future. Truck has 131k. Trans replaced at 107k. This thing has to make 300k and 10-12 years. heat kills these trans, and stock tune makes it worse with the tcc slip programming.
  8. So that part number I posted is the lines, gasket for the side of the trans, and lower temp stat. im going to run the lower stat as is and I’ll flip the pill in my old stat housing and switch if I still feel the temps are too high. I figure 160 trans temp is okay compared to 195 like currently. Also going to add a deep cast trans pan with drain so I can dump the fluid much easier
  9. I already had the trans replaced at 107 due to TC failure. Just hit 130k so now I’m trying my best to keep the heat out of it. I plan on doing a pan drop with filter and swap the pan with one with a drain. I’ll drain the fluid in 25k and add fresh. I’ll do that until the filter has around 100k on it and then drop pan again. this truck has to last me until 300k so everything I do now has that in mind. it’s a nice SLT crew with the 6.6 bed. They’re out there but not common. Denali cluster. Added Console. Color matches grille, bumpers, mirror caps, door handles. Nice black rims and steps. It’s a clean truck.
  10. The line where the crimp connects the rubber and the hard line
  11. All, I am looking to update my 6 speeds transmission thermostat and recently noticed my trans cooler lines are starting to leak. GM has part # 85132191 which appears to be the transmission cooler lines as well as the updated thermostat as one part number. Does anyone know any additional information about this? I know the new lower temp thermostat is #86774933 stand alone but if i can purchase the thermostat and lines together I'd save some cash. Thanks,
  12. So I spent some time on this today. water in the connector at the motor. corrosion inside the motor at the pins from the connector to the circuit board. I tried to open it up, clean it up, and reseal it, but code still persists. looks like I’ll be heading to grab a new one. 360 cost at the dealer. Can get one GM delivered for about 300. 250 or so aftermarket ags1022 from summit. They have to be the same manufacturer. oh well. If anyone has their grill off, take the half hour to pull the grill shutter off and di-electric that connector at the motor and up by the passenger headlight.
  13. Which plug? The one at the actual shutter motor itself? Thanks for your help. I’ll get a new one ordered up. Sucks that I have to take the bumper off to get the grill off. maybe it’s time to swap the grill to a color matched one. Been putting that off for a while. Just haven’t bit the bullet as they’re decent $$$.
  14. Hey all, 2017 Sierra with 128k. I’ve had a u1510 code pop up today. I don’t have the ability to scan what u1510 code, but I do have access to some live data. I found a list by tbarn of what possible codes live under u1510 and figured I’d start with the shutters as they are easy to view. When running, I can view the active shutter command pct requested and current opening pct. The truck will command them to 0 pct like once every twenty seconds but they never respond and just stay at 100 pct (open) I took the shroud off over the hood latch and put dielectric grease on the connector and no change. Are there more and more shutter failures happening? Thanks all. Any info will be much appreciated.
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