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  1. One more reason to tune a truck. Get rid of torque management (clutch slippage)
  2. Dry intake. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Could be losing coolant from many places. I’d find from where and go from there. Is the coolant reservoir low? Did you check the WP weep hole? Could be the castech failure but I’d think that would have happened well before 180k. I had that failure on my 04. If I remember, it was blue smoke at startup for me. Check the oil fill to look for butter scotch and see if your oil is sludge like when you first drain it.
  3. Jump seat wanted.

    Where are you located? I have one out of a 2017. Dune colored.
  4. One of mine was replaced under warranty.
  5. The line on my 17 was replaced under warranty. Dealership caught it while changing the vac pump. Truck had 56k. Just a FYI. Wonder if the new cable is a updated design?
  6. I normally Take it to the dealer while under warranty. 65 bucks with tire rotation. 3 miles from work. Detailed service records. It it cost me the same when you have to buy 2 5 qt jugs of synthetic. No mess to clean up. No no oil to recycle. Etc.
  7. Having two k2 trucks, your factory shocks are garbage when brand new. Whoever fixed my quote in their post can go F themselves. Your psi creates a firmer ride, making your suspension work harder, and taxing out your shitty shocks that are older than last year. Change your shocks. Done. Best 400 I’ve ever spent on both my 2014 and 2017.
  8. Junk shocks. End of story.
  9. Replacing check engine bulb

    As far as I know, those bulbs are soldered to the circuit board. I’d get a dorman or similar reman off of rock auto or send yours to get rebuild. Its not just swapping a ping a bulb like it used to be.
  10. Strip it to the frame and see if someone installed a gps tracker without you knowing. Common places are behind the radio, near the obd port, and inside the fuel tank.
  11. Mine does the same thing. I haven’t pulled the panel yet but I won’t bother the dealer with that. I save the big things for them.
  12. Factory aluminum 17 spare

    It’s prob an after market alum wheel for a spare.
  13. I have a 90 k3500 454 at work. It’s a sweet rig.

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