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  1. I have a 90 k3500 454 at work. It’s a sweet rig.
  2. I matched the door panel trim on my Sierra slt z71 i installed the console before i got the harness. One 110v and one 12v work. I bolted it in the rear and at the front bracket. Pulled the truck side wiring harness and put it on the driveshaft/trans hump. Once i got the harness, it was under an hour start to finish. Make sure you get 2 usb mini b to mini b off of amazon. Best mod yet.
  3. also, they replaced an oil cooler line under warranty. Leaking at the crimps.
  4. Mine had the tick from day 1. Getting replaced under their extended warranty today.
  5. 17 Bose - Sub add

    My truck has Bose. Just no sub.
  6. Just to follow up ended up selling the crew cab running boards to someone else for 180. Never got to try cutting them down.
  7. 17 Bose - Sub add

    Here’s a pic of my amp Is the Bose with sub the same amp? is active noise cancelling only on 6.2 L engines? Or is it on any Bose system with sub/console? thanks mike
  8. 17 Bose - Sub add

    Is the amp the same for Bose systems both with and without the sub under the console?
  9. What’s involved with installing the electric pump from the vettes?
  10. 17 Bose - Sub add

    Thank you i need to see how to add the Bose amp or just go aftermarket .
  11. service 4wd light

    It’s probably the shift motor on the transfer case.
  12. My pedal has started to get hard when parallel parking and backing into spots. I have an apt at the dealer Tuesday and they better change it. What at are some symptoms? Mine is a hard pedal when I’m in parking lots and my vac pump has had a loud tick once per engine rev ever since new.

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