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  1. Which brakes to buy...

    I have 51k on my 18 crew cab 1500. Rotors are pulsating. Ive read about people going with the AC Delco police package stuff. Every brake job I’ve done, I’ve used raybestos top end rotors (now they have the ones that don’t rust) and raybestos pads on daily drivers, top end ceramic on my c4, and akebono where available. Im planning on going police package route when the weather gets better. I hate wrenching in the cold. Mike
  2. V4 mode

    You can definitely feel v8 to v4 if you have any clue about vehicles.
  3. How about the PS cooler mounted near the rad?
  4. Shudder/Vibration Issue

    Have you tried to disable grade braking? push and hold tow haul button for 6 sec then release? just a thought.
  5. Mastria gmc in Raynham MA has an 18 crew Denali ultimate 6.2 std bed I’ve decided to pass on. Sticker 65. Rebates to 56. They told me 55. Good luck and glad you’re ok. Where on 95 did it happen? I’m from RI/providence area. Mike
  6. Just an update. 55k for the 2018, 31k for my trade. Still 5k away from what I’d consider a great deal. Was shooting for 52k truck and 33k trade. Dealer said that was it for wiggle room. Too much...not gonna bite the bullet. I’ll get my 17 where I want it and I’ll have to run it into the ground. Thanks all.
  7. Thanks everyone. There's just a lot to look at...heading there tomorrow AM and I have test driven the truck once before. There's a 1k rebate from GM financial - but I don't know their APR...my bank will give me 3.75 for 6 years...but then I lose the 1k. If they go op on my trade and drop on the price, I'll probably sign. I'm shooting for a 34 k loan and paying taxes at the time of the sale. If I can get close to that, then so be it. I'll have some of my extended warranty from my 17 refunded, and tax returns will be coming in within 6 weeks after I finally get all of my paperwork in order. I am pretty financially sound and my only debts are my house, (own almost half) and my current truck, but I'm going from a truck I owe 21k on, to a 34k loan, with around 10k out of pocket in the process...Hence that 25k number which was mentioned earlier was spot on as it could very well be that amount. Benefits are new truck, 0 miles, don't have to do tires, brakes, etc. I can honestly say I do not love the truck I'm in now...why exactly, i'm not sure. Maybe its the 6 speed chuggle, maybe its the color (crimson red)...maybe it's lack of center console...I don't know. I don't even know if this truck will cure it. Is all this worth the 6 speed, console, new tires, nicer looking, more comfortable and comfort features? I ref hockey, and none of that misc income is taxed on the way in. I keep very detailed records about mileage, expenses, etc. If it wasn't for the depreciation of vehicles, I'd definitely be paying the IRS each year. Mike
  8. All, theres a leftover 18 6.2 Denali crew cab ultimate with a std bed for 57k after rebates. 65k sticker i have a 17 slt 5.3 6 speed crew std bed with 51k. They offered me 31 k for it and won’t budge off of the 57k on the 18. i can hardly find Denali or slt crew cabs with the std bed which is a must for me. The only thing my truck is missing is the 6.2. I’m getting ready for tires and brakes, and would like to add a center console. To me, that totals 3k. Should I put that 3k to a new truck? Only mod my truck has is bilsteins on all 4 corners with the fronts at the max height. thoughts? Located in New England. I don’t need a new truck and based on what I owe on mine, I’d probably have to put down 10k and pay taxes out of pocket to keep my payment around 500. I can afford a higher payment. This truck is a business truck and I write off all mileages that i can. Thanks mike
  9. Tire Wear Cause?

    My tires on my 17 were fine until I had the dealer align it after I put bilsteins on the front at max height. Cupped one front tire quickly afterwards. Whenever getting an alignment, get a pre and post alignment report.
  10. P0300

    Could need a crank sensor relearn.
  11. Normal for hot idle.
  12. Battery cables and a ground for the bcm under the drivers side dash speaker are well documented issues with the 14s

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