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  1. https://www.crutchfield.com/S-rqmqnte6CpD/p_669PP605/Posi-Products-Wire-Connectors.html?XVINQ=GLX&awkw=75735771985&awat=pla&awnw=g&awcr=48387290425&awdv=m&awug=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIwaa_0Pic5QIVBHiGCh0baAsdEAQYAiABEgJqIvD_BwE positaps are where it’s at.
  2. Gaskets are reusable. A quick drain/inspect/fill can’t hurt for piece of mind or the wallet. easier to do if you drop the spare. While it’s down, not a bad idea to look for any rust pockets and lube up the spare tire winch / cable.
  3. That BG induction service is much better than A can of sea foam. coolant flush was a joke. air filters are a 10 min change and 20 bucks max....one of the air box cover bolts is a bitch cause of one ac line. brake fluid looks dark. Can’t hurt to open a rear bleeder and bleed until you get fresh fluid the system. Then do the other 3 corners.
  4. They work great for removing the 3m tape after the door moulding comes off too just go slow. You can burn the paint otherwise. Slow and and low pressure.
  5. I’ve put them on two k2 trucks and it’s was the best mod on both trucks.
  6. High end ones / wall mounted ones meant for truck springs? Sure. Rent a compressor or from auto zone? No.
  7. Rears are easy. Fronts you’ll need to have a shop swap over the springs or do the install. Alignment afterwards never hurts
  8. Yes can run at stock setting. 4600s are same without the lift option which is why I mentioned them
  9. Bilstein 4600s or 5100s. Best shocks for these trucks. Consider doing the fronts too.
  10. Probably the stepper motors inside the cluster.
  11. So I went to check out the rears. They’re smoked. Brake shoes shot too and crumbled coming off. Had to beat one rotor off. Wicked rust holding the rotor from passing the shoes. They were at the lowest setting too. Its a shame the rear calipers aren’t painted. Corrosion like crazy. Hardware clips were flimsy too. Ordered the same ac severe duty rotors and pads. Love the fronts so far. Cleaned up and painted calipers too. It seems that once you need rear brakes, you might as well do calipers and brackets too. Same with parking brake shoes.
  12. Posted in another thread...but to follow up 2017 Sierra. 63 k front pads 50 percent worn front rotors are warped. Pads dug into them pretty good. All slide pins were fine. Everything came apart easy minus the bleeders. They were starting to rust jack and didn’t come out well. Bought a new set from NAPA...the self bleeders. Removed calipers to clean and paint them. Trying to keep the rust away and make this thing last. waiting on pads delivery (Friday) but went with AC deco severe duty from RA. Came to a little under $300 for the fronts. Rears at a later date. Not sure if they need it but I plan on pulling the calipers to paint and match the front sooner than later. I’m 99 percent sure the front rotors were causing the pulsation at highway speeds while braking.
  13. Doing pads and rotors on my 17 now. 64k. Pads had 50 percent left but rotors were grooved from the pads and severe pulsating when driving. Went with AC Delco severe duty stuff from RA. Rotors are coated and have subtle grooves in them. Pads will be delivered Friday.
  14. They’re great trucks. Friend of mine with an 04 has over 260k on it. Id grab it in a heartbeat.
  15. You can always remove rockers as they are just a torque value if I recall right. When a piston is TDC on compression stroke both valves are closed, so it can be done. Just need to watch both valves.
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