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  1. Yikes! Well thanks for your reply. I'm glad to know that it can still be disabled by L7. However, if that has been your driving experience thus far, then I would highly recommend putting a Pulsar on your truck. That's crazy that the transmission would still act that way in L7. My Pulsar has really helped with the shifting of my truck then in that regard. It's (almost) enjoyable now with only the occasional "weirdness". My only concern is when I have to bring it back to the dealer for some warranty work and for installing the heated seat chips. I'm not looking forward to taking it off and having to re-install it afterwards.
  2. Yes, I'm sure. It's on my window sticker with the engine. I'm not entirely sure on my build date. I went to some website that was posted here were you could email GM directly and give them your VIN and they would tell you the exact build date. I received a response the next day saying that GM won't give out that information anymore (likely due to all of the DFM issues people have had in that affected date range).
  3. Purchased ‘22 LTD with 5.3L 8-speed w/DFM on 3/28. When driving in “D”experienced weird up/down shifting in gears 1-3 along with some shuttering that people have reported here. Read a ton on DFM horror stories so I’ve been driving in L7 for the last 4K miles. Shifting improved, but it was still “clunky”. Installed a Pulsar LT over the weekend and man what a difference. Tranny shifts feel buttery smooth now and I’ve lost 1-2 mpg since then. This leads me to believe that driving in L7 does nothing in terms of disabling DFM. Has anyone else experienced this? Or can anyone confirm definitively if L7 does disable DFM?
  4. Yes! Big thanks to kodiakdenali for hooking me up with a set of the square plugs! They are REALLY snug and I had to hit with a rubber mallet to get on, but I don't think they're going anywhere. Now I gotta try to find something for the round ones now. I've looked on Amazon and I can't seem to find anything that will fit. The ones someone mentioned here on the first page of this string are too large and do not fit. There's one product, that might, I think the name was Prescott Plastics or something. Can anyone confirm those (slightly less than) 2" will fit? Or have an alternative? Also, there are smaller frame holes that are oblong, etc. What are guys using to plug those, or don't you worry about them since they aren't very large?
  5. PSA for anyone that has faint rattling/flapping noise after Weathertech mudflaps install. Been chasing noise for a week now on driver's side. When you install these, you use the existing hardware but you'll have a torx screw and a bolt leftover from the OEM flaps. Well, I found out that the little metal clip that holds the bolt on becomes loose when there's no bolt to hold it in place. I pulled the clip out of the frame with pliers and reinstalled my Weathertechs. VOILA! No more noise. I couldn't believe that something so small could make so much harmonic vibration in the cab. Anyways, hope this helps someone.
  6. Hey all- Just purchased my first truck ever. 2022 Silverado LTD 5.3l w/8 speed transmission. Based on what I’ve been reading, disabling DFM sounds like the way to go. Contacted Range and on their website it says that the only product compatible with my truck is their Pulsar LT. However, I’ve been told that my engine is the same as the 2021 5.3l w/8 speed. So, theoretically I should be able to use their Range disabler product for about $300 cheaper that the website says is compatible. Plus, I really have no need for most of the other functions of Pulsar. Can you guys tell me if my reasoning is flawed or if I am missing something? Also, how can you tell if it is really disabled (to know if the Range isn’t working) on my truck? Thanks.
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