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  1. I donno???? Mine was night and day different after installing next size up tire. I think stock was 29.75" and went to 33". We'll see if adjusting the tire size brings the shifting back to somewhat normal.
  2. That sounds about right. The speedometer being off doesn't bother me. It is the transmission shift points that seem to be way off now, that is my issue.
  3. I came across the TruXP Xtune Plus Performance Tuner Supposedly it will re-calibrate tire size, Disable DoD/AFM, Adjust Speed/Rev Limiter, read diagnostic codes.... $199 I have found a couple forum members who say they have used this on their 2017 and 2018 model trucks. I may give them a call because on the website it states that the item is not compatible for 2018.
  4. Yes, I have read a few posts of same happening to others. Maybe some feel it more than others? For me, it is night and day difference. My truck is "off". I have swapped tire sizes on Jeep Grand Cherokees a number of times, never going much more than a size or 2 up and never felt any difference in trans shifting. Maybe with all the new electronics they have tightened up their shift points/algorithms?
  5. In construction, that looks identical to the Hypertec Speedometer Calibrator HERE I assume it is the same piece of equipment. I am leaning towards this route. Hopefully the correct tire size in the computer will clean up the shifting to what I had before the tire upgrade. Thanks again all!
  6. Thank you guys for the insight so far, really appreciate it! At this point, I think I will try to find the Superchips or Hypertec or something to adjust the tire size and maybe remove the DOD. I really do not want to spend $600-$700 and possibly run into any warranty issue of ANY sort. I have another year or so of powertrain left I believe. Hopefully the tire size adjustment will get the trans shifting back as it should. I will dig around and see if maybe there is a used unit floating around out there....If you guys come across one, let me know.
  7. Understood. I have a mail into Lew. Just to reiterate, before the tires, the trans was shifting marginally "ok". Now, it feels a bit off. Makes me think that if I could adjust for the tire size, maybe the parameters will come back into some sort of alignment and the shifting will be a bit better...??
  8. I have searched and read many of the 70 page thread on Tuners. Not finding what I am looking for pertaining to my 2018 w/ 8 speed. Surely many have been through what I am going through now. Looking for a good path to follow. I have a 2018 Sierra SLT, 5.3 w/ 8 speed that I have installed Corsa Sport cat back exhaust as well as upped my tire size from basically a 32" to a 33" tire (went from 275/55/20 to 275/60/20). I plan on doing the OEM airbox mod + install high flow air filter such as K&N or the dry blue filter. My "problem" started just after I installed the new tires a few days ago. It seems am feeling the weight of the new tires as well as the increased size of the tires affecting how the truck is driving. I have the 8sp trans and before the tires, it was actually not too bad. Now with the new tires, I can feel that sluggish shifting, as well as the trans trying to shift into the next highest gear way too soon. I have heard that the trans is reading the old tire size = speed, so the shift points will be slightly off??? I understand there is no option for transmission tuning. My question is, what would be the best way to get my truck back to feeling GOOD again while keeping budget in mind? (Just lost my job) What would be my least expensive way to get my truck dialed in? Do I need a full "tune" or would something like the $199 Superchips tuner suffice? That would allow me to turn off DOD as well as reprogram for the larger tires. I think I have about another year of warranty left that I would like to keep in good standing if possible. Thank you all very much in advance!!!
  9. How much larger did you go? Good info! I am going from 32 to 33 and was NOT planning on re-calibrating at this time...
  10. I have 4x4 Z71, added the motofab 2" lower spacer lift in front. By measurements, almost level front to rear but I want a little more rake so adding a 1" to the rear. Side note: Seems like extra steps needed to do the top spacer in order to accomplish the same thing. Your call.
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