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  1. Device, doesn't matter. The infotainment just uses the data from the phone as link. I just want to be able to reply to a damn text.
  2. Sierra 2015 SLT with Nav, question on Text-Why when you receive a text, you have it read to you, that you can not just reply with your voice??? I don't mind having to push a button or something, but I want voice to text. My words to text, and send. Not some predetermined BS. I get a text, it is read aloud, and I can only reply with the first couple of predetermined replies. I cannot even scroll down through the predetermined replies 'while in motion'. This pretty much sucks!
  3. Been hooked on Lexol since the 90's when I first found it. They have a cleaner and conditioner.
  4. Now these look a little more like a 'truck' tire. Looks good! Any difference in tire noise? MPG?
  5. I am with ya fisherman! Had a similar situation, 2wd, but still. Was a dirt road, rain the night before. I was sliding all over the place, the tires packed up instantly and it was like trying to drive on ice. Will look at some more aggressive tires when I burn these up, but if am on road mostly and do not want to sacrifice mileage. Will have to research it more when closer to replacement time.
  6. This is how it works on the 2015's as well. You can enable or disable this feature under the personalization options. I thought I remembered seeing something about the windows but just took a quick look and I do not see that option. Maybe I am missing it.
  7. What is the sticker price on the one you are looking at? I found one with the options you have listed at a sticker of $49k, their price is $38k
  8. So is it 4WD or 2WD? If 4WD, that's a decent deal. If it is 2WD, you can do a bit better.
  9. Different can, but similar mount style. I used the bolting point that holds the top of the windshield washer fluid reservoir, longer bolt, with a spacer. Not my optimum mount but it will do until I can come up with a better solution. That being said, it is holding fine for now. I had to get rid of that vibration. Was killing an otherwise exceptional ride!
  10. Where the spare battery would go. There are a few ways to fabricate up a mount for that location.
  11. Any good deals on the LoPro's out there? I had the LoPro QT on my last 2 trucks, no issues. Looking for another.
  12. I did not know this, thank you for the insight! Relocated my catch can, vibration gone.

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