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  1. That is the best deal I have seen! I have been trying for a deal close to that, no dealer within 500 miles/multiple states would even nibble. Enjoy your new truck!!!
  2. Following your journey as I am on a similar path. AT4 loaded, MSRP at $66k, they had it listed on their site for $56k (with all the stacked incentives that no one qualifies for) for "Truck Month". I was trying to work a similar deal as you but got NOWHERE. I was willing to go up some just because I did like the truck so much. Nope, nothing doing. I have since expanded my search out multiple states...
  3. I picked out a '19 AT4, had Sunroof, Prem Pkg, Tech package with all the cams, Performance Pkg with intake and exhaust. Sticker was $66,5xx and they were advertising it at $56,500. It comes time for the numbers game and of course, their "advertised price" included every rebate available all stacked. HA! They came back with their piece of paper, their sales price was higher, much higher than advertised and they would not even give me KBB TRADE IN (Dealer Trade in Value) on my '18 SLT. I stood up, thanked them for their time and left in my "old" truck. These guys are supposed to be the VOLUME dealer in my town. HA! I guess my town has too many people buying trucks.
  4. Longevity

    Lots of good Points and Counterpoints here guys, thank you for the conversation! I guess time will tell but I am leaning on the side that while it may still be going there will be a constant pain to diagnose and replace whatever module melted down or wire that vibrated loose. I have owned roughly 10 Chevy/GMC trucks from the 90's on and I appreciate the advancements of every year. My '17 and now this '18 drive great, extremely quiet and comfortable driving experience. Fingers crossed.
  5. I was way out in the mountains this morning, came across an old farmer, complete with overalls, hat, etc. who was pulling his tractor with his old (late 70's?) F250. Looked decent, did the job. I started wondering, will my 2018 GMC 1500 make it that far????? Conservatively, say his was a 1980, that is 38 years. I should have taken a pic, sorry. Thoughts?
  6. Device, doesn't matter. The infotainment just uses the data from the phone as link. I just want to be able to reply to a damn text.
  7. Sierra 2015 SLT with Nav, question on Text-Why when you receive a text, you have it read to you, that you can not just reply with your voice??? I don't mind having to push a button or something, but I want voice to text. My words to text, and send. Not some predetermined BS. I get a text, it is read aloud, and I can only reply with the first couple of predetermined replies. I cannot even scroll down through the predetermined replies 'while in motion'. This pretty much sucks!
  8. Leather

    Been hooked on Lexol since the 90's when I first found it. They have a cleaner and conditioner.
  9. I hate my tires.

    Now these look a little more like a 'truck' tire. Looks good! Any difference in tire noise? MPG?
  10. I hate my tires.

    Look like the Goodyears.
  11. I hate my tires.

    I am with ya fisherman! Had a similar situation, 2wd, but still. Was a dirt road, rain the night before. I was sliding all over the place, the tires packed up instantly and it was like trying to drive on ice. Will look at some more aggressive tires when I burn these up, but if am on road mostly and do not want to sacrifice mileage. Will have to research it more when closer to replacement time.
  12. This is how it works on the 2015's as well. You can enable or disable this feature under the personalization options. I thought I remembered seeing something about the windows but just took a quick look and I do not see that option. Maybe I am missing it.
  13. What is the sticker price on the one you are looking at? I found one with the options you have listed at a sticker of $49k, their price is $38k

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