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  1. X2 Unless you're making it a show truck (ie. 12" lift and 40s and another 10 grand minimum) you're looking for headaches.
  2. I was 99% sure that was the problem. Now I know for sure. Thanks
  3. It made all the bells go off but wouldn't open on my 23 High Country. Then I realized I had the fob for my 22 LTD LTZ in my pocket also with the fob for the 23. Put the 22 fob back on the kitchen table went back out and it works just fine. It must get confused when there are two fobs present.
  4. Not to be a prick but I fail to see the point of even having supercruise. I could have got a High Country with it but I decided to get one without it.
  5. I put mine right next to it in the driver's side. BTW I used to have a Viofo A129 Pro Duo 4K setup and I thought it was an OK setup. I got a Rexing V1P Max and it's more user friendly IMO. I'll post a pic later today
  6. I'd change oil more often than recommended. Every 3500 miles for me. My thinking is clean oil = less lifter failure chance. Grumpy?
  7. Nothing like telling the dealer how something work on these trucks. I've done the same with my dealer. They really are uneducated.
  8. I doubt there is much weight difference.
  9. 2023 High Country. I'm not using Alexa. The dealer don't know much about these trucks and that's a fact. I don't think Facebook messenger does this, only text messages.
  10. It's supposed to play the message. If you want to respond it asks if you want to. If you want to start a new message touch the circles under your name and say " text Samantha" and it will voice to text your message.
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