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  1. Looks they only fit 1500HDs from the early to mid 2000s and 2500s,3500s to 2019 A lot of Kryptonite parts span twenty years. Kryptonite has everything for a 2500 but not quite for 1500s They don't have that part listed in the 1500 six bolt category
  2. I'm running a Superchips Flashpaq F5 also. I'm running the 93 tune Turned off AFM Raised idle to 700 rpm Raised all shift points 5-7 mph Speedometer recalibrated for 38" tires This is a very easy to use tuner. Works as advertised. It really wakes up the 5.3 above 3000 rpm.
  3. Everything got delivered today. Six boxes. No wonder it was $233 shipping. Anyhow the console came with the charging lid (the right color too) and the rear panel already attached. I ordered those separately because the diagram clearly showed those pieces missing. So now I have to return those at my expense. Sad. Would have saved at least $150+. One thing I noticed though, no sales tax. My phone don't sit flat on the pad either. Samsung S21 with otter rubber case.
  4. Not sure about the wash every couple weeks method but where I live in Minnesota I don't drive much in the winter but if it gets dirty/salty I'm at the self serve carwash that night. I probably go there three times a week. I refuse to let this truck get rusty.
  5. This is the half ton section ronny. Try here you'll get more interest. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/forum/254-66l-duramax-diesel-allison-powertrain-l5pmgm/
  6. I couldn't trade it in fast enough. In fact I would have told the dealer when the truck was repaired that they will be taking it on trade for a new truck and never see it again. I'd never go back there again either. What dealer just leaves keys laying around?
  7. Crutchfield.com They supply the brackets and the connections for free. And free shipping. I run Kicker KS series door speakers along with the GM Kicker 200w powered subwoofer with 200w Amp for the door speakers. Kenwood dash speakers. Sounds pretty good. The stock head unit don't put out much for power so your missing out what the speakers should sound like. They need more power to sound good.
  8. Too late for undercoating. IMO. You'll just be encasing the rust and it will rot from the inside out. How many miles are on it? They never washed it much I bet. If it was mine....Powerwash it to get the dirt off and spray everything with Rust Reformer
  9. https://mcstaging.briantooleyracing.com/l83-5-3l-crate-engine-combo.html Do it yourself or hire a shop. F the dealer
  10. I used to get a new truck every 2 years or so. I would average around 50,000 miles a year for work as a carpenter, so I considered a truck just like a tool. Now that I'm done with my carpenter work I only average about 18,000 - 20,000 miles I can keep them longer. That's why I went balls out with the lift and all my other mods. I'm keeping my lifted truck(2018) at least a few more years. My stock truck (also a 2018)will be getting traded in next year for a 2023 2500-3500 High Country gasser.
  11. I believe it's the heat shield above the muffler. I have this issue too but only when I pull away from my driveway when it's cold. Summer and winter
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