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  1. Ceramic Pro

    We had all these discussions when I did my truck six weeks ago. Some guys were all for it . Most are against it. They say wax and sealers are just as good. B.S. The guys that are against it just don't get it and keep their wallet shut tight for most anything I guess. I don't roll like that. I spend money on my trucks to keep them looking good. I can afford it. It's not that big of a deal to me. I still don't regret spending $1600 to get mine done. It looks awesome compared to the day I bought it. It's piece of cake to wash it and keep it clean too. I'm getting my other 2018 Silverado Ceramic coated next month.
  2. Ceramic Pro

    Its not even close to a professionally applied ceramic . That's a do it yourselfers wannabe. It's not as easy as some may think . If you don't do it right it will look like shit. Especially on a black truck.
  3. Ceramic Pro

    Good luck getting any"sealant" to last a year. Even the best wax is gone for the most part after 4-5 washes . This is what I wash mine with. The ceramic guy recommends it. PH neutral is what you want even if you just wax it.
  4. Ceramic Pro

    The five year warranty package which I believe is three coats of the ceramic. I told you it's controversial on here. Some guys aren't willing to pay the high buck for something new I guess you can't teach old dogs new tricks. You need to get rid of the paint defects from the factory before you can apply the coating Trust me the paint on these trucks sucks. Here's a before and after the paint correction. This truck had 3000 miles on it when I got it done
  5. Ceramic Pro

    I just did my 2018 Silverado about 6 weeks ago by a shop that is Ceramic Pro certified. Five year warranty too. Turned out very nice. Took hours of buffing to get all the factory flaws out of the paint. This subject is controversial on here as a lot of guys said it cost too much and is not worth it. Or it can be done yourself. Good luck with that unless you know what you're doing. I say it is worth it especially on a black truck. See for yourself.
  6. I doubt if you'll get rid of the drone while it's in V4 mode. Even the stock exhaust drones . Get a Range and drone will be gone forever.
  7. Accident today :(

    You and I think alike . That's how I roll
  8. Accident today :(

    This is why I always park at the farthest away parking spot not near ant other cars. If the lot is full I park somewhere else and hoof it. I'm very adamant about this to the point of avoiding lots if I can. I'll walk a block before I park by other cars. Way too many inconsiderate assholes out there that couldn't care less about your nice truck and bang into it then drive away. Really pisses me off.
  9. Best Exhaust

    Mine would run in V4 more than yours then. Probably 30% of the time it would be in V4 . Sometimes for miles at a time on a flat stretch. Do you still have stock exhaust?
  10. You better go buy a Ford then. I heard they are the best trucks on Earth 🤣
  11. Both my trucks have performed flawlessly. My Silver (Silver Bullet)2018 5.3 Double cab LT I bought in May has 16,500 miles on it and don't vibrate, shifts like it should no clunking and runs like a Swiss watch. Averages 18.5 mpg 60 / 40 city hwy. Best was 23.9 on the hwy on a 225 mile trip. My 2018 Black Crew cab (Black Betty)5.3 6.5 bed is just as good. Not a hint of vibration. No tranny clunking. 2300 miles. Smooth as a baby's ass at 97mph . Runs awesome. Pulls a 5000lb trailer without even breaking a sweat. Mileage is averaging 17.5 mostly in town. Best was 22.7 on a 190 mile trip on the hwy. Pulling the 5000 lb.loaded trailer into a 20mph headwind I got 11mpg running at 60 mph in 5th gear tow haul on. On the return trip empty trailer it got 14.4 mpg . I couldn't be happier with both trucks. They perform like a Chevy should. I hate reading about the problems some of you guys are having and I feel for you. I'm Chevy to the bone. It sucks. I just thought I would use this forum for some good news, not all the bad stuff I read on here.
  12. I doubt it. I'd have to say most guys that have problems beat the piss out of them then wonder why it's a POS These two are my 15th and 16th Chevy trucks I bought brand new and I don't anticipate any problems. I maintain them to the book and don't beat on them.
  13. These. There is two on each side. One in front of the rear wheel. One behind. ( Shown) They cost about $20 on Amazon Search frame plugs Silverado
  14. Best Exhaust

    Works great. Borla is top quality. Yes it does cost . Because you are running at higher rpm's especially on the interstate. Sucking more gas than you need to. Price of gas has gone up about 75 cents a gallon since the beginning of the year in my area. $2.70 a gallon now.
  15. Maybe they want you to bring it to the dealer for a new battery. Sad.
  16. You don't even know its there. No V4 at all. V8 all the time. No issues . None whatsoever. It works as advertised.
  17. I got my 2018 Black Silverado almost where I want it now. After dropping over $5000 into it since I bought it in December I'm digging it. Extras include Stainless steel steps, bed rails, mudflaps and hitch cover. Bedrug, Access tonneau cover, Lloyd's carpeted floor mats, AVS aeroskin bug deflector, frame plugs. Katzkin leather seats, Borla S Type catback exhaust system, Range AFM Disabler, and the somewhat controversial Ceramic Coating. There may be a level in the future also, not sure yet though since I have a shorter tuckunder garage . It's a 6 1/2 foot high door. Sucks . Overall I'm happy with everything I've done to it and enjoy driving it now with the exhaust and especially since it finally warmed up a little. We just had almost a foot of snow fall last week but it's all but melted now. As for my other 2018 Silver Silverado I've done a some of the same to it. Stainless steel steps, bedrails, mudflaps. Bedrug , Access tonneau cover, frame plugs , Katzkin leather seats, AVS aeroskin bug deflector. I'm probably done with this one since my Wife sometimes drives it and couldn't care less if it had anything done to it. Not a hiccup from either truck. 5000 miles on Black Betty and 20,000 miles on the Silver Bullet Bring on the summer windows down cruising around good times.
  18. The Range will eliminate any drone at any speed. I have the S Type and had drone around 1500 rpm . Got the Range plugged in and all drone is gone. I really like how the S Type sounds too . Not too loud but plenty loud to hear. My gear head Son in law commented the other day and said "That thing sounds badass".
  19. I love the Range AFM

    And void your warranty. No thanks. I've been running the Range for a little over a week now after I installed a Borla S Type catback exhaust system and it works as advertised. Put it in drive and go. I even got my monthly OnStar diagnostics report and it said nothing about not being able to read my information. This has been a problem in the past with previous versions.
  20. I wouldn't over analyze it. It's just a battery. Get an Interstate and you'll be fine.
  21. If you're financially solid why are you worried about $1300 - $1400? Or the $100 deductable? Just keep it and forget about it.
  22. Help with Stuck Antenna

    I just replaced mine with a shorter one and it took a feat if God to loosen it. I thought I was going to wreck something.
  23. Bought a Range AFM disabler

    I've had my Range for about 250 miles now and I like it. Totally took care of the drone I got in V4 at 1500 rpm since I installed the Borla S Type catback exhaust system. I don't notice any difference in mpg's yet but I haven't driven enough yet.

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