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  1. Walmart has the cheapest oil far as I know. $22.88 for a 5qt jug. Filter $7.52 Find oil any cheaper let me know. This is what I use in both my Silverados.
  2. You should be able to get that truck for around $36,000 $15 off a now two years old truck ( even though it's new) is not a stretch at all.
  3. When I bought my 07 LTZ new , I thought the interior was pretty nice too. Woodgrain was maybe a bit much though. A good step up from my 03 LT. Then going to a 2011 LT that was taking a big step back . I miss that old blackie.
  4. I think the exhaust is probably good for 1mpg at best and the rest is due to being more broke in. What do you guys think? I should say that I added the Range a week after I installed the exhaust also.
  5. Well after almost 7000 miles the mpg's are still around the same. I reset the trip meter A when I installed the Borla. Trip meter B is from day 1. I know the DIC isn't 100% accurate but obviously you can see the difference.
  6. Took Black Betty to get a complimentary hand wash with deionized water (wow what a difference) from the guy that did my ceramic coating. He also put a maintenance coat of Glassparancy on the glass. All free of charge. This guy runs a top notch outfit.
  7. My Wife's old 2007 Mustang convertible did that. I always thought it was because it was a convertible. BTW I hated that car . It did have a killer stereo though.
  8. They really had no choice on that one . That bowtie had no business being there. 2019...
  9. Not trying to disrespect or be rude just having a little back and forth that got a little carried away. That's it Donstar I wish I was retired but I sure don't need to work a 40 hour job either. I own a separate business for main income. I'm mostly hands off. My wife runs it. I cherry pick my Carpenter jobs nowadays . Only do jobs that pay big buck. Works for me. Back to the actual original topic, What is wrong with the current if it aint broke don't fix it interior? Too much plastic and a smaller screen? The Dodge is what everyone compares to now and it looks like a car interior with a big huge distracting screen. Ish. Ten years down the road it will look like shit if they actually use it like a truck. If anything even works by then. Ford's aren't that bad . I like it better than the Dodge . An all black LTZ interior is probably the best looking even more so than a HC interior. Then again I dig black. I'm happy with both my trucks interiors after putting Katzkins in them . Instant and huge difference compared to cloth. But they are still trucks. Good enough. If I wanted a Cadillac, I'd just go buy one. I don't want one. I'm sure the interior won't change until 2021 - 2022 when they get a facelift. I'm pretty sure it will look a lot like the Dodge too. Carry on.
  10. Me too . Carpenter for almost 40 years here. If you can't hang on the jobsite you'll never last. Internet is actually pretty tame compared to the real world if you ask me.
  11. Dude don't sweat it I was messing with ya a little too. I do that here. It's my job I'm sure someday I'll be trading my K2's on whatever Chevy has at the time and I will be saying the same thing as you. BTW Camaro 5 is pretty slow today
  12. Me too who cares anyway Enjoy your truck and good day. I'll be over on Camaro5 if you need me
  13. Relax junior. This is the internet Grow a set for Christ's Sake. BTW Ryans truck looks like any other HC . Good from the front only I don't think I was kissing anyone ass
  14. Where's the fog lights? Oh that's right they didn't put them on many trucks. Lots of stuff missing on T1's that automatically came with a K2.
  15. That's right. I did the correct option and tossed the stock system in the trash and put a Borla Catback on. I'm pretty sure it sounds better than you guys beer can setups.
  16. Not mad at all. Just can't believe someone would actually do something so tacky just to make it sound better.
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