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  1. That's good. At first I thought you were having it fixed. Glad you got a good dealer. A lot would say pound sand we are fixing it.
  2. What are you waiting for? I'm not accepting a new truck that has a shittty paint job. You are never going to like it the way it is. Repaint? You ain't going to like that either. Just my two cents
  3. Well after a visit to the muffler shop and talking to the guy that actually does the work, he said get a catback and be done. I already knew that but figured since the dual exhaust is already there, just swap mufflers. He could chop the muffler off and throw a Flowmaster 50 or a magnaflow on it and it will be louder for sure but will drone you right of the cab when it kicks down to one cylinder.. I ordered a Borla Touring setup off ebay. Around $1240. Should be here Thursday. I'll install it myself on Friday. I've had a Borla S Type on .my lifted 18 and that was just right for that truck This touring setup is the perfect setup for a 6 2 High Country IMO
  4. I have a 2022 LTD LTZ that is black . No Metallic. I also have a 2022 LTD High Country that is Mosaic black. It has Metallic. From 10 ft away they look the same.
  5. 2022 LTD High Country Fuel Maverick D536 chrome 22x10 , +10 offset Michelin Defender LTX MS 305 45 R22 Stock suspension. Tiny rub in reverse full lock easily fixed.
  6. I have 2022 LTD High Country with the 6.2 I want to replace the muffler with something like a Flowmaster Super 44 or 40. Maybe a 50 I don't know. I want a nice rumble cold start and a little growl upon going through the gears then settling down while at cruising speed. Maybe Magnaflow too. What do you like? Also, leave the flapper or remove? I don't want any drone so I'm leaning towards leaving it. Going to the exhaust shop tomorrow morning so I need to decide tonight
  7. They do. Just don't make a weekly habit of it. Or go cross county
  8. I did the calipers black. Also painted the spindle and uca satin black . Looks nice. Tires came in this morning. Having everything installed later today. Not bad for time either. Order everything on Wednesday, wheels and lug nuts, tires, tpms sensors, balance beads. 6 days later done.
  9. I would replace the Chinese tires with Goodyear Endurance tires.
  10. You guys are right . I think black would look good. What about the rotors? You can see a lot of it. I think the same gray would look good but maybe black also.
  11. I would take it to place that has a big rack for doing big trucks. I had to do that with my 18 w/ 9" Mcgaughys. What's your 10-20?
  12. We also want to know how much you paid compared to sticker. No liars either
  13. I can't imagine the 2023s are any different than 2022.5 except colors and the new deezle.
  14. It does have the 6.2 like a Vette But seriously, I hear you . It's kind of in your face with red. Which was good on the lifted truck. I need to do something though. Those wheels will look way better with painted calipers. I like gloss black but I'm all ears what color to paint them
  15. Speaking of calipers, the front setup is huge. Even the rear setup is bigger than k2. I'm thinking about painting them red. I also did this on my lifted 18 and it looked good
  16. Counteract . 4 oz per tire. On my lifted 18 I ran 38s and used these. They used 14oz. per tire. They work great
  17. I did the math before ordering so i was pretty sure they were going to fit without a spacer. Fits like a glove. Clears the caliper by 1/8" The factory 22s were close too. Maybe1/4". Got my GM tpms sensors today and the balance beads. I hate those hideous weights. Now just waiting on the tires to show up. They should be here Monday. Looks like it will be around 1" poke. More than I wanted but should look good
  18. My local Chevy dealer in Minnesota hasn't had a new truck in 6 weeks . All on website show in transit. Out of them only two 1500 High Countrys. One of them is a basic model with no options. The other is missing technology pkg and sunroof. Lame. The rest are either plain Jane 1500 LTs or $85,000 3500 SRWs.
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