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  1. Well if you read the question. He wants to take it out to clean not to change the position like you can in the 14, 15, and 16s.
  2. If it's the front and you have a center console. Should be able to just pull up on it
  3. I think you best bet would be to get a hand held programmer though like superchips
  4. Yes I can get a pic this weekend. Can y'all see those pics I need to figure out to them on here so you don't have to download. Sorry
  5. https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/2018/Chevrolet/Silverado 1500/single-front-camera-system-by-echomaster®-for-vehicles-with-7-inch-screen-–-associated-accessories-19367545?categoryId=12013 Don't think it can record though. I will have to research that more.
  6. I have had them a few months no issues. Only thing I was worried about was the plug. Fit snug but clip really didn't snap. They are brighter than stock and whiter. I don't have any pics right now but when it gets dark out I can take some.
  7. I have those same lights. I bought them from Ali Express for $60. https://m.alibaba.com/product/60819892805/NVEL-factory-Car-LED-Headlight-Kit.html?spm=a2706.7843667.1998817009.10.596eeb20DGaGtf
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