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  1. I took them the documents today. They said because they’ve changed systems they didn’t have an electronic copy of what was done but they may have a hard copy somewhere. I brought them the hard copy today to hopefully speed the process along. Haven’t heard back from GM assistance yet but the dealership is now willing to cover 30%. I’m not thrilled but it’s definitely better than nothing. Should I be happy I got something and be done with it or try to pursue more assistance? All input welcome.
  2. I’ve talked to my service team at the dealership and GM assistance about all of the above info. For some reason they don’t have a record of the first repair but fortunately I still have the documents they gave me of each time it was repaired. So I will bring that to the dealership tomorrow and see if it helps my case any.
  3. Dealer called today. Pushrod bent again, lifter came apart again, and now I need a new camshaft. $5000 total. Haven’t heard from Gm assistance yet. Doubt I’ll get any good news from them. Anyone else feel that maybe to camshaft was damaged the first two times the lifter “collapsed and came apart” (quoted from service record) and pushrods failed under warranty? Or am I being unreasonable.
  4. 2014 silverado with 6.2L had bent pushrod and lifter replaced on cylinder 4 in Jan 2017, then another bent pushrod replaced in Dec 2017, same cylinder, both under warranty. Fast forward to Jan 2021 and another bent pushrod on cylinder 4 repaired on my dime this time. Two days after picking up I have a P0430 code - catalytic converter failed on bank two side, which is the side of cylinder 4. So I got an OEM Y pipe to replace the cats. Exactly 1 week after picking it up from that repair I have another loud tick on the same bank with much more noticeable loss of power than any of the other 3 tim
  5. Tjbrande, I had those issues you have and the under dash grounding fix didn’t work for me. Try disconnecting and brushing all the battery connections with a wire brush or terminal cleaner. My connections all looked fine but I disconnected all the wires connected to the battery and cleaned them anyway, haven’t had any issues since.
  6. So this did not fix my issue. Drove it for a few weeks and the problems persisted, most notably a brief loss of power steering and all gauges when turn signal or brakes were initiated. Fortunately I wasn’t needing to make turns, just traveling straight at 75mph with my wife and child in the truck. When I got to my destination, I wiggled the battery cables, they did not budge, but when I restarted the truck to head home all the issues were gone. At home I cleaned all the battery connections thoroughly, although they were already clean and nuts were all tight. Have had no issues now for approx 3
  7. Ok I just did this last night. I figured it couldn’t hurt. The rubber sound proofing was definitely clamped under the grounding cable washer. No issues this am, however, my issues with the dimming/flickering lights, and temporary loss of power steering when turning at a slow pace were pretty intermittent. My truck even shut completely off a few times when turning into a parking spot or a drive, I had to turn the key to restart. So hopefully this will help. This seemed like the same thing that happened back in late 2017 when GM issued the TSA Recall 17V-414. My dealer fixed it and I was good un
  8. Mine are factory, bow tie in the center, 22”. Never seen them in black from the factory
  9. Got my truck back today. Tech confirmed cylinder #4, intake push rod was bent, replaced. No other issues noted. Tick is now gone. Any ideas why this push rod may have bent, specifically without lifter failure? Thanks
  10. 2014, Silverado, 6.2 Z71, at approx 36k miles in January of 2017 I noticed a ticking from my engine bay, passenger side, which was never present before. Couldn’t hear it from inside the truck but from the outside it was definitely noticeable. No codes or noticeable change in performance during my daily commute. Local chevy dealer had it for a few days, and I can’t find the documents right now but they replaced a bent push rod and I think 2 lifters, I believe cylinder #4 was the main culprit. No more tick after the warranty repair. Fast forward to 12/18/17, 48k miles and the tick is back. Curre
  11. Pulled the trigger on the muffler delete last week. I left the flapper and resonator in place. (Could always be removed later, but doubt I will). Sound was exactly what I was looking for, actually sounds like a 6.2L V8 now. I definitely would not want it any louder, but it is certainly not too loud for neighborhood travel if you keep it below about 2k rpm. However, a hard acceleration would likely wake the neighbors. Inside the cab is very comfortable with only minimal increased volume, the noise cancellation of these trucks is amazing. After putting ~200 miles on the new set up at various sp
  12. Looking for a 6.2 exhaust tip only. Anyone have one laying around? For a 2014 Silverado, 6.2L only. Thanks.
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