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  1. Wow, I didnt realize starbucks paid so well. Assuming you are the manager there and a good one as I suspect then your $62k a year is what I was making turning wrenches in the late 90's. Nowadays you are going to have to get 2 management jobs there and a another full time job at autozone to come close to what I make. I spoke with the other techs and they asked if you could post a pic of your tools and toolbox you use to put all your interent knowledge to work.
  2. Is that what nacho told you to reply with? I cant believe that, anytime your ready to put your hands to work instead of your mouth come look me up. I will hands down show you hows its done in the real world and not your internet fantasy life. Goodnight salsa boy
  3. Lol, you must be worked up by now editing your post. Actually, real techs dont give a rats ass what its called. We just know how it works and how to fix it. Tell nacho libre I said hi please.
  4. Here you go salsa boy, directly from gm service info. Like I said, call it what you want. Isnt your starbucks shift coming up?
  5. Your just a typical internet troll that thinks they know it all. Call it what you want, I bet you couldnt overhaul one and set it up correctly. I have overhauled these since 1988 (probably before you were born) when I started working at gm dealerships. Post your real name salsa boy. You can look mine up in the western region. https://www.gmstc.com/index.php/world-class-technician-list/
  6. Maybe you should contact gm engineers because thats directly from the gm rpo guide champ.
  7. Usually on the front diff the side bearing adjuster tabs break and that causes the side bearing preload to loosen up which in turn causes the noise.
  8. G80 = Axle Positraction, Limited Slip. GU_ = axle ratio in the diff
  9. Saw a pi today on this issue from gm. Says they are aware the u150 update may not fix all of the radios and they are working with xm to get a resolution. No repair available at this time
  10. There is also a radio update for a battery draw issue.
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