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  1. any update on this issue? I have the exact same noise happening everytime I take off from a stop. No clue what it could be yet. Sounds exactly like an a/c compressor cyling like you mentioned.
  2. any update on this sin city? I have the same exact noise. Sounds exactly like an ac compressor coming on. If it was a harness can you describe the location? Thanks
  3. awesome truck. any more pics of this setup? what leveling kit is this?
  4. just received my morimoto hid kit. Kit comes with 1 HD relay H11, 1 Capacitor Link, 2 35 w ballasts, 2 morimoto igniter (amp)?, and 2 6k bulbs. Alittle confused between the 1 capacitor and 2 ignitors?
  5. hey guys new to the forum. Got my 12 excab 6.2 about two months ago and the mod bug has bitten me. Looking to update my exhaust. What will give me the loud deep sound I'm looking for. Flow 44? considering even a single chamber but this 6.2 is pretty throaty already. Thanks
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