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  1. Hemis are costly mechanical nightmares. Just ask anyone who has had to pay for scheduled maintenance on one
  2. They will fit any K2 so it is possible your bed is newer or they were stuck on after the fact LOL
  3. The pearl white is sharp IMHO. Not the older GM White Diamond color (yellowish ting) but the newer pearl white which does not appear yellow in certain lighting conditions. Another great information post John! Keep up the good work
  4. See here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2014-19-Silverado-Sierra-OEM-Black-Passenger-Side-Front-Bottom-Bed-Protector-NEW/283092027123?hash=item41e99986f3:g:-gAAAOSwwHpbahT2:sc:USPSFirstClass!64055!US!-1
  5. The newer models came from the factory with black plastic stick on cab and front lower bed corner protectors. Earlier K2s did not. Any of you 2016 and up owners know what i am talking about or have pictures of yours on the truck?
  6. 2014 and 2015 models did not come with the plastic cab/bed corner protectors
  7. The 72k mile cap is a joke. Especially for us early 14 and 15 owners who are/were already disqualified when this recall bulletin was issued due to 4-5 years of racked up mileage.
  8. I am with State Farm and they said there is no difference in cost to insure between the two engines back when I had the same question during my truck search. Many factors will be based on age and your insurer.
  9. What you are hearing is the normal expansion process of internal and or external exhaust parts that are simply heating up. You get the same noises in reverse when the truck is parked and turned off as components cool down. Completely normal.
  10. That being said it is possible that someone ran the crap out of it during break-in which is a critical time for a new engine.
  11. My opinion is this.... It's a new era in the working world now that it was back in the day. GM offered buyouts and less pay back in 08/09 to try and save themselves before the govt. stepped in. Result: Higher payed employees went by the wayside for new hire lower paid workers who were willing to gladly accept $18hr or so versus the $30 per something hour employees. Fast forward to today. Now those $18hr workers have climbed the pay scale and the cycle is about to possibly repeat if negotiations reach a stalemate. There is always someone else out there willing to gladly step into your job for what you consider much less but they consider much more. I know this, as my Dad was a GM UAW for 32 years back in the 80s and 90s.
  12. Completely black looking "sooty" colored puffs on startup are completely normal on these DI engines especially in colder months. Any blue or white = not normal. Justin, was the truck ever titled/licensed before you got it? If so it may be someone else's lemon trade in for the same issue. Just thinking out loud here.... Good news is you have a full warranty if something gets worse or the problem persists.
  13. So who has had the brake software update? Did you truck improve or get worse? I have already read here where it made braking worse.
  14. Who else has had the "update" performed? Did it make your truck worse or better? wait for the recall to get the brake booster replaced? You mean the Vacuum Pump? What year and mileage is your truck?
  15. The Vacuum Pump failure can lead to more than just braking problems. When it goes out the internals can grenade metal fragments into the the oil system, as the pump is lubricated by the same oil that runs through the engine. This would be reason enough to replace the old unit with a new one and why many of us wish it were a recall to have the pump replaced.
  16. If the T1 5100s are anything like 6112's for K2 trucks then don't hold your breathe. It took 4 years for them to be released after they were initially announced.
  17. Good news indeed Truston Now we all have to get in line for the Brake Software Recall
  18. Sorry to confirm your suspicion, but yes yours is leaking. If mechanically inclined you can replace yourself for under $200 including new refrigerant.
  19. Could be the oil pump. This was a common noise on the earlier 14 and 15 K2 trucks. Possibly alternator as well.
  20. The pump is around $135 + the new serpentine belt if you so choose to replace. From what i hear it takes about 1-2 hours or so to change out. Here is a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRNXYmD30e8
  21. This recall however does not take care of the known faulty Vacuum Pump. Faulty Pump recall came about a few months back where they replace the pump if a loss of braking power is detected. This software update is a band aid quicker and cheaper fix than replacing the root problem. Aside from a possible loss in braking power...……..when the pump goes, it causes metal shavings to enter the oil system thus possibly grenading the engine. Which is another good reason for replacing the newer upgraded Vacuum Pump.
  22. This recall came at an unfortunate time when many of us 14 owners were beyond the 72K mile mark. Should have been increased to at least 84k minimum if you ask me. Programming software is much less invasive on GM's wallet compared to new Vacuum Pump installations but that is not our problem.
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