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  1. This is a New Topic for all of the T1 owners. Please share the changes made to or work performed on your truck! Have fun and post pics if you would like. Enjoy, and Let's keep it rolling!
  2. First off, Congrats to all of you new 2019+ T1 Owners. We look forward to seeing your rides in the pictures posted on this topic. Thanks for contributing !
  3. Thank you for referring to them as "WHEELS" and not "RIMS"
  4. A/C Condensers also fail on the early '14 and 15' Trucks and '15 full size Suv's, so be prepared for that also. The cycling thermostat is known to cause radiator stress fractures on early trucks.
  5. 2020 Silverado 2500hd

    $75,530 ? Is that All ?
  6. Bilstein shocks thread

    Maybe I work for Bilstein......
  7. Griot's Garage Speed Shine and lots of Praying
  8. It's not that easy, but some members have had success. It really all depends on the dealer.
  9. Good looking truck Sean. What size Ridge Grapplers are you running?
  10. So how do you like them compared to the old Ranchos ?
  11. Then you are still in good shape. Some dealers will replace regardless of if they can "duplicate" an issue or not.
  12. Bilstein shocks thread

    There is another believer out there
  13. Are you under the 72K warranty requirement ? 6 years or 72K Should be 7 year 100K if you ask me. Especially for those of us early owners who just received notice about a month ago.
  14. The top hat nut is not tightened enough. It needs to be tightened further once installed with weight on the truck.
  15. Front clunk noise = not having the top hat nut tightened enough. Rear end noise probably is not likely due to the new rear shocks. There have been reports of creaky clunky sounding rear springs here and there.
  16. The pump has been updated from the old version. So far I have not heard of a second failure with the revised unit.
  17. Can they tell if I and the wife had hanky panky in the back seat?
  18. Anyone know the difference? I think GMC is calling their off road package X31 now, and not Z71 for 2019 to further distinguish between the two "brands".
  19. There are plenty of videos out there explaining monotube vs twin tube. The factory Rancho's I took off the rear of my sierra behaved identical to the video above. This should some it up. Notice he states when the twin tube fades it results in a " Bouncy and Uncontrollable Ride " Yes again this is a Bilstein video but well explained. Go with your Monotube of choice.
  20. Here is how the factory twin tube Rancho behaves on rebound. Why? because typically the gas or oil escapes leaving a pogo stick spring to provide rebound. This failure can occur early on or with few miles. Read the Comment on the video by Robert. He upgraded to a Rancho 5000x monotube and had a ride "10 times better" than the Factory Rancho on his '14 Silverado Can anyone see my point now regarding the factory Rancho on the 14-19 (including T1 models (minus Trail Boss & AT4) ? ? ?
  21. I grew up racing motocross. This is why I refer to "Pogo Stick" often in the threads about shocks. Dialing in the suspension on a motocross bike or even a Nascar is key to having the edge over your competition. Not enough compression leads to bottoming out. Too much rebound leads to flying over the handlebars or being bucked off the wild bull in whoop sections. The Twin Tube Rancho has a decent amount of compression but the rebound is way off allowing the leaf springs of the truck to react quicker than the shock itself. To prove my point just remove your rear shocks and take a short drive. Without the absorber all you have is an uncontrolled spring. Those who have the Rancho 9000 adjustables can mimic this by placing them on the highest setting. I had a set of these on my 94 Silverado after the factory Bilstein 4600s finally gave out. The lowest setting translates into a very soft and slow rebound and makes the truck feel like a 1978 Lincoln. Tons of body roll but not good for towing/hauling. The highest setting of the 9000 provides a very quick rebound. This seems to be how the factory twin tube Rancho is valved. Rancho does make a monotube RS7000 that should be far better than the factory twin tube and that i suspect is on par with the 4600 and 5100 and other good monotubes out there. Anyone bored yet?
  22. 2020 Silverado 2500hd

    Incredible opportunity Jason. The High Country Trim Silverado HD does not look too bad. I personally like the Sierra HD styling better. They do look more like the 1500 models though.
  23. This sort of sounds like Kamala Harris at last nights Democratic Presidential Debate

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