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  1. I had the flash done on mine and swore that the pedal was spongier than normal. But I believe it was all in my head. I did not have the vacuum pump done.
  2. Some of the older guys that have been wrenching awhile will tell you a quart per oil change is normal since they pulled the lead out of the fuel. I still prefer mine to not burn any.
  3. Have one on mine. Rear ended by a car. Hitch is messed up and my bumper. It doesn't always save them.
  4. It's nice to have them once they're gone. Not only do they become more sensible, but they make you laugh when you catch yourself doing it!
  5. Honest. When I change my oil in my truck it's at the same level as when I put oil it in the last time. My '04 before this one was the same way. Now, recently my wife drove a Honda Pilot and we had to have that reringed under warranty extension, and working at a Honda dealer in parts we see this often.
  6. I never used to mind when I filled up, and still occasionally park the truck or bike in the driveway with the fuel light on. However, lately I have been filling up around 1/2 tank like grandma always did when I was a kid. It's makes me feel better to have half that amount coming out the bank at once. lol
  7. Completely shooting from the hip here.. but is the "marketplace" like an app store?
  8. None of my chevys have ever used oil. Guess I got lucky.... But I have read about these motors having an oil consumption issue, and we all know the previous gen had them too. Hell, pretty much every manufacturer that uses any type of cylinder deactivation has issues with oil consumption.
  9. This explanation makes more sense that what I've read before. I always felt that the seat was slightly warmer after a remote start than without it. I will say though, the seat warmers in my wife's ram put the chevy ones to shame...
  10. I think for good measure it's always a good idea to delay modifications right before a trip. But if you've got a week or so or even 3 days I'd do it, but that's just me. Also, the "stock" flashes should remain on the Autocal. I'd recommend taking that, your laptop, and the cables with you just in case and if anything whacky is noticed go ahead and flash back to stock.
  11. Hardest part of it was getting to the passenger side lights. I actually took out the air box when I did it. Probably could have worked around it but I was running out of daylight and wanted to get them in. Also, a tip, or just a "what I did", I stuffed the little boxes that are in line in the headlight housings off to the side and put the caps back on the headlights.
  12. First picture I was right up against the wall, and taking the picture from the driver seat. The last picture is a better representation of the normal.
  13. This morning at Sheetz factory LED's (before i adjusted them down. The first picture from this morning is after adjustment)
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