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  1. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AmYQt7aSeipHga0PNMkpOVA8l3am7Q I'm in need of some help on where to start here. Also, I have no idea how to resize the video clip so I shared a one drive link to it. But here is the issue I'm having - if you watch the very short video of the data log I did you can watch the spark jump up to insane levels. No knock appears to be detected. No codes. When the spark jumps like that the entire truck shakes almost like a misfire. It doesn't do this all the time and I can't make it duplicate the issue. It honestly does it when and how often it feels like. Sometimes the truck will run beautifully and other times it runs like it's limping along because of this. The truck -' 2015 1500 5.3 Tuned by black bear (waiting to hear from them on this just trying to get ahead) Cat back 3 inch straight pipe Drop in k & n filter. Thoughts on what the hell this could be?
  2. I don't know. You don't see many motors that go through this crap that don't have the DOD/AFM. Mine ran like a top until I decided I wanted to see just how much I could keep it in 4 cylinder mode. Two weeks, trained my right foot to pretty much keep it in 4 cylinder mode as much as possible. Then boom, a lifter failed and took out a pushrod on it's way. But people claim to love it, people claim to hate it. I know once I got mine back out of the shop the first thing I did was contact BBP and got that tuned out. Didn't have the funds to pull and tear down the motor for the actual "DOD/AFM delete kit" but maybe one day. I can also tell you I used to claim that I couldn't feel the truck going in and out of 4 cylinder mode until it didn't. To the OP - sucks. But now time to build a bigger/better motor.
  3. There is apparently legislation that last I read (few months back) they were trying to move emissions to every 2 years and go to some combination sticker for Registration, Inspection, and Emissions. Doubt that will happen though. Someone somewhere will be upset on losing out of the $$.
  4. Inspection, emissions, and then your "tax stamp" to allow you to tow. Problem is, we're made to make sure our vehicles are road worthy for the roads that aren't vehicle worthy.
  5. I'd have made them get me a fresh class 2 sticker after that act... Whoever put them on just didn't care.
  6. After talking to multiple people I believe I'm going to be ordering a set of these. Seems the most cost reasonable solution to keep the truck from squatting as much as it does.
  7. Find a local glass guy instead of Safelite. With Lane Departure use OEM glass only. Safelite put a windshield in my wife's pilot and trashed the moldings on either side of it. They fell off shortly after they touched the vehicle. Our glass guy that does them for our dealership fixes a lot of safelite screw ups. Also, he will only use OEM, but especially when the vehicle has any type of Radar/Lane Departure features.
  8. Just another one here to say keep it with your owner's and insurance card. Even the big trucks do that. They fade too quickly for me to put it on my windshield.
  9. I had the flash done on mine and swore that the pedal was spongier than normal. But I believe it was all in my head. I did not have the vacuum pump done.
  10. Some of the older guys that have been wrenching awhile will tell you a quart per oil change is normal since they pulled the lead out of the fuel. I still prefer mine to not burn any.
  11. Have one on mine. Rear ended by a car. Hitch is messed up and my bumper. It doesn't always save them.
  12. It's nice to have them once they're gone. Not only do they become more sensible, but they make you laugh when you catch yourself doing it!
  13. Honest. When I change my oil in my truck it's at the same level as when I put oil it in the last time. My '04 before this one was the same way. Now, recently my wife drove a Honda Pilot and we had to have that reringed under warranty extension, and working at a Honda dealer in parts we see this often.
  14. I never used to mind when I filled up, and still occasionally park the truck or bike in the driveway with the fuel light on. However, lately I have been filling up around 1/2 tank like grandma always did when I was a kid. It's makes me feel better to have half that amount coming out the bank at once. lol
  15. Completely shooting from the hip here.. but is the "marketplace" like an app store?
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