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  1. Certain OE brands (such as GM) actually have two levels of pads. The pads that the cars/trucks come with from the plant are ridiculously expensive so you usually aren't even offered those as an option compared to the usually stocked cheaper still GM made sets. So yes, sometimes if not most you will see a difference in life of the pads with replacement even going with OE.
  2. Had luck with my 04 with OE pads front and rear and Powerstop drilled & slotted rotors. Overkill for daily driving - but eliminated the brake fade I was having with a trailer hooked up and could stop on a dime.
  3. Any air cooled fans on here? Just picked up a toy... another 73 super beetle....
  4. Has anyone tried using stip caulk/dum dum/whatever everyone calls it? I think that's what I'm gonna try on mine when I take it off to "improve".
  5. If I understood correctly, when using the 8.5 quarts didn't the dipstick show over full? Which is why they changed it to 8.0. Therefore if you go by the dipstick it would be just fine
  6. Does anyone know specifically which antennas are more prone to this? I seen a thread that some of the shark fins were bigger than others...But I think that thread was specifically comparing a 14 antenna to a 15 of some fashion.. Mine doesn't appear to leak... yet.... and i'm hoping it stays that way. But when it gets warmer here maybe I'll pull that and the high-mount stop light out and do some extra protection...
  7. Agreed! I think all around the fog lights in the OBS we're better. But, I run my fogs all the time when the headlights are on just because. I paid for em, might as well use em. But that doesn't mean the ones on the newer trucks aren't "designed" better for what fog lamps are actually supposed to do. But to me it seems like you see a whole lot more front end in the newer trucks to really notice the fogs on.
  8. Haven't had this issue on my 15 yet... but I got it in my 04 with factory bulbs all the time. Then I swapped them out to Sylvania SilverStar Ultra's... and got it even more. The lights in my 04 were by far the best I've had in any vehicle.. But I flash back, too
  9. To some, probably not. To me, yeah. Just to say I did it and learn how.
  10. Hey good lookin out finding a different solution. An organizer in that huge thing is necessary I'm just not ready to drop a lot of money for it
  11. Nothing fun, is ever available publically. I just hate to pull the truck apart, send in the proper components to say, WAMS when at the moment that’s the only thing I’d wish to change. It’s also more of a just because and to learn how. Thanks for the input. Always appreciated.
  12. Hello All, I'm hoping that this is the correct place for this, as I'd consider what I'm doing a "mod". I have access to a Passthrough Pro 4 from Snap On. I'm interested in changing the remote start run time from the preset 10 minutes to 15. I'm not interested in just pressing the button again to get a total of 20 minutes by extending the preset 10 minute timer. I know that it can be done, as we have some wonderful people on here that would be happy to program the proper components and if I can't figure it out it might just come down to that. But being that I have access to the Passthrough which to my understanding lets you access factory programming as well as some custom programming I'd like to give it a shot myself first. I'm aware that I could totally screw up my truck, and well, I'm taking that risk. If anyone has done this before or has experience I would appreciate some tips, or help. Thanks in advance!
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