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  1. bump Local sales only for Houston Grille $300 Tires and Wheels - name your price (reasonable), will be tossing these soon Intake Airbox - name your price, will be tossing soon
  2. Selling my stock Sierra SLE 17" wheels and tires. only have ~5k miles of use on them. $500 obo, local Houston sale only - no caps - no nuts
  3. Selling my grille. Local sale to Houston only. $300
  4. Bump Local sales only for Houston Grille $300 Tires and Wheels $500 Intake Airbox - FREE
  5. random rattling under the dash/near the speedometer when the temperature is ~72 degrees F. hard knock shifting from 2nd to 3rd when flooring it
  6. would you sell the n-fab bar with it? if so, pics? Also how did you activate it previously? via the highbeams or via a switch?
  7. also why are you selling? is it b/c the bar will block your clearance lights (assuming you are mounting on top)?
  8. Still got these babies for sale! Anyone interested? (pics are at beginning of thread) 4.3L V6 Intake Airbox (the big piece in the middle) Stock 17" Rims + Tires (5k miles, without nuts and center cap, local/Houston sale only) Summit White Surround Trim and Stock SLE/SLT Inner Grille
  9. haha nawwwww dude. doing this upgrade is merely for aesthetics/cosmetics. it won't help with lighting the road much. If you want great output, I believe the popular route in this forum is the FXR projector retrofit or something like that.
  10. I did not trim my valence. I spray painted the skid plate black with bed liner haha. Pretty quick and easy and looks good. Shoutout to Project White Diamond for that inspiration!
  11. Westin E-Series, installs via the tow hooks The first pair that I put in stopped working in the first day, but I think I may have installed them wrong or didnt push it in enough. I have a second set as back up, just havent had the chance to put them in yet. Driving around without license plate lights for a while now haha
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