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  1. Slowly beginning to have more and more wrong with my silverado. Starting to have a howl or a whine when my truck hits about 3000 rpms on acceleration and it’s noticeable. Cruising at 70 mph it is mild but I know it’s there. Could it be my rear differential going out? Best way to explain it is an old prop plane all wound up
  2. I didn’t go through a dealership but I trusted my mechanic to get the right stuff. I ended up hunting down a fuel pipe for it though and it was an “updated” part number
  3. Found my problem, there was a loose 10mm bolt on the black cross member above the intake box that I had to take off and put back on when I put the new air box in
  4. If the plug is in, it doesn’t let as much air in. So I think when the plug is out, it makes it louder and rattles something
  5. No, the S&B CAI has a see through plastic cover on top, and a rubber plug on the bottom of the box
  6. I have a S&B CAI on my ‘17 Silverado with the 6.2. Under medium to heavy acceleration, there is a rattle under the hood with the plug not installed. If I put the plug it, there is no rattle. I can’t find what is loose that would be making it rattle. Anybody else having problems with this?
  7. Can’t figure out how to add my video. But just like any other video, it doesn’t do it justice. Got it out on the highway on Friday, can barely tell it’s there unless you go to pass someone. Absolutely no drone at all. S&B CAI gives it a nice throaty sound in the front end. Pretty impressed with it. May end up cutting out the resonator anyways but not sure yet
  8. I have a tuner that I used to take the v4 crap out
  9. Yes I left the resonator on it for now. Gonna see how it sounds out on the highway and may cut it off later too. It came stock with a nice 4” Chevy rolled tip that I slid farther out on the pipe and it lowered the tone quite a bit too. I’ll get a good cold start video in the morning and post it
  10. Had the muffler put on today and deleted the flapper. It has a nice and deep kind of hollow burble to it at idle. Good cold start and mellow sound cruising around town. Haven’t really gotten on it yet or taken it out on the highway yet though
  11. I ended up ordering a Gibson MWA 3” in and out, and having the flapper delete deal. Having it put on Thursday. Also have a tuner to kill the V4 crap. Hoping it’s louder than stock but not over kill
  12. Has anyone just changed out the stock muffler and removed the resonator on a ‘17 Silverado with the 6.2? Leaving the stock piping and all. If so, what muffler did you use
  13. I had that same code but a p0300 also and was started to blow white smoke out of the exhaust. I ended up just paying out of pocket for injectors and fuel lines. It wasn’t worth the fight with GM. My mechanics checked everything else out also. Spark plugs were fouled and the cylinders weren’t washed out with fuel. He changed the oil though and did an upper induction cleaning I just got the call today that it’s done, a month and a half later, about to write an $1800 check for 8 new injectors, new fuel lines, oil change, and induction cleaning. If you do just the injectors and fuel lines it should be around 1,200-1,400
  14. I’ve been without my truck for over a month now waiting on parts from GM
  15. Damn well that sucks to hear, thank you for the info. Did not know that about the fuel lines
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