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  1. I had that same code but a p0300 also and was started to blow white smoke out of the exhaust. I ended up just paying out of pocket for injectors and fuel lines. It wasn’t worth the fight with GM. My mechanics checked everything else out also. Spark plugs were fouled and the cylinders weren’t washed out with fuel. He changed the oil though and did an upper induction cleaning I just got the call today that it’s done, a month and a half later, about to write an $1800 check for 8 new injectors, new fuel lines, oil change, and induction cleaning. If you do just the injectors and fuel lines it should be around 1,200-1,400
  2. I’ve been without my truck for over a month now waiting on parts from GM
  3. Damn well that sucks to hear, thank you for the info. Did not know that about the fuel lines
  4. I have a 2017 Silverado 6.2 with 47,000 miles. I am currently having all 8 injectors replaces. After waiting 3 weeks for those, my mechanic is now waiting for new fuel lines. Are new fuel lines required? Or can he just use the old ones?
  5. When replacing all injectors on a 2017 Silverado 6.2, do you have to use all new fuel lines or can you reuse the old ones? Only 47,000 miles
  6. I appreciate the input. Are there any special tools I would need to do it? If I had the right tools and a good video I could manage but I would take my time
  7. I am having the same code and problems with my ‘17 Silverado with the 6.2 with 47,000 miles. Dealership said that the injectors aren’t covered under warranty even though they know they are a problem. How do I get GM to warranty these?
  8. I am worried that the dealership is chase the code and not the actual problem
  9. If I still had my 2012 Silverado I would do the work myself. But there is so much crap on these new ones that I know nothing about and want nothing to do with repairing.
  10. I bought it with 36,000 miles on it which I believe was the factory warranty on it. My truck now has 47,000 miles. It only started doing it with In the last 500 miles. Very erratic on the code. I work out of my truck around town so some short trips but I have pulled my camper more miles than I’ve done short trips. Has always ran fine up Until recently. My dealership said that pretty much everything that touches the injector is covered but the injector
  11. My truck has thrown the code P050D and the P0300 and they aren’t sure what injector it is. So they have to run a pressure test to see which injector is going bad. I would much rather it be under warranty or else it will cost a pretty penny. And I don’t trust myself working on these newer motors.
  12. The dealer said I have at least one bad injector but the injectors them selves are not covered under any warranty. So I will have to pay out of pocket. But I have seen numerous posts about people getting letters from GM about a warranty for the injectors.
  13. Does anyone know of a warranty for the faulty injectors on the 6.2 liter on a ‘17 Silverado?
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