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  1. I was going to recommend the Solid Fold. I started with mine on my '08 I purchased the fall of '07, then i moved it to my '16 when I replaced my '08. No complaints at all.
  2. Nothing but good experiences at Discount thus far.
  3. If you're comparing the take downs of a standard led bar to an off-road bar, I think the off-road wins. Most of the bars are usually setup with just the front inner leds serving as the take downs while the outside continues to flash red & blue. Now our newer bars do have a front scene function that'll allow it to go full white on the front and alleys. Hard to say if that's as bright as the off-road style bar on our Kubota.
  4. One regret I have from years back is doing my own thing for a couple years. I'd get in an odd mood around the holidays and just want to be home or go out solo. I don't know if it was working shifts on or around the holidays, but I'll always remember my dad leaving a message on the answering machine begging me to come over for the holiday. He's been gone 11 years, and I regret being a selfish prick and not going to see family those years.
  5. Range issues aside, I'm not a fan of its looks at all.
  6. I think they're now accessible via one of those QR code images that they're now putting on the b pillar.
  7. I've used a couple types of grease over the years, to include the red Mobil 1. It never seems to fail that whether I keep the gun in the garage or basement, the grease ends up liqifying. Now I don't use the gun often at all, so I'm not sure if that's the biggest factor, but I thought I'd reach out for tips or suggestions as to what to use and where/how to store it.
  8. I've used Fluid Film on the 08 and this truck and have been happy with the results so far.
  9. Have them from each of the trucks plus the wife's ride(Her first new vehicle).
  10. Both of my last 2 trucks were 140, and this is as well, so I'd believe 140.
  11. Blackbear tuned my 08 Vmax and really woke it up.
  12. Oil change and a new drain plug. The old one somehow got cranked down pretty good and the head started getting rounded while trying to get it free.
  13. Fluid film sprayed on in preparation for winter.
  14. I had a floor jack lock up and tried to use the factory bottle jack to free it. That's when I discovered the limited lift height. I got a new floor jack to use with my stands in the garage, and a bigger bottle jack to keep onboard in an emergency.
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