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  1. Rinseless wash yesterday to clean the glass up after the tint to start the week.
  2. It was 115 years back when I was out west on a trip. I compared it to feeling like standing in front of an oven with the door open.
  3. Tire rotation yesterday and changed the oil today.
  4. Got the front side windows tinted to match the rears.
  5. It has been nice focussing my attention on playing outside with the kids at home with some of the limitations put in place.
  6. My 08 crew cab made two trips to Orlando from Cleveland, and I had no complaints.
  7. The Solid Fold I had on my 08, which I got the fall of 07, got moved onto my 16 when I traded the 08 in. It's still on the truck, and it's kept the bed dry all these years.
  8. A quick rinseless wash to take care of some water spots from rain after the last full wash.
  9. The effect of the Adam's spray on my wife's van is unreal.
  10. I wore that to/from work on the interstate, then my chrome half if I was on the surface streets near home.
  11. Your post jogged my memory. When I first got my bike, I had a full face, but I remembered it rotated open, so I went downstairs and found it. It's a Fulmer Modus AF-M. The jaw portion has a button you can press to rotate it up and wear it like an open face helmet.
  12. I'm thinking of cutting the cardboard or something similar to match the filter size then sliding it under the filter before removal.
  13. Moved my Xtang solid fold from my 08 silverado(purchased fall of 07) to my 16, and it still keeps the bed dry.
  14. I appreciate the review, and more importantly, the pics on a light-colored truck for comparison.
  15. $1.15 earlier. It's like being a teen again.
  16. I picked up a pair of those triple head led's. It's now like daytime in the garage.
  17. Wash, clay, and ceramic to get her squared away now thatv better weather is here.
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