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  1. Per GM, Warning: In order to reduce the risk of fire and personal injury observe the following items: Replace all nylon fuel pipes that are nicked, scratched or damaged during installation, do not attempt to repair the sections of the nylon fuel pipes
  2. Package Rear Seat VBX Language Label Arabic VCG Provisions International Switch/Control Symbols VCL UB0 Radio AM/FM Stereo, Seek/Scan, CD, Auto Tone, Data System, Clock, ETR
  3. They will roll coal and then ****** about $6.00/gal diesel fuel. What do they think the black smoke is?
  4. High resistance somewhere in that circuit. Needs proper diag.
  5. Should be 12v. Connector 1 (blk) 12 way. RD/LT GRN wire, terminal 1 at the module.
  6. Yes. Right side of IP near the door jamb.
  7. Right side IP fuse box. Fuse F27DR. 15a. Red/Green wire.
  8. tbarn

    Chevy Malibu

    P182e is a trans code. Get it to a dealer.
  9. It is behind the left rear panel in the area of seat belt/shoulder harness mount. Needs to be programmed/setup. I believe it can be done with a Tech2.
  10. 6 bolts on pump. 89 lb in. manifold assembly. 18 lb ft.
  11. Replacing pump only or complete manifold assembly?
  12. Adding Keys (Without SPS) Note: To initiate, this procedure requires that 2 learned key be available. A total of eight keys maybe be learned to a single vehicle. This procedure adds keys only. The procedure does not erase previously learned keys. The keys to be learned must duplicate the mechanical cut of the current key. Note: When verifying operation, make sure that no other transmitters are near the vehicle. If key fails to learn repeat steps 1-6 paying close attention to the time limits at each step. With a previously learned key, turn the ignition ON. Turn the ignition OFF and remove the key. With a second previously learned key, turn the ignition ON. Turn the ignition OFF and remove the key. Within 10 seconds of turning OFF the ignition, insert the key to be learned and turn ON/RUN position (do not turn to the crank position). Keep key in the ON/RUN position for 5 seconds and the theft light turns off. The vehicle has now learned the new key. Note: Step 5 can be repeated until a maximum of 8 keys are learned (including 2 factory keys) to the vehicle. Be sure to keep other keys and transmitters at least 12 in (30 cm) away from the ignition cylinder while learning. Verify each transmitter and key is operating properly. Remove key from the ignition cylinder and wait 30 seconds. Insert the key into the ignition cylinder and start vehicle.
  13. 2.5v is what is normal with the circuit "idling". Seems as though you have a short to voltage be it wiring or internal to a module. Given it's age it is anybody's guess. Given that communications work for a short time indicates to me the culprit is probably a module. Here are a couple of wiring diagrams that may help.
  14. Those pieces are not serviced. Need to buy the whole tray.
  15. Are you kidding me? I've done hundreds (maybe thousands) of software updates on GM vehicles. If diagnosis via Technician, Tech Assistance or a TSB has indicated a warranty software update then it is done. Never once did I or should I have checked with the customer to see if it would be OK with them. If they come in with a coolant leak under warranty would we (the dealer) ask before putting a free water pump on? NO!
  16. Back in the day, county put all the drain oil on gravel roads to keep the dust down + disposed of the oil. Win, win
  17. Free lawyers come with that MM Act? You can say GM has to do this or that but it will go to court most likely.
  18. Does not "vent" fuel vapors. It is the clean air intake for the evap system.
  19. Have never seen that top one. I had a 2014 Silverado built Aug. of '13 and it looked like the bottom pic. My '15 also looked like the bottom pic. The '14s had changeable IP display but I don't think it changed the radio display. Maybe it did and I just don't remember. Anyway, that top pic looks aftermarket to me. The dealer cannot change the display.
  20. tbarn

    Winter Returned

    4" here in 3 days, wife is happy. Me? not so much. -12* tomorrow night.
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