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  1. I rotated the distributor once again 180° and it started to struggle. Rotated the cap a few times till it started up and dialed it in till it was close. Still don't know what originally happened after replacing the distributor in the first place but seems like I fixed it myself. Gonna close the hood now till next week when my timing light comes in.
  2. Hey everyone. I picked up a 92 GM K1500 4.3l V6 last year. Used it for hunting season, parked it in the yard and went to move it the next day and wouldn't start. Changed the distributor as per Haynes manual and now it won't start due to what I suspect is timing being out (backfires). Reset to TDC today via second timing mark, pulled cap off distributor and was a full 180° out. Pulled distributor, rotated 180°, put back together and verified plug wires were in correct order (6,5,4,3,2,1 as per Haynes manual). Tried to crank and still backfires. Reset to TDC, pulled cap
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