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  1. What's your thought on these? I just installed them too and not sure what I expected but they seem pretty thin and the stainless doesn't really match the chrome on the "SIERRA" door badges. I'm on the fence about removing them.
  2. can't get pics, can't keep it out of the dealership for recalls.
  3. click here This is a good start. Video in the installation tab 19_Silverado-Sierra_1500_Installation_Instructions.pdf
  4. Sent an email to luxwoodtrim.com about their Sierra mouldings. I want the chrome ones but they don't appear available yet. Luxwood Trim
  5. ok, i have to know. You're on a sandy loam dirt road and there's not a spec of dirt even on the surface tread of your tires??????
  6. 2019 Sierra SLT MSRP $57,965 Dealer driven, 4200 miles OTD $43,965 before TTL
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