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  1. Wait, the knobs are rubber coated in the lower trim models?! I hate the cheap “aluminum” finished plastic ones in my AT4. Are they the same for the climate controls/stereo?
  2. I have this one. The cover leaks a little at the tailgate but I think that because of the install and it’s a few small trickles of water. It seems like a solid cover and it hasn’t leaked anywhere else after a few car washes (with a hose in my driveway) and a couple rain storms. I really like the cover so far. It’s easy to remove with two small clamps behind the front flip under the bed rails.
  3. There’s a couple different streaming services out there. Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, are the big ones I know. They’re all easy to use and you could probably find a tutorial on YouTube to make the learning process easier. Pick the one you like and play with it at home and you’ll see how amazing it is to have almost any song you can think of at your fingertips. If you opt for the higher end plans that offer better resolution files you’re getting CD quality as well which helps when you want to turn up the volume to 11.
  4. I always drove with them as far away as possible because I have long legs. My wife liked them but I fixed that by getting a vehicle just for her to drive and banished her from the driver seat of my truck.
  5. So the price difference in fuel is the difference between premium (suggested fuel for the 6.2L) and regular. Oh wait, maybe not in your area ie. the world so that’s irrelevant. And no big deal that it holds two quarts more, you can do twice the mileage per oil change.
  6. If you tow a lot and the 5.3 struggled, get a 3/4t diesel. If you decide it isn’t the right vehicle for you in 3-4 years you won’t lose anything on the truck. At least test drive one and tow your trailer with it.
  7. I leased my wife’s vehicle and financed my truck. She doesn’t take care of her vehicles and they’re just modes of transportation. This is the first time I’ve leased anything and I like the idea. I don’t care if she washes it or keeps it clean, it’s not mine at the end of the payments.
  8. No I’m saying buy the jugs. Lots of reported issues with the stuff at the pumps being contaminated.
  9. There’s directions on how to remove the back seat on YouTube. It’s not too hard by the looks of it. Let us know how the Bose speakers keep up with 2 W3’s. My single W3 is enough for me and I’m wanting to upgrade the rest of the system to round it out. There’s not many options yet for integration with the stock head unit though so I’m waiting.
  10. I’ve always been told not to use the stuff at the pump, it’s not always fresh and can cause serious issues with the system.
  11. In my area fuel is the same price, def is roughly $25/7-8000km depending on usage, and oil changes are the same. So def and fuel filters are the added cost. $100/yr in def and 2 fuel filters, not a big deal.
  12. That’s not really added cost to owning a diesel though. I’m sure there’s going to be problems with the emissions junk at first (I had one in 7 years, 2 different trucks 200k km total) but that’ll get sorted. If you delete it before it’s out of warranty then you should know you’re assuming a lot of risk especially with a new generation.
  13. Which is really nothing if it doesn’t break down...
  14. If they tell me that I’ll do an oil change myself in their parking lot. I used one of the 4 free changes in my last truck and will probably do the same on this one. It should’ve matter when I want it done, just do it.
  15. Could it maybe have something to do with the engine design and DFM more so than fuel mileage? That would be my guess.
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