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  1. I tow a 23’ that weighs 6k loaded, with my 19 crew cab, short box. 95% of the time it’s great, I have a weight distribution hitch with integrated sway control, the other 5% I wish I had gone 3/4 ton. Not that it’s unsafe, just have to give it 110% of my focus and slow it down more than usual. I think ultimately it’s what your comfort and experience levels are.
  2. I’ve noticed on newer fords that it acts as a puddle lamp, seen several that when the doors are opened the tailgate light comes on with rest of the puddle lamps. That would be a nice option to be able to select in the light program.
  3. I think the heated steering wheel in my 14 definitely was more heated than in my 19. The whole wheel in the 14 seemed to heat, vs as the OP notes a sectional heating.
  4. Similar question, I have an SLE without fogs, would like to put in Baja Design or Rigids. As of yet I have not been able to find a bracket.
  5. I run 45 cold, that’s what the installer recommended. I like the ride better, just stiff enough that it doesn’t feel like it wallows around, like it did with factory P metric tires. We run E rated on our F150s at work, that the City shop runs at 50. Whole different way of driving, we only get 20K out a set, but that’s double what get with P metric tires.
  6. I found this one, he is releasing a GM version in November or December. extrusion overland
  7. Think of them as a Security Detail, that makes me feel better about being tracked.
  8. I put LT Falken wildpeak at3 in 265/70R18 on my 19 SLE. Fit great totally stock.
  9. I think plugging in is an apple restriction, not manufacturer. I am incorrect, apple offers it, but only select Audi, BMW & Mini have it.
  10. I do, helped get me an extra $3000 once when trading a vehicle. The dealer was adamant that our Volvo didn’t have a couple options, pulled out the window sticker, no more arguing. I am sure it was all part of the usual dealer BS but that ended it quickly.
  11. Holds my parking pass perfectly. It’s got some traction so it doesn’t slide around.
  12. On occasion mine fails to see my contacts, the phone is connected but when I try to make a call my contacts are not there, both by voice command and in favorites. When I make the call from phone it goes right to Bluetooth, but only the contacts phone number is displayed, not the contact. The other thing I get occasionally is it won’t recognize my voice commands to call a contact, but the favorites works fine. I would say 75% of the time it works fine, and it could just be learning or some outside noise is interfering.
  13. With my single axle 22’ travel trailer which is 3000lbs dry, and I figure 1600lbs worth of gear and people I am averaging 11mpg. That’s mostly interstate at 70-75 mph, and pretty hilly, that’s based on two 200 mile round trips, with 70 miles of a bad head wind. So a little better than I expected, and I think with some more miles it might go up a hair.
  14. It would be nice if they did like ford and Chrysler, just put it in the manual. Sure it’s a convoluted series of apply the parking brake, buckle/unbuckle the seat belt and something else, but they tell you how to do it. I sympathize, after you go to step out of the truck for 14th time and forget your seatbelt is on it sucks.
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