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  1. Subb'd as I'm looking to upgrade my suspension as well.
  2. You fit 17's on this truck?! Hallelujah! I've been searching far and wide to find a 17" wheel that fit these trucks. I didn't think I was going to be able to! Any specific backspacing to look for? Did you do any trimming? While we're at it- Any power loss/MPG loss with the bigger/heavier tires? Do you have the 10 speed trans or 8 speed? Great looking rig. I've got the same one!
  3. @SquireSCA, Glad to hear you're happy with a straight pipe set up on the 5.3. I think I saw on another post that you're one of the beta testers for the Range DFM disable unit. I know you said that you don't experience any drone with the straight pipe, does that feedback stay consistent without the Range unit? I'd like to run a straight pipe set up on my 5.3, but want to be sure I'm not going to get massive drone when cylinder deactivation kicks in. Any help is appreciated!
  4. Great find! $750 is much more reasonable than I have been able to find thus far. Thanks!
  5. Awesome, thanks for the feedback!
  6. Sorry to thread-jack. But, have you had any issues (namely hyper-flash) with the Lasfit LED turn signal bulbs?
  7. Nice. Appreciate the detail, and you're video was great. And hello from Scottsdale!
  8. She sounds great! This might be exactly what I do as well. Did you leave the screens alone? Any chance you're in AZ? That video looks and sounds like you are.
  9. In addition, any helicopter vibrations when DFM kicks in?
  10. That sounds mean af, I love it! Gotta ask, are you experiencing any drone?
  11. Good to know, thanks. Not sure if I'm willing to risk the drone or not
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