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  1. It is, it can't be opened when the rack is on.its there to keep my air/water/battery system dry.
  2. I wouldn't buy from CVT again. It arrived damaged and they told me I could either send it back or just deal with it. I honestly thought they'd give me a hundred bucks off or something and I would have been fine with that. Oh, and the metallic accessories on it are all getting a little rusty already. I'd recommend the roof nest because it's the same design and the same Chinese company makes it anyway, plus their customer service is better from what I hear. I'd recommend RCI all day though. the rack is sturdy and they make adapters so you can run a tunnel cover. I'll actually be transferring to an RSI smartcap instead, but not for any thing being wrong with the rack. Do you have a carbon pro bed?
  3. 2020 Dmax Carbon Pro. I don't recommend the Carbon Pro bed. Had to cut holes to make this work. Otherwise it's nice to have a unique rig that isn't a Toyota or Jeep and still gets 25mpg.
  4. I'm afraid I pretty much did what you don't want to do and put the battery in the bed with an isolator. But there was no way I could have fit the Renogy 200 A/hr battery under the hood either. I'll definitely throw out there that with the DPF in the engine bay, you're gonna have a bad time if you mount a battery on the passenger side without significant heat shielding. Best thing I can think of for low key mounting would be a non-vented battery under the passenger seat or a compact lithium battery on the driver side of the engine bay. Those body frame rails really cut into the usable space under the hood in these trucks.
  5. Thanks so much for sharing this process. I have this as a factory option but my rooftop tent and bed rack blocks the camera. I'm planning on installing a coax switch and second camera to restore functionality to the system while my rig is in place. Sucks that I'll have to buy the whole tail light assembly just to get the camera I need but it will be worth it.
  6. Anyone else having this issue when it's cold? Renders the lane keep and adaptive cruise useless. And yeah, I'm using the defroster.
  7. So I've got this Daubert wax for frame touch-ups as my work has taken me to the rust belt. I'm just wondering if I need to wire brush the rust spots away first or if I can just rinse the frame off and apply the wax over the rust spots once it's dry? Any metalurgical engineers want to chime in? Much appreciated!
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