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  1. Yeah, trust me when I say that I'd be just going with the kit by itself if I hadn't already waited 2 months for these kings. They're supposed to arrive between June and July. Got them this early by going through Baja kits. The salesman told me they had allocations from King that would arrive between those 2 months. Time will tell if he'd have said anything to make a sale of if the products will come in time. It's hard to tell with the guy, his replies became shorter and less quick when I told him I wouldn't be buying $2,000 lower control arms with my order. Anyway, I guess I'll see
  2. Hey guys, So I've got King 2.5s front and rear for my AT4 coming with a UCA. I was wondering if any of you guys with the BDS 2.5 lift have any information on the fox coilovers that come with the kit. I'm trying to piece together whether these kings will work with that kit, they've told me they'll sell me one without any shocks but they don't know if the king's will work. If I can get a part number and call fox and see what the travel and other distances are to compare. If this can work then I can cancel the UCA and do this right. If not, maybe I can figure.out a way to
  3. Mine has the 3.23 in it. I mainly want to get back some of the lost mpgs from the tire upsize. When I regeared my tundra for 35s I went from 13 to 16 mpg. Some folks don't care about mpg but I bought this thing in September and have 30k on it already so it kinda adds up fo me.
  4. Copy that. I guess to clarify; I'm trying to figure out if there are any vendors selling re gear Kits for the front end. So far it looks like I'll need to buy a whole new front diff assembly to do a re gear.
  5. The search function doesn't turn up much for re-gearing a T1... Are there options yet for us? It like to bump up from the 3.23 my 3.0 has before I get bigger tires. From what I understand, the front is welded, and thus the whole assembly needs to be swapped, had anyone done this? Where the cheapest place I can get the parts? What about lockers, am I SOL for the front end?
  6. Lol right on. Yeah the King thing is no big deal, he warned me about those lead times but honestly if Fox comes quicker I'll just order those. We settled on the stock length since it apparently brings the travel up to 3 inches over stock. Not planning on jumping the thing so I'm cool with saving money and I didn't want the fatty fenders anyway.
  7. One more question! Did he tell you there's a sale ending tomorrow? Planning on doing business with them in a few months but wanted to know if he says that to everyone
  8. Hmm, at the biggest I'd probably go with 34s on mine, do you reckon they would still rub at full compression on stock fenders? No worries if youre not sure, probably gonna call the manufacturer today.
  9. Thanks so much for the input! So the truck doesn't sway too much under normal turns? Now I've just gotta find a rim that can compensate a little for the 3 extra inches of control arm. They don't make fenders for the GMC to my knowledge so if I can have the track in the front only about 4 inches wider that would be perrrrfect!
  10. Interesting. I wonder what the point is if they're the same length as stock? Stronger surely but no lift or additional travel. I guess I'll just have to go with UCA, coilovers, and a 1 inch front lift. It's just a shame I'll be murdering my half shafts with that setup. I guess I was kinda hoping somebody would tell me coilovers and LT would be stuff enough not to need a sway bar on the road . I appreciate all the input.
  11. I didn't realize there were mid travel kits. Does that refer to just a UCA swap and coilovers or do they come with LCAs with sway bar linkage?
  12. My application is overlanding and maybe some medium speed over bumps. I don't really like lift kits because I'm not interested in cutting the frame and I feel like it will be easier to liquidate a long travel kit should I sell the truck. I also like that LT kits actually give you more center clearance since it doesn't drop the LCA mounting points. The biggest thing I'm apprehensive about with LT kits is I don't see any with sway bar attachments. I tow a 7500lb camper cross country with my truck and without a sway bar I'm worried about how well it would tow. Anyone on here have the
  13. It is, it can't be opened when the rack is on.its there to keep my air/water/battery system dry.
  14. I wouldn't buy from CVT again. It arrived damaged and they told me I could either send it back or just deal with it. I honestly thought they'd give me a hundred bucks off or something and I would have been fine with that. Oh, and the metallic accessories on it are all getting a little rusty already. I'd recommend the roof nest because it's the same design and the same Chinese company makes it anyway, plus their customer service is better from what I hear. I'd recommend RCI all day though. the rack is sturdy and they make adapters so you can run a tunnel cover. I'll actually be tra
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