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  1. At 10,000 miles with only using premium fuel, 275/65r20 BFG KO2’s, and a 1 inch motofab level, I’m getting 18.2 mpg lifetime. Very happy with my truck.
  2. Sgosnell, that looks like the one that I have. I got mine from discount ramps in October. They must have gone up on their price since then.
  3. Yes, I have the 5’8” bed. It’s a full size Yamaha Grizzly 700, and I bought the 50 inch wide ramps 6’5” long. It has worked well so far. I think with shipping the total was around $160
  4. I’ve done it in my AT4 several times. I bought a black widow ramp that stretches basically the entire width of the tailgate so that all of the ATV’s weight is not just on the secondary tailgate part. I’ve had no issues with it this entire deer season. The outer prongs of the ramp rest on the main tailgate to distribute the load.
  5. 20’ skeeter center console boat that I use to fish the marsh of Louisiana. It pulled it just fine. It was a noticeable difference from my old 5.3. The 5.3 did fine as well, but you knew you had something heavy behind you.
  6. 2020 AT4 with 6.2 This truck is very responsive, has plenty of get up and go, shifts great, tows very well, looks great and sounds awesome with the performance exhaust. I get compliments on the looks of the truck weekly. I personally think it’s the best looking thing on the road, but I am biased. I liked my 2015 Silverado CC Z71, but so far, this truck blows it out of the water. looks better in real life than in pics
  7. I have had this happen to me in my AT4 several times as well. The only fix that I have found is turn the truck off and on again. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to why it gets stuck in Park. This happened to me today.
  8. Is your truck only in sport mode if the green checkered flag is showing? I can switch it to sport, drive, cut truck off, turn it back on and the sport mode will still be selected but the flag isn’t showing unless I cycle through the options back to sport. I’ve been wondering this. I also read in the manual that if the truck does not notice any “sporty” type driving after a certain period tod time, it automatically switches back to normal driving mode.
  9. 17.8 mpg with 275/65r20 BFG KO2s and a 1 inch motofab level on my 6.2L 2020 AT4. my sample size is only 2,500 miles
  10. I’m really liking my 6.2L AT4. It has the upgraded exhaust which sounds great in my opinion. It did not, however, come with the cold air intake. I’ve read that the CAI may only add 2-3 hp. Anyone put a factory CAI and notice a difference in the response of the truck. I’ve also read that it makes the engine sound different. What are y’alls thoughts on that?
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