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  1. Will do thanks a lot I will get it installed at dealer
  2. Ok that was the answer I was looking for honestly. That should suffice. So do I upgrade speakers as well or leave them as isv
  3. It’s $1200? How are they compared to other non dealer conpanies?
  4. I already made a deal with someone(: thank you!
  5. Can someone please let me know the difference? also how I’ll this sound in a non bose set up?
  6. I am curious about this as well I have a non bose system. Not sure what the difference is
  7. Does anyone have t1 at4 wheels they took off? Interested replacing my slt wheels with those let me know. Msg me please Thanks
  8. Hello everyone, I am currently in a bind. I was quoted $1200 for IGL ceramic coat and opticoat both are same prices with 5 year warranty. IGL certified shop is 4 hours away from me. I have to travel for that. While opticoat is offering same price he is only 10 minutes away from me. Is is there any difference between the two product?? If there isn’t I might as well just get it done from the shop that’s 10 minutes away. another option I have is this guy comes to my house and does it in my garage for 2 days is that a viable option as well? I’m worried about the lighting he won’t be able to see much or he any miss a spot. Any help would be great.
  9. They are using ceramic pro It’s a 5 year warranty with yearly visits and they need car for liek 3-5 days paint correction is included ( got black truck Friday ) 2019
  10. I am getting some Pheonix gold speakers. The shop said they were better than Bose is that true if anyone ever heard of them. I am only getting new speakers and tweeters no amp or sub woofer good deal ? $400 Instalation included.
  11. 1k?? I am getting quoted over $2400 for Ceramic coat. but one shop is doing opticoat for $1200. WORTH IT??
  12. Still looking for steps I could purchase. I need this exact style and length of steps.
  13. So did anyone get this done so far for sierra 4x4? Would like to try it if theres positive reviews
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