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  1. Buschwacker 40927-02 is for the body style. Their picture shows the k2 body but if you look at the description and install instructions it’s for the new body. I emailed them and they confirmed it’s the right part. Also there’s this 1 if you want the smooth look.https://www.rdjtrucks.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=36-1017. Or this 1 https://www.roughcountry.com/rc-gm-pocket-fender-flares-f-c11911.html or this 1 https://airdesignusa.com/2019-silverado-fender-flares-for-short-box-set-of-4.html Probably more google is your friend
  2. Just noticed this when I started to pull off my door panels. There’s a bunch of bubbles where it looks like the factory painted over some type of seam sealer. I checked the other doors and they’re all the same. Anyone else notice this on theirs?
  3. I can take pictures when I get home tonight. Install was pretty easy. Took about 1 1/2hr. Most of the time spent was adjusting it. I have a 6” lift so I didn’t even have to jack up the truck. I was able to pull the stock exhaust in 1 piece.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I’m going to head down to the dealer and check out their inventory. Hopefully they’ll have something that matches.
  5. I did the magnaflow catback and I love it. I went with the dual rear exit behind both rear tires 3” pipes with 4” tips. At 1st I was disappointed because it sounded like it barely made a change but after a few days it got louder but not too load. https://realtruck.com/p/magnaflow-performance-exhaust-system/v/gmc/sierra-1500/2019/ 1 thing, I don’t know if it’s with every after market exhaust but I do hear the dfm kicking in now with the new exhaust.
  6. Makes since. Just wish the dealer can figure this all out without me having to do homework.
  7. Anyone know the part #s to the rear door panel wood grain plastic trim piece? I want to upgrade mine to match the front. Thanks in advance!! Ed
  8. Did you also add an amp? I saw another thread that you were thinking of adding 1.
  9. Yup they took it way. Not sure if it’s all models. I have a 19 Lt and you have to manually flip the child safety lock on either rear doors.
  10. Anyone running Dirtlogic FTS21260 full coilovers up front on their 6” lift no strut spacers? Looking around looks like this is the only option for our trucks unless you do custom icons like another forum member did. Just wondering how they ride.
  11. No ideas but I like your heading!! “Got my DIC stuck” Lmao hope it all works out for you
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