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  1. No weekends. Sorry I wasn’t clear before. My calculations was off of what I wrote vs what I was thinking. It’s actually 8 vs 10 days.
  2. OnTheReal pointed out to me that the tank is smaller on the 19. Im averaging 19mpg with a hi of 24mpg according to the display. Pretty much what I was getting with the 15.
  3. Lets talk 4WD lifts! (6 inch and up)

    This is from their instruction manual
  4. 2019 External Antenna?

    Here’s a better shot
  5. 2019 External Antenna?

    Very satisfied!! Still getting all the stations FM & AM. I do live near a major city so that also helps with reception. But I also drive out to the valley a lot where it’s mostly farm land and im still able to get their local stations
  6. Looking awesome!! Hopefully you’ll be able to bring her home by the weekend.
  7. Here’s the only pix I took Sunday after I finished install. Back looks higher but it’s my driveway. It’s pretty leveled. 6” BDS with Fox rear shocks
  8. Took me freakin 17hrs on the floor. The longest was the cutting and the torquing. Didn’t have that much leverage torquing 250 ft lbs on my back! Lol
  9. Super excited for you!! I know the feeling! Got mine Thursday. Installed myself over the weekend. I haven’t taken any good pictures yet. It’s been raining.
  10. Lets talk 4WD lifts! (6 inch and up)

    I installed the BDS 6” with fox rear shocks this past weekend. So far I only put about 100 miles but the ride is awesome. Still rides like factory.
  11. Truck would not start

    Was your truck sitting for a long period? I have this problem with my Z06 when it sits for a long time. Have to drive for awhile to recognize the key fob again. Also had this problem with my XT5. Got in it and wouldn’t start. Just drove it a few hours before. Tried everything nothing worked. Used the 2nd key fob and it started and never did it again. Some type of glitch I guess. Spoke with the dealer and they have no idea. I just told them to note it in my file just in case it happens again.
  12. That’s great to hear!! It is a good day!!
  13. Just got notification my lift kit shipped!! Yay!! Now waiting for tracking # to update so I can see when I’ll really receive it. Hopefully yours has shipped as well.
  14. Thanks for the info. I didn’t know the tank was smaller. I feel a lot better now. I agree with with you on the DFM hardly notice it. On my 15 I brought it in twice for the squeaking while it was under warranty. Mine sounded like a bird chirping every time it would switch to V4.

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