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  1. 2019 factory fog lights

    I purchased mine from Gmpartsdirect eBay store 249.50 shipped. This is a gm oe part. Bought many times from them with no problems. Attached is the install instructions. 2019 silverado fog lamps.docx
  2. 2019 factory fog lights

    No it didn’t
  3. 2019 factory fog lights

    Installed mine no problem took about an hour. Just have to program the Bcm. Instruction are not included but the place I purchased provided it separately.
  4. 6” BDS 20X12 Hostile Sprockets 35X12.5 Nitto Ridge Grapplers
  5. Oem fog light install

  6. Oem fog light install

    I used a prong removal tool. If you look at the prong on the new wire there’s tabs that lock it in place. You can use something skinny like a extra thin paper clip or thin mechanics wire. Stick the tool in the front side push tabs down and pull wire out from back side. Installing is just pushing the new wire in from the backside until it clicks. Just make sure the prong is positioned same direction as other prongs
  7. Gibson Cat-Back

    I saw a 19 Silverado SCA Black Widow edition at a local dealership and it had a Gibson exhaust on it. The name was on the muffler.
  8. No spacer. Running 20X12 -44 offset 4.75 back spacing
  9. I have the Backflip MX4. Looks and works great. It’s easy to install and remove if needed. The only thing I didn’t like is water gets into the bed. Not from the cover itself but from the cheap seal they give you for the front of the bed. I replaced it with a rubber seal from Lowe’s and no more leaks.
  10. 2019 TPMS For Aftermarket Wheels

    Has to be 433mhz. Had the same problem with mine. I bought a wheel and tire package that included sensors. I stated the year and make of the truck but they still gave me the early version 315mhz. We checked the originals before complaining and they are 433mhz. Also the programmer the shop was using they had to trick it saying it was an Arcadia for it to work.
  11. No weekends. Sorry I wasn’t clear before. My calculations was off of what I wrote vs what I was thinking. It’s actually 8 vs 10 days.
  12. OnTheReal pointed out to me that the tank is smaller on the 19. Im averaging 19mpg with a hi of 24mpg according to the display. Pretty much what I was getting with the 15.
  13. This is from their instruction manual
  14. 2019 External Antenna?

    Here’s a better shot

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