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  1. After my round of golf I decided to Updated the headlights, reverse lights and the tag lights today. Pictures don’t truly show how bright the LEDS are
  2. Any chance you share the link to where you got it? I like how flush it looks
  3. Any chance you can post some pics of the gator roll up tonneau cover? And how do you like it so far?
  4. I just have a regular custom truck (non trailboss) it came with one at the very bottom. I think it was 12-16 small screws that kept it on. I took it off and drove around for about 2-3 weeks never notice anything different so I have a kept it off.
  5. I removed mine very first day and never had an issue, still getting 19mpg
  6. What kind of wheel spacers did you use and did it effect your ride/drive quality?
  7. Any chance you could take a side picture of the truck, I kinda wanna see how flush it looks from the side. Thank you
  8. Looks good man, I might be ordering mine next week.
  9. Anyone used the gator tonneau cover off amazon, $200 and it’s a roll up. Has good reviews
  10. Just some updated pics, new tires, painted the nerf bars black *was chrome*, vinyl wrapped the pillars between the windows and painted the front of the grill black *middle part that says Chevrolet*
  11. I like that a lot, any idea where to get it at?
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