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  1. its more for personal security reasons, I'd like to delte my account also. the forum has lots of data collected on us,
  2. well you put wagon wheels on a truck, what do you think is gonna happen to your ride... sounds like you need to rethink this
  3. https://www.brighteon.com/5856806751001 this should be viewed by every family across the entire USA
  4. i have a large baler, with a 40-50 gal tank, temps are at 40 degrees here and its very sluggish on 45 wt oil. runs good in the summer but its draggin butt in the morning. i really dont want to change the oil.. i probably need 5000 watts, cheaper to buy thinner oil i guess
  5. just buy the hptuners and have a pro dial it in for you or tinker on it yourself.
  6. take to a tuner and have him tune the transmission and do a before and after data scan. GM's new transmission hardware is great, it's the software that is the problem, its great for sipping fuel and good mpg, but long term durability is lacking you'll be lucky to make 100,000 miles stock tune , a reliable trans tune will cure the problems your having to experience with vibes and a lugging motor. dont forget to do the trans re-learn after the tune or a flush.. many owners before you lost thier minds chasing vibrations, by replacing everything that spins on these trucks, only to find out it still shook and vibed...lol
  7. i think this design originated back in the 1900's for getting clouds to dissapate or drop out rain . i'm impressed by his full scale design, would like to see it scaled up even larger and used on tornados for experimentation with weather control https://lbry.tv/@ErwachenMitMarcus:c/Vortex-Cannon---Full-TV-item:d
  8. yes, i had the green stuff on an old B-body chevy and those pads never faded, but where noisy , only thing more annoyinging is slotted rotors buzzing under hard braking
  9. here in LA we're already at $4/gal this week atleast. meanwhile out in the port of LA they got petroleum ships lined out to sea by the dozen. i cant see why covid should cause such congestion to unload. meanwhile the Chinese now have a nice 4 door EV sedan, they claim to they can produce 1 car every 60 seconds, so they will flog us with the cheapo ev's, for $20,000 usd and gets 450km/charge.. how much is power going to cost us when these POS's arrive and we start consuming more energy in a different form,
  10. good used beds https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sgv/pts/d/riverside-silverado-crew-cab-short-bed/7274382293.html
  11. i keep getting the tsb post cards mailed to me..what did GM come up with for a fix on this, and is it noticable on brake pedal feel before and after? the biggest improvement to brake pedal effort i found was disabling the TCC lock in 1-3rd gear, this was the biggest gain in terms of brake pedal effort. in stock config, the engine is always pushing against the transmission durring normal/panic stops because the TCC is not disconnecting durring decelleration. very dangerous design for GM engineers to not see this!
  12. how do you guys take a dvd and put it on a usb ? what software do i need???
  13. check and see if the fans are always running or off. previous owner might have a tune installed on it and this is screwing up the fan operation, the fans also go into failsafe on always, when the thermostat is stuck open too.
  14. is there a formula for watts/quart of oil to heat? where did you buy yours at?
  15. some interesting data that's not being released by the media https://prezi.com/i/gw4zv2c_cwrb/anecdotal-experiences-cvv/ https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2021/jan/16/norway-warns-possible-covid-19-vaccine-risks-frail/
  16. blackberry bushes have thorns, and fruits in summer, they handle the freezing weather up in vancouver and europe
  17. you can also order 3/8" nutserts off amazon and hand rivet those in for a mounting point in the sheet metal
  18. try using manual gear mode, select the best gear for the situation. dont use the last gear as this usually activates DoD and might contribute to hesitation, and clunks, so 8spd drive in 7th gear and feel it out
  19. before i started tuning the trucks PE and TCC lock up points, i use to get 15mpg on premium in city, tested with 87 i loss 2 MPG so 13 mpg on ****** gas in city driving. if there we'rnt so many traffic lights in the city i could get easily 18 MPG on premium in v4 mode cruising at 35 mph i did manage 35mpg in v4 mode doing 65mph on a flat 60 mile drive no headwinds. after tuning the trucks transmission and enabling PE i get about 11-12 mpg on 91, buts it's more fun to drive now!
  20. I just run a Motorguard filter element , its cheap tech pre-WW2 era, and cleans down to 1/10 micron. they used these back in the 60-70's on old vw's look it up on amazon, cost about $85
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