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  1. My 2017 5.3 @ 41k miles will read 20 psi. hot idle especially after interstate driving. Normal city driving hot idle reads maybe just a little higher. Normal driving oil psi. runs much like yours slightly under 40 psi. Been that way for I as long as I can remember.
  2. If you are in Cali. you maybe covered on injectors. I would check with dealer I thought I seen somewhere that in Cali. injectors fell under a special coverage bulletin. 10 years or 150k miles sure can't hurt to ask.
  3. Sounds like my truck did at 33k miles bad AFM lifter. I have done 4k oil changes since new with Mobil 1.
  4. My bet is a lifter. Been there done that unfortunately.
  5. What tuner are you going to use ? Are you going back with a stock cam ?
  6. Well I bought the Range because I expect all 6 gears to work just like I want all 8 cylinders working all the time. I'll spend my money how I want, you spend yours like wise !
  7. My 2017 5.3 with 33,5xx miles on it is at the dealer now with a ticking lifter. Service Advisor called late in the day 10/12 said parts ordered, but 1-11/2 weeks out due to being back ordered. Didn't say which particular part was back ordered. Took the truck in AM of 10/12. A little back ground, dealer oil changes ever 4k since new. And a Range V8 since 3500 miles .Truck does see alot of short trips as it's my run around the farm truck. Usually my wife takes it in for oil changes, and I just check it to make sure the oil filter isn't leaking and the oil level is correct when she brings it back.
  8. Did this mod on my truck yesterday, had the chance to try it out tonight works great. So much better and now I can dim the backup camera with dimmer wheel. Glad I found this thread.
  9. Check the Youtube video where the guy tapped and plugged the Tstat valve body. Probably your cheapest option at this point. Just search 6l80e T-stat delete on Youtube. The way it is right now I think the fluid will mainly be going thru the trans T-stat valve body and back to the transmission and mostly bypassing the trans oil cooler.
  10. Did this fix on my truck 4 days ago and the steering has been quiet ever since. Thanks for posting this.
  11. Just looked on Autotrader Mtn. View Chevrolet in Chattanooga, TN has a White 2500 LT Z71. So they are on the ground so to speak. Biggest thing I wasn't to crazy about was the wheels on the truck.
  12. OK so update on the truck. They found a rodent nest under the fuse box on the driver side front wheel housing. They had chewed on the wiring going to the fuse panel and the chewed up wires where touching each other. The fuse panel was shorted out from rodent pee. New fuse panel and a bunch of replaced wiring and all is good.
  13. Thanks, I am taking it to a shop on Monday that friend recommended to me. He is a retired tech. He mentioned it could be a ground problem as well.
  14. I have a 06 2500HD 4x4 with the 6.0 170K miles. For the last week sometimes when you go to cut the engine off, I turn the key off and the truck keeps running. Cycle the key a couple of times and it will quit. Figured the key switch was going bad. But here's the kicker yesterday I start it up the 4x4 light flashes on and off for about 5 miles I make a stop. Get back in start the truck it is running rough cut it back off after several key cycles. Start it back up it runs fine but the 4x4 light still flashes off and on and now it won't shift out of first gear. Drive five miles back home in first gear 4x4 light flashing maybe once every couple minutes. Get home and have to finally pull the fuel pump relay to get it cut off, because it won't cutoff with the key. Thought the key switch was bad but now I don't know with the truck not shifting out of first gear and the 4x4 light flashing off and on??? Engine runs fine no reduced power. Never seen this before on any vehicle and I have driving almost fifty years. Idea's where to start??? Thanks
  15. Had this TSB performed on my 17' 1500 today huge improvement!!! Thanks for posting this almost 18 months ago now. Had asked the dealer earlier about the backup camera being too bright at night, and you get this blank stare followed by it's what? The search function is a wonderful thing. LOL
  16. So a question on the double cab. I was thinking that production on the double cab's wasn't starting until Dec. or possibly early 2019 is that correct?
  17. Although my truck is a 17' it makes the exact same noise on a cold start first thing in the morning. I know your truck has a all new motor for the 19's , but I have read where it is normal for the 14-18 model truck's. Yeah I don't really like it either but they say it is normal.
  18. Wish I could find some 3.73's for 600 bucks I would be changing my 3.42's out first chance I got. IMO you will be alot happier with 3.73 gears verse the 3.08's. .
  19. Reason for selling this, I traded for a 2015 Silverado 2500.
  20. I have a Range V8 AFM Disable. Used on a 2012 Chevy Silverado. $100 with Free Shipping
  21. If you have a problem with it go to the Range website and contact them,pretty sure all it will cost you is the shipping to get it upgraded to the lastest firmware. Using it on a 2013 you shouldn't have any problems. 2014 and up need the upgraded firmware at least that is how it worked on my 2015.
  22. Thanks, my 2012 does about 14.5 mpg in winter and 16 mpg in summer around town. Been thinking about trading for a Colorado if I can work out a decent trade.
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