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  1. Good for you they tell me that they won’t replace twice they replaced my pads and it started up again in a couple weeks
  2. Just so everyone knows I had a call from Gm about my brakes and they tell me that they won’t pay for another set of brakes as they have been replaced once then she tells me that they recommend new brakes every 12000 km lol my reply was WHAT seriously who is this person. I will be calling tomorrow because the person that called me I’m sure has no ideal what the hell she’s talking about more to come stand by
  3. Drive through is the worst expensive truck with this god awful squeal I am going to look into the new pads thanks
  4. They did put new pads on but in a couple weeks the squealing again called customer service and never did get a reply back
  5. Pads from manufacturing who make the brake pads for Gm we’re replaced because of squealing at a crawl they replaced the pads and it started again after a week anyone else have this problem call Gm and waiting for reply dealer said they wouldn’t do anything about it they replaced like Gm had instructed
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