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  1. The ride will likely get better. Any harshness for me anyway, was much better than having to much cushion or sway when you don't want it. The 2500 rides in rails comparatively.
  2. Always wondered how registering for the draft could be legal if we weren't already considered a militia.
  3. If you have any bite left, everybody says to add heat as it uses a thread lock compound. Maybe see if an easy out wants to bite, if it does, heat up the screw and try turning.
  4. Curios why you don't go with the custom model? It'll add the bed liner which is nice, plow prep and tow prep.
  5. Check the options on the HD. My custom came with plow prep package which is heavy torsion bars, skid plate, alternator upgrade and the hidden pigtail for a strobe in the break light spoiler. Also came with tow package and bed liner. Most customs I've seen have those options, if not all of them. Still get the folding mirrors and back up/line up cameras. The 6.2 and 6.6 are essentially the same engine, so they have suffered similar bulletins with the valve train. The 6.2 uses higher compression pistons reducing displacement. The 6.6 has a beefed up iron block for durability under load. The 6.6 won't be able to be tuned like a Camero, but it's no slouch. The programming is set up to provide power under load. The shifting of the beefed up 6 speed is smooth and it holds gear up grades nicely, rather than down shifting and launching you when you crest the hill. Mileage can suck if you're messing around. But when taking it easy it's not so bad considering the truck is a good ton heavier than the 1500.
  6. As mentioned above, additional handles would proba ly interfere with the airbags. With low production numbers, there isn't much after market support for these rigs yet, even if they wanted to risk liability of compromising a pillar integrity with drilling, or interfering with an airbag. I still have my fingers crossed for somebody to crack codes for tuning and electronic mods. Probably not likely, due to the small market.
  7. If I do this mod, I'd probably either use a tiny brush and paint the bare metal edges or even paint on a thin layer of epoxy over those edges. Can't imaging having a bit of the silicone being pushed away during the install and being exposed if the foam gasket breaks down later.
  8. Unfortunately, there aren't that many of these on the road. Plus, we'll probably be I to the next model version before the supply complications are relieved, as well. Add to that, many like myself, haven't been putting a lot of miles on these, initially. Makes me apprehensive about keeping it long term as planned.
  9. Curious if anybody noticed any added turbulence causing the mirrors to shake? Had that issue on a previous experience with a different model.
  10. I was figuring there may be some over compensation occuring to the circuit before the headlights are turned on. https://images.app.goo.gl/Dj2sS1bHEsugMt5B6
  11. Exactly my thoughts. Notice on the interior for 2023, they even moved the volume nob on the console closer to the driver, rather than keeping it centered for passenger convenience
  12. On my 2020 Custom with IOR, when you select sound, it goes the the equalizer screen like in your picture. To the left, I have 2 boxes. The top is Equalizer and under that is a fade/balance option. You seem to be missing both boxes.
  13. Unless they are putting a granny gear in the 10 speed, I don't see the need. Just more parts and heat and friction with more shifting. Rarely doe the current truck need to downshift for hills when empty and cruise control set (hardly ever). Holds the gear pretty well when towing,too. A diesel has a different power band than a gas engine. I'd be interested to see a towing comparison while accelerating. Seems like a 6 speed would allow for a longer power band, keeping the rpms up longer, making better use of the power? Obviously a diesel reaches full power sooner, requiring an upshift.
  14. Why not just strip the rotating assembly out of your 6.2 and install into a 6.6 block? https://www.enginebuildermag.com/2021/01/gms-6-6l-lt-iron-block/
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