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  1. WTF moment

    Plugged catalytic converters? With those miles I would service everything and do a through inspection of the entire truck. All fluids, belts, brakes, etc. Starting with a properly maintained truck may avoid future problems.
  2. I have driven 20 year old vehicles and currently drive a 7 year old vehicle. The wife's car is 12 years old. I don't live where they become rust buckets like you. Did at one time while growing up in Michigan. I'm not an expert on anything. That title is used way to much today IMO. I do have a lot of experience repairing, maintaining everything we own. From computers to vehicles. So maybe I could be called an expert. All the features of the new vehicles are nice but most are not necessary. So instead of bashing the old school way I'll just say it has worked for years.
  3. 2011 GMC Yukon Problem

    I would do a compression check. Drive it with the new plugs and see if it repeats.
  4. OK How would anyone know if your truck has an oil leak unless they looked your truck over for an oil leak. I'm trying to help.
  5. You ask if this was normal. If you keep an eye on your oil level on a regular(say check it weekly) basis you would know if it uses oil. So I'm confused. Could be normal and you would know this if you checked the oil level.
  6. TrailDemon Previous to the new oil cooler lines you didn't check your oil level, ever? Your post leads one to think you don't check your oil level. Get in the habit of checking it. That oil level could be normal for your truck for the miles on it since the last oil change or ? Some motors use oil. I'm guessing you have your oil changed some where.
  7. What kind of oil

    Shush Don't tell anyone about the numerous other oil threads. Relax. It is what it is.
  8. A post like this should include the maintenance history IMO. The maintenance done on the cooling system and the mileage would be nice. My guess is a stuck thermostat that fixed itself.
  9. When I wrote my review for the Brake Bleeder it was because I put new rear brakes on my truck and replaced the brake fluid also. I found the drivers side rear axle seal was weeping some fluid. Not enough to cause a problem, just enough to collect brake dust. So I was thinking of replacing the axle seals myself. I have repaired vehicles for 50 years and I'm getting tired of it. I made some calls because I really didn't feel like doing this. This was a big step for me because as I have said I just have a hard time trusting shops working on our vehicles. I decided to have new seals installed when I found a local shop that would do it for $249.00. This shop is 2 guys. The head mechanic is in his 60's and born in the town. I say local but it's 30 miles from us. I got prices of $400.00 from another local shop and a dealer that is 70 miles away. The shop is a NAPA certified repair facility which carries a nation wide warranty if needed. The shop uses all NAPA parts which I think is better quality. NAPA, 2 years or 24 K mile warranty. The others 1 year or 12 K mile warranty. Now the reason for this thread, sorry for babbling on. My past GM trucks the rear axle seals lasted over a 100 K miles. I believe my 77 lasted about 120 K + and my 93 was over 150 K miles. So maybe the quality has suffered for the sake of profit. Don't get me wrong, I still like my 2012 a lot. I'm beginning to change my do it yourself thinking. Our house needs a coat of stain. I can do it. I painted for years and have the equipment. Our house is on the side of a hill so lots of ladder work. Having it done by a local guy that was trained by someone I know and he took over his company. I'm going to sit and watch, drink a beer and write a check. Oh how times have changed.
  10. I understand the process of draining fluid as compared to pumping out or sucking out fluid. I would never do this to my motor oil. A trans is different to me. Yes, drain and fill should be better. But I have never seen a trans filter that was plugged up unless the trans was already shot . The y pipe is a pain to deal with. I use this, works great. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002AJR8E/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Do the pan drop and filter at 40 - 50 K miles. Then suck out 6 quarts every 15 K miles and replace with new fluid. Drop pan and filter at 100 K miles. My 2 cents.
  11. I think it's out of time. You have to check if the distributor was installed right. To me it's 180 degrees off.
  12. Worst day ever

    Thanks. TXGREEK. She is doing well. The tumor hasn't grown since 2012 after cyberknife.
  13. Worst day ever

    There are a variety of reasons for your worst day. Mine. December 12, 2012. The day we learned the wife had a benign brain tumor. She had lost the hearing in her right ear and that 's what sent up a red flag. The type of tumor she has I can't remember the name but it can grow like a weed is what we were told or fast and could kill her. The next year sucked. She will have to have high resolution MRI's for life because they couldn't remove all the tumor during surgery. Then cyberknife, radiation to kill what was left. The MRI's are to check if it starts growing.
  14. Update..................... I did my truck yesterday. I think a bigger compressor would make a huge difference. It worked but there are better systems out there. Motive Products for one it seems.
  15. Yes, worth it to me. All the wheels bled without air. Easy to check. After using tool, leave it hooked up to the bleed valve. Have someone pump the pedal up and check for air. No mess using the tool to catch the fluid. The air is visible at the spot where the fitting for the bleeder valve meets the tubing. And I did try to open the bleeder valve just enough to get fluid moving. The cost is right for me and the tool works. This is a tool that will get used sparingly, every few years. If I did this weekly I could justify a professional tool.

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