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    Fishing on my boat.
    Riding my ATV.
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    2012 Sierra SLT All Terrian E.Cab. Z71 4x4 5.3L 6 speed

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Updated 2/24/2017

Grew up on a dairy farm in Ohio. First hand experience watching my dad and grandpa fix, maintain equipment.

Retired construction worker(carpenter) / handy man, been a do it your selfer for ever.

First car I bought had a blown motor that I rebuilt, lived in Michigan during the muscle car era, whole family drove muscle cars and raced at the drag strip, very competitive.


I buy used vehicles with around 40k miles, keep them a long time. Helps the retirement fund.

Do all my own maintenance on the vehicles and everything we own. From computers to the furnace.

I do this to save money and to know it's done right. The money saved helped the retirement fund. In my 60's.

Like to fish, have a boat. One of my favorite things to do is being on my boat.


Poker player. Play Texas Hold'em live in the local casinos, occasional trip to Vegas.


I may not be the brightest bulb in the pack but I never give up, use every tool at my disposal to fix and maintain things including the internet. Google, great tool.


Live in Colorado mountains. :happysad:








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