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  1. Thought this was interesting. It seems to be an issue if they have to put out a bulletin. https://gm-techlink.com/?p=15777
  2. Our 2016 Suburban with 75k miles on it doesn't use any oil as well as my 2019 Silverado 6.2 with 25k miles on it. The only thing I have done, like with all my vehicles, is I change out the factory oil at 500 miles, then again at 1,500 miles and then at 3,000 miles and then go from there all using AMSOIL. Also, not that this really matters but it is what I do. I drive the vehicle just like I drove the vehicle in for trade. Nothing special and having the 6.2 it is hard not to play with all the power over the 5.3 in the suburban. Love on ramps and anytime I get a chance once in a while to WOT it. The sound with the GM CAI and Corsa exhaust just gives me a huge smile. The suburban has a tune from Black Bear Performance and it made an huge difference in power and shifting with the 6sp. UOA's have always been taken and I follow what they tell me. I have had an issue with the Suburban with the UOA not being as good as it could be and turns out I had a stuck thermostat and the 5.3 was running at 140°, way to cold. $35 later and 10 minutes of my time and it is back to normal operating temp. Also as stated, additives are not needed. They are a band aid at best and do not fix issues and a money maker for the seller. You really need to find out what the cause it and go from there. If you want to get a UOA PM me.
  3. The Sheetz stations around here are installing Tesla Superchargers. The one in Goldsboro has a slot of 7. Smart for them to do this since one can pull in, charge and get something to eat as well. For those not familiar with Sheetz you can click here to find out.
  4. These were back in 2010 with my 2002. This was at my mom's in the Johnstown PA area and got 24" that day.
  5. Glad it is all taken care of. I'm on some Jeep pages on FB and the rear axle leaks are way more than they should be. Even on those that are never taken off road. Crazy to see this since solid axles have been around for such a long time. Not sure what makes the Jeeps axles any different than most.
  6. Thanks for posting this. It gives options for those that like to tinker on their truck and enjoy doing it.
  7. The local performance shop here National Speed told me that they could dyno tune my 2019 6.2 and the total cost would be $1,700. Sounded low to me and asked if he was sure and he said that is the price. Maybe they have a deal with HP Tuners, who knows?
  8. You can install the corvette servo. Not sure the difference on your transmission than when I had my 2002 Silverado.
  9. All good advice. As cold as it has been and I'm on a bunch of FB groups for diesels and I'm not seeing much in the way of DEF freezing. But like stated, do not add anything to it. As for the fuel, as long as you find winter blend diesel you should be good. It isn't like diesel of old that had more wax in it. If you want to use a fuel anti gel, there are several on the market to try. AMSOIL as their Diesel All-in-one that works well.
  10. It's sad that they can't do more. I would think they could pull that harness of a truck on the lot and get you on your way and just pull that truck from the lot until they can get a harness. Instead, they are making make a decision to drive the truck without a safety system in operation.
  11. To me that sounds a little low, compared to what others are posting online and what I'm getting out of my stock 6.2. Heck my stock 2002 would only get 15mpg for the most part so I would think you should at least get that. Not sure where to look at getting better economy.
  12. I'm sure it depends on vehicle use. Short distance vs long distance driving. We have had for the most part good luck out of the factory install battery. All have lasted to 5yrs. Now that we are not driving as much I would suspect the life to be less. Plus short distance driving means not as much recovery time to charge back up between starts.
  13. My thought on this is that we will all be long gone before the world moves to the point that you can no longer purchase an IC. Infrastructure still is a long way off to support mas EV and big oil isn't going to loose out in short term. To many things still need to be considered.
  14. Think that is high, they wanted $500 to change out the thermostat on my 2016 Suburban. $35 and 10 minutes of my time and all done. Crazy what they charge. I did my own fluid changes on my 2019 differential. Had to suck the front out since no drain plug. GM in their infinite wisdom decided to get rid of it for some reason. It wasn't hard to do on the back but the front the electrical harness for the power steering is right there kind of in the way but not. AMSOIL's Easy Packs make changing less messy that is for sure.
  15. This sounds like the same issue I had with my 2002 1500 Silverado. GM fixed it with a new updated nickle plated slip yoke. Took care of the clunk. Seeing this is on a 3500 I would guess that it is a completely different yoke for sure, but might want to check and see if there was an updated one for yours as well.
  16. Heck, why stop there, lets just shoot for a cool 1,000whp!
  17. You can get an Oil Analyzers kit as well and it I believe includes TBN for the same cost. Plus they use a better test for fuels dilution. It is more accurate than Blackstone.
  18. A3244C is the high capacity air cleaner and A3246C is the standard filter. On page 426 of the owners manual. If you want to go to a different one, you can cross it on the Wix web site or Fram web site. Any of these will work well. I keep mine changed every 15k miles.
  19. One other route to go is look into Black Bear Performance for a tune. I think they use EFILive and tune with an Autocal. I have had two vehicles done and love it. Justin at BBP is really good and made a difference for me on my 2002 Silverado and our 2016 Suburban. I converted it to Flex Fuel and he tuned it and turned on and tuned the FF table that GM already has installed on certain year model vehicles even if they don't come with FF capability.
  20. I like them because it brings to light information as to what AMSOIL actually is as a company. They provide much more than just passenger car lubricants. They have a completely different area that services windmills. Also they are into racing in a way that most don't see because they don't put the money out for the marketing but provide lubricants for race teams. Their R&D in lubricants for commercial use is another area that most don't realize. Commercial landscape business and the abuse their equipment takes, most don't realize how often they change out equipment because it is worn out. But through use of a quality product equipment life can be extended and helps save money for the business. Reading the comments on Gale Banks Youtube channel surprised me. Hardly any negative and mostly positive.
  21. This was a while back but some interesting information. Black Bear Performance CAI testing
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