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  1. T1 Switched Power Source

    Yep, problem is, mine are just LED's. No controller so they stay on all the time while driving. Not sure How I will like that at night. Would rather have a switched source that is connected to the dome lights. I just need to find the wire to tap into.
  2. Body color door handles ?

    That sound kind of high. I would think that maybe someone on here would maybe want to swap. I know on shopchevyparts.com they only offer chrome and black and not very expensive either.
  3. T1 Switched Power Source

    OK on my 2019 that connection is always hot. Anyone have any more suggestions. What is an easy way to test it to go off when the dome lights go off? It's just me so no other help to turn on and off things while I probe with a test light. I tried the one by the 50amp fuse and it was always on as well.
  4. From what I have been told there is a 2" lift kit that you can purchase from GM now to have installed on your new 2019 truck. The kit includes the necessary programing to the electric power steering and to reconfigure the front camera module. So at least now those that want to put a small lift on their truck and still have it covered under warranty can do so. Just not sure on what size tires you can go with. Probably nothing bigger than what is now offered on the Trail Boss and AT4.
  5. Metal shavings

    I would take a sample and send it in. That will tell you what you need to know plus you have the info to take to the dealer. I would think it is ok with so few miles but taking a sample is the best route to start off with. You have Blackstone, Oil Analyzers, and Dysonanalysis to choose from. I use Dyson because he gives great feedback in a PDF and a .wav file explaining each and every line on the PDF report he sends you. Plus you can call him with questions.
  6. Ultimate tow?

    We had the pleasure of touring the Mighty Mo. Some awesome history!
  7. Windshield Fluid Not Working

    Glad it is fixed. I was going to say it froze, since you came from Florida where they don't need the anti freeze type cleaner.
  8. G80 Locker on '19 Z71?

    It is available Listed on page 20.
  9. What’s some ideas?

    Looks like you have a good start with the window tint, vent visors. One other option is to de-badge it and maybe change out the chrome door handles for white ones along with the mirror caps. But then you have chrome wheels. Just a thought. Also level it.
  10. Fuel question

    BP is on the list of Top Tier fuels which is what GM recommends. It sounds like they might have gotten some bad fuel, especially if it was from a small older station that might not have a high turn over. I have never had any issues running BP in any of our vehicles. As for flex fuel. I have been running it in my 2002 Silverado for over two years without any issues. I mix it at a 50/50 mix with 93 and some times even higher ratio. Love the throttle response and smell of the exhaust. Also my 2002 isn't a flex fuel vehicle.
  11. NorthStar is another really good battery. Worth giving it a look at at least.
  12. Black02Silverado's 2019 Silverado

    OK, I can't promise much on how much I will be posting but will try to do my best for this thread. I ordered my 2019 on 10/31/18 and it was delivered to the dealer on 1/24/19 and I picked it up 1/28/19. Mileage at delivery was 9 miles on the odometer. So far to me this truck is very nice. But then I'm coming from a 2002 LT Silverado Z71. The 6.2 is a brute and the 10 sp is smooth as can be. 1. Dealer removed the HC badges on the front fenders. 2. I removed the one on the tail gate and going to remove the Silverado as well. Looking at putting the black lettered Silverado on as well as the black 6.2L on the hood and taking the chrome off. 3. Removed the factory "wheel to wheel" running boards. They are for sale, asking $700 they have 50 miles on them. 4. Installed the off road steps, GM part number 84538235. I like them and they are about 15lbs lighter than the HC I took off. 5. Installed LED bulbs for the license plate lights. 6. Programmed the Home Link. Super easy to do. Planned 1. Install the GM cold air intake system. I want to put the truck on a dyno as is and get a base line, then install the CAI and see what changes, then have the dealer flash the ECM to see if that makes a difference since that is part of the kit and included in the price. Just have to see what the cost of the dyno runs will be whether it is worth the cost to find out. 2. Get the front side windows ceramic tinted and then put the clear solar ceramic tint on the everything else but the windshield. Also a strip across the front windshield. Why GM didn't have that tinted on a HC is beyond me. 3. Install a dash cam. Still looking at cam's, undecided as to which one to get, so many out there. 4. At 1,000 miles will change out the front and rear diff fluid for AMSOIL Severe Gear as well as the T-case for AMSOIL ATL fluid. No replacement fluid from AMSOIL for the transmission, I'm sure it will be a matter of time and one will come out. 5. When these tires need to be replaced, my bank account should have recovered from the truck purchase by then, I'll look at new wheels and tires. 6. I want to paint correct and ceramic coat. On the fence about doing it myself or having it done. I have been quoted $2,750 total to do the truck and wheels. 7, Also want to get black door handles. 8. Looking at having the side chrome window trim wrapped since it is riveted on, would be a pain to remove and replace.
  13. Just a quick observation on the factory spray in bedliner. After looking over my truck and installing the bed cover, here is my thoughts. 1. This factory or should I say GM SIBL is exactly what one would think, not a very high quality product. 2. It is very thin. 3. They didn't spray up under the bed rail. 4. It doesn't even looked like the bed was sanded. I wish I had the option to not have it on the truck but it comes with the package. I guess we will see how well it holds up. I know you will ask, why do you need it sprayed up under the bed rail. I probably don't, but it could have at least went up a little higher under there than just cutting off at the bottom of where the rail edge hangs over into the bed, it isn't even painted black like the rest of the truck. Just the primer like what you see on the underside of the body. It kind of looks like they take the truck, tape off everything but the bed and then robot arms come in and spray the liner and that is it, which is probably exactly how it is applied. I wonder if they even sand the bed. Again, just my thought on this. Considering what one pays for these new vehicles, one would think there would be a little better quality on something like this.
  14. It wasn’t an option. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. Garage Door Opener Help

    You can also go to YouTube Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  16. Oil

    You're very welcome. Thanks again.
  17. 01 Silverado problem

    Have you changed out the fuel filter? It is right along the frame rail below the drivers side door.
  18. I have not noticed it going back and forth. At least not like on our 2016 Suburban. The only indication that I can tell is when on flat country roads doing 55 I can see my Instant mpg move back and forth more than when on the interstate doing 75. But it isn't noticable at all. The suburban I can tell when it goes to V4 by the vibration I can feel and hear a difference in tone in the engine. But with the 6.2 on the 2019 it is seemless.
  19. 01 Silverado problem

    It is the fuel pump. They are known to go bad and you are at about the correct mileage for it. Mine was around that same mileage.
  20. 01 Silverado problem

    My thoughts. I would change out the intake and valley cover gaskets. It isn't hard to do and that way you know that is all taken care of. As stated above they are common issues. My 2002 didn't have any codes but was using oil. Changed out the intake and valley cover gaskets and the oil consumption stopped and it seems to run way better with crisper throttle response Also the fuel pumps on these don't last much past 100k it seems. Changing that out is easy as well. I pulled the bed off mine. Not hard with an extra person to help lift it off. How many miles are on it?
  21. Cold Air Intake System

    I have not ran across that but know of the larger radiator in that model Silverado and it does make things interesting. Hopefully someone will chime in with a suggestion. I just put a MIT tube on my 2002 Silverado and kept the stock air box.
  22. Gm performance exhaust

    This is for a 2019 Silverado with the 6.2L Pedal Commander.
  23. Auto Shut Down Bypass

    I wonder what the reasoning is behind the fact that it shuts down and you can't let it run? If law enforcement wanted to use it, I'm sure GM would disable this feature.
  24. Hello from New Hampshire

    Sounds like some nice toys you have. Welcome to GMT.
  25. 2013 2500hd 6.0 poor fuel economy

    This and to make sure your air filter is clean and that all the tires are at correct pressure. The cold will allow them to drop in pressure which will kill MPG.

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