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  1. Reverse cam guide lines missing!

    At least on mine, it you have gone in the camera on the Mylink and hit the various modes, if you put it in trailer and forget to take it out it will remove the backup lines.
  2. Reverse cam guide lines missing!

    Did you go to the camera mode and click off trailer mode.
  3. Maintenance for 70k truck

    I would at least change out the transmission filter and fluid along with the transfer case and differentials. Have you changed the cabin filter?
  4. Time for Tires

    I second the Defenders. Great tire, quiet.
  5. 2012 Sierra low oil level

    It is my understanding that they went to an 8qt sump due to fuel dilution that can occur with the new direct injection that came out at the same time. I could be wrong though.
  6. My HC didn't have LED reverse either That is my question also. Odd that the AT4 would have them and not the HC, but we are talking GM here.
  7. Power steering cooler

    I would think you would be fine. Is the truck stock? Do you do a lot of towing, hauling and city driving where you turn the wheel a lot? I would think you can get another cooler for a reasonable price and hook it back up. You can try rockauto.com.
  8. 2012 Sierra low oil level

    I would say 3qts in 4,800 miles is excessive. Did you get a warranty at all on the new engine?
  9. 6 Speed Trans Maintenance

    They are really easy to service. The front diff has a drain and fill plug. Just pull the fill plug to make sure you can get it off, then pull the drain plug. Once it is done, put the plug back in and then fill it back up until it starts to come out the fill plug hole. Should take just about 2qts 75w-90 Same with the transfer case, again you will need 2 qts. ATF dexron VI fluid Rear differential is easy, no drain plug but just pull the cover off, clean off the magnet and put back on. The gasket is reusable. Then fill back up with 75w-90. Some say until it starts to come out like the front and some will say until it is about a half inch from the fill opening. You can measure with an allen wrench. Basically before you drain the rear diff, take the fill plug out and measure how high the fluid is. AMSOIL's sqeeze packs makes changing out the diff's and T case easy. No mess and no pumping out of a qt bottle.
  10. It depends on the dealership. We purchased our last 5 vehicles from the dealership I got my 2019 and they still wanted a deposit.
  11. Another newbie here

    Welcome to the forum.
  12. 2019 High Country Chrome Steps

    Hope you have good luck selling them. They are some heavy items that is for sure. I'm not so lucky since mine fit a CC standard bed, not many standard beds running around. Since the fit wheel to wheel, they will only fit a standard bed.
  13. How to install a dash cam on a 2019 Silverado

    Yes all the time. So far I have not found the dome light power source.
  14. How old is your vehicle? Coolant is good for 5yrs or 150k. Brake fluid is a good thing to change out if it has some years on it as well. Changing out the filter and fluid in the transmission at 45k will work well and for me a good time to do it. As stated above, Dexcool for coolant, I use AMSOIL's coolant but that is just me. The ATE brake fluid is a good fluid. I used their Super Blue when it was still available. Made changing over the fluid easy since you knew when the new fluid was coming out of the bleeder was blue. Dexron VI is what you want to get for transmission. Valvoline is a good choice as are the other dexron VI fluids.
  15. Low oil pressure (15 psi) !!

    It is possible that the one oil pressure sensor that is on your vehicle is one that it's settings are reading at the lower side of average if that makes sense.

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