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  1. Mobil 1 Truck & SUV

    I don't see it listing dexos1™ Gen 2 . I'm sure in time it will get approved. They just haven't paid GM yet. To many trucks on the market for it not to be approved. That is a ton of oil changes.
  2. Garage Door Opener Help

    Looks like it is time to get one out of a 2015 or newer. That is if they didn't change them other than the internals. Plenty on Ebay.
  3. Fuel question

    To me I'm benefiting from running E85 in a few ways. Burns cleaner, to me is a bonus. It shows in my used oil analysis so my oil stays cleaner longer. Major benefit if you ask me. The cost is not a wash when E85 is a dollar cheaper and my cost per mile is better than running just running 93. I would think that a clean burning fuel and a clean combustion chamber would be a benefit. As for throttle response, yeah I can see where that is in my head, but at least it seems like it to me. Do what makes you feel good, it all makes for a better life if you're happy.
  4. T1 Switched Power Source

    Yep, problem is, mine are just LED's. No controller so they stay on all the time while driving. Not sure How I will like that at night. Would rather have a switched source that is connected to the dome lights. I just need to find the wire to tap into.
  5. Body color door handles ?

    That sound kind of high. I would think that maybe someone on here would maybe want to swap. I know on shopchevyparts.com they only offer chrome and black and not very expensive either.
  6. T1 Switched Power Source

    OK on my 2019 that connection is always hot. Anyone have any more suggestions. What is an easy way to test it to go off when the dome lights go off? It's just me so no other help to turn on and off things while I probe with a test light. I tried the one by the 50amp fuse and it was always on as well.
  7. Metal shavings

    I would take a sample and send it in. That will tell you what you need to know plus you have the info to take to the dealer. I would think it is ok with so few miles but taking a sample is the best route to start off with. You have Blackstone, Oil Analyzers, and Dysonanalysis to choose from. I use Dyson because he gives great feedback in a PDF and a .wav file explaining each and every line on the PDF report he sends you. Plus you can call him with questions.
  8. Ultimate tow?

    We had the pleasure of touring the Mighty Mo. Some awesome history!
  9. Windshield Fluid Not Working

    Glad it is fixed. I was going to say it froze, since you came from Florida where they don't need the anti freeze type cleaner.
  10. G80 Locker on '19 Z71?

    It is available Listed on page 20.
  11. What’s some ideas?

    Looks like you have a good start with the window tint, vent visors. One other option is to de-badge it and maybe change out the chrome door handles for white ones along with the mirror caps. But then you have chrome wheels. Just a thought. Also level it.
  12. Fuel question

    BP is on the list of Top Tier fuels which is what GM recommends. It sounds like they might have gotten some bad fuel, especially if it was from a small older station that might not have a high turn over. I have never had any issues running BP in any of our vehicles. As for flex fuel. I have been running it in my 2002 Silverado for over two years without any issues. I mix it at a 50/50 mix with 93 and some times even higher ratio. Love the throttle response and smell of the exhaust. Also my 2002 isn't a flex fuel vehicle.
  13. NorthStar is another really good battery. Worth giving it a look at at least.
  14. It wasn’t an option. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. Garage Door Opener Help

    You can also go to YouTube Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

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