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  1. Finally Corsa cat back for 6.2L

    Lin out of luck. No CC standard bed. [emoji20] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Ceramic Pro

    Has anyone seen this? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Differential Gear Oil LS

    As stated above you will be good. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. 0/20 oil spec?

    To me it is more about CAFE then anything. The fact that we have 8 qt sumps and the Camaro has 10qt sumps, they are compensating for the fuel dilution with a larger sump. As for shear. It depends on the oil used. I'm able to run 15k miles on our 2016 Suburban running AMSOIL's Signature Series 0w-20. Used oil analysis results say it is safe to that point. So for me it is more on CAFE than anything. I'm sure the engineers have factored it in on the design of the oil system since it is just more than a pump and a relief valve and is controlled by the ECM now to work with AFM and in some engines VVT.
  5. Mixing isn't an issue with the same brand oil like what you are doing. Even mixing the same brand with like a qt of 0w-20 and maybe a 5qt container of 5w-30 isn't going to cause any problems.
  6. Ceramic coating paint protection

    I'm getting mine done next week. They are going to do the paint correction, then apply the film on the front, then do the ceramic coat.
  7. Alcohol sensor

    Are you saying you already have a yellow gas cap? If so then you already have a flex fuel vehicle and don't need to do anything. If you want to get more out of using E85 then a tune for it will improve performance.
  8. Fuel additive/cleaner for DI?

    E85 will clean up the combustion chamber but do nothing for the back side of the valves since these engines are DI. Now for non DI engines it can clean up the back of the valves as well.
  9. Fuel additive/cleaner for DI?

    AMSOIL's Power Foam is another product that you can use to clean the intake system.
  10. Flex Fuel Conversion

    With the sensor in and the FF table enabled you can run what ever fuel you want and the system will adjust according to the amount of ethanol in the system. The reason for the sensor. So if you ran several tanks of 93 then it would adjust for that fuel. If you mixed then it would adjust for that. If you ran straight E85 then it would adjust for that and what BB set up the tune for to take advantage of the FF. Basically once you installed the sensor and let BB do their thing you can run what ever fuel you want and take advantage of it all. No worries.
  11. Black02Silverado's 2019 Silverado

    This shop doesn't have the access,, they use EFI live. They turned off Stabilitrac and traction control on the truck. Here is info on them, National Speed
  12. Dyno run before CIA install and after results

    I would think it needs to relearn. The fact that I disconnected the battery, per the GM instructions on installation of the CAI, It might have reset the ECM and have to relearn all over again. So that is why, if I can make it happen in a few weeks head back down for another pull to see if anything changes.
  13. Black02Silverado's 2019 Silverado

    Well like I stated, they had a hard time getting the truck to stay in gear and not kick down when he when on the throttle. Also had a hard time since once he got it to where he could proceed it ran out of speed do to the speed limited to 106. Until these can be tuned, not much can be done, not even able to disable all that. I plan on taking it back in about 2k miles, since the truck has only 2,800 on it total at this test. That way it should have gotten a good relearn by then. So we will see. As far as the flat spot, not sure other than like I said he tried to feather the throttle to keep it from kicking down a gear even though it was in manual mode. Oh and another note, this thing didn't like being on a dyno. The way GM has everything connected now. It threw the usual codes for stabilitrac, and traction control issues and anti-lock brake control. It didn't like the fact that only the back wheels were spinning.
  14. Dyno run before CIA install and after results

    Just the intake. Waiting on Corsa to come out with theirs.
  15. Well here it is people. My dyno run of my 2019 Silverado with 6.2 before I installed the GM Performance intake. Then I installed the intake and had the dealer do the flash to the truck that is part of the intake purchase. Back to the dyno to see if what gains it might have made. Well, to my surprise it lost HP. The baseline was 363.13 max hp and 414.74 peak torque. After the intake install and flash it went down to 355.75hp and 399.12 peak torque. One thing to note is that with the 10sp transmission, they had a hard time keeping it in 6th gear when they hit the throttle. It wanted to downshift even though they were using manual mode. Also another issue was it was reaching the speed limit of 106mph and cutting off with in seconds of going WOT. To bad there isn't anyway of turning off the speedlimiter on these. They did 10 pulls trying to get a solid run. The guy really was trying and wanted to keep going but there were other vehicles slotted to use the dyno so he ran out of time. So it seems that there isn't a gain, at least for me putting on the GM Performance intake. Bummer really. Sounds nice but stinks that it lost power and torque.

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