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  1. I would think it would be fine until the temp gets below 10°F. Using a high quality synthetic oil will help as well with starting in extreme cold temperatures.
  2. Nice! I changed out the pump on my 2002. I just took the bed off. A friend of mine and myself just lifted it off. Easy peazy. Mine was getting to be like yours and hard start when cold. My fuel pressure was low as well. new AC Delco pump and all is well.
  3. Jay I can help you with any AMSOIL you would want I can even set you up as a Preferred Customer so you can purchase at the wholesale price. PM me if you are interested. I can send a quote delivered to your door.
  4. One would think that an engine consuming oil would be a bad thing and that the EPA would step in. Consuming oil at 1qt per 2k miles or under for that matter I would think would poison the CAT's after a while. A reason that ZDDP and phosphorus were reduced to keep from contaminating the emission system. Another thing is the massive thread on here about catch cans. A major debate as to if it is needed or not and for those using one and the amount of fluid it catches over time is one way to prove the engine isn't operating at an optimum level in regards to burning clean. At least that is how I see it. If the rings were sealing properly there wouldn't be a need for a catch can. As with all things mass produced there are going to be issues. Not like they are put together in a NASCAR shop. I always wondered how long one of those engines would last under normal driving conditions. My 2002 Silverado 5.3 has been on a diet of 0w-20 and now 5w-20 to see how it would effect the UOA's. It basically hasn't really changed and it is spec'ed for 5w-30. My oil consumption this last run is half a qt in 8k miles. That is pulling a 4klbs trailer up and down the I-40 in 3rd gear with the tac at 3k for a solid hour and getting 8mpg. Plus it has 194k miles on it. Just throwing out some of my thoughts not saying anything is correct.
  5. I say you really don't need the E rated tire. It will add to a harsher ride for sure due to it's construction. I have the Michelin LXT M/S2, this is before they came out with the Defenders. Mine are E rated as well and it does ride harder but I don't mind, it's a truck. I do haul some weight now and then and like the fact that the tires are able to handle the load.
  6. I don't mean to derail the thread but just curious as to how many out there have been pulled over while towing to check weight? Not for any thing else but for the LE officer to check proper weight if that makes sense.
  7. Not sure on the 6sp per say but on the 8sp it is my understanding that to do a total fluid exchange it requires 20qts of fluid.
  8. Not that I'm aware of. From the research I did, this was the main one that was highly recommended and had the best coverage. This was from posts on the Corvette, Camaro and one other forum I can't remember reading from. Like I said, with all the electronics and considering the brakes on these new trucks is now fly by wire so to speak. Just to many things that can go wrong until they get ironed out. I agree that most are money makers but I'm willing to gamble this time.
  9. I guess I'm just lucky. The extended warranty paid for replacement of my active shutters on my 2014 Cruze diesel. Otherwise it was going to cost me $900.
  10. Not sure but one area to look at would be all the electrical grounds, especially around the ABS system. The parking brake not working more than likely means that the pads in the rear disc drum are shot or out of adjustment. Not hard to fix.
  11. Very true, nobody would be in business unless they made a profit.
  12. This is true if you trade every 4yrs. But for me I'm keeping as long as I can like my 2002 silverado. Which I still have. So once out of warranty, anything on my 2019 has issues I would think I'm covered for the most part. At least for the next 8yrs. Say after the warranty and the rear window decides to leak, or these new 10sp's that just came out start having issues. It can add up fast. To much electrical stuff that can go wrong. Like on our Suburban with the magnetic ride. One shock is $500. Plus, with all the brake issues, how long will it be before they get that sorted out? Again, if you trade every so often then it isn't worth it. I can't afford to do that.
  13. I purchased mine from James Black. Reason being with all the issues and I plan on keeping this truck for a while I didn't want to take a chance. Especially with all the updates and such. I found them to be the best in price. I got an 8yr or 80k mile one. Since I only will be putting less than 10k on the truck a year. Total was $1,400
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