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  1. I hope those 90K have been good ones
  2. 5W30 would seem to be the logical choice but I’m old school. I run 15W40 Shell Rotella in the Chevelle.
  3. If I had to guess, I’d say the Vette and Camaro are probably expected to be driven much harder than the trucks but honestly don’t have a clue.
  4. Haha...thank you as well...if it matters, I was a Crew Chief (aircraft maintenance) so about the only chair I got to sit in was an ejection seat but now just work experimental munitions. Just finished a test with the Army on small arms sensors for their helicopters
  5. Sweet ride Chowder...glad you’re happy and really that’s all it’s about! Oh and a flatplane engine always sounds great!
  6. Installed my engine cover...changing the Cadillac emblem tomorrow to a USAF emblem...I retired from the Air Force in 2002 and still work for them as a civilian.
  7. second thoughts

    Not sure I could deal with that LOL...would have to have one of these at the house
  8. I wouldn't mind a Raptor, probably be my weekend warrior. It should be a fun truck but I am not so sure it's even considered by the typical Denali buyer. Anyway, I would at least enjoy driving one someday. Ecoboost...get that catch can LOL Enjoy your truck and keep us updated on the good and bad!
  9. They took that song "I wear my sunglasses at night" too literally
  10. Here is the preface to your copy and paste... Automakers cannot deny warranty claims solely on the basis of using synthetic motor oil, and they cannot specify a certain oil brand to be used in their vehicles. Instead, they require the oil meets the appropriate API performance classification and SAE viscosity grade specified in the owner’s manual. It is specifically referring to owners that use an oil and change interval other than what is recommended: GM uses "Full synthetic" with a SAE of 0W-20. If you're using something different than SAE 0W-20 and they have a way to find this assuming there is any oil left in the vehicle, warranty most certainly can be denied. Vehicle owners may appeal to a factory representative if the dealership and district manager do not satisfactorily settle the warranty claim. Factory representatives appreciate the value of used oil analysis and do consider preventive maintenance oil analysis reports in their evaluations of warranty claims, while post-failure oil analysis is critically important to the disposition of a warranty claim. Their findings pull more weight than the opinions of dealerships or district managers. I guess my question is why not just use the right stuff regardless of brand? Change your oil AT LEAST when the OLM says it's due and not worry about fighting a company should it fail? Your truck do as you wish but don't make statements that some may take as gospel. "Well, the guy on the internet said I could use this oil so it's gotta be true." While he sits there and reads his warranty isn't gonna cover his truck because he's been using lawn mower oil. ***It should also be noted that the oil does more than just coat your cylinders and crank...it also is instrumental in the proper function of the AFM system***
  11. I don't think anyone was saying it had to be a GM dealership doing the work. It has to be an oil that meets the manufactures specifications regardless of who does the work. If you or anyone has been putting in 10W30 oil in a engine that requires SAE 0W-20 they can and will refuse to cover an oil related problem under warranty.
  12. I just couldn't bring myself to go 20K miles between oil changes...it would be a party foul. It goes against everything I have ever learned/know. I am sure some will say it's a waste to do it any sooner than the OLM recommends but even then 7,500 miles seems a bit of a stretch. I will do mine at 5K with AMSOIL and it may be overkill but it's my choice. Every 4-5K with Mobile1 is gonna keep your engine a happy camper too
  13. Yes it most certainly is true. If you have a suspected oil related problem WHILE under warranty the first thing they are going to check is the oil change history. If you change it yourself, better bring your receipts, if you use Jiffy Lube, better bring your receipts, if you use the dealership they will bring up your records. Unless you are somehow forging the maintenance records (fraud) on your vehicle to try and sneak one by GM, you will have to provide receipts. I know this for fact...I am sitting at the dealership right now with my service manager at Lee Buick/GMC and he laughed at your reply. @diyer2...you beat me by a minute LOL
  14. 2018, stamped. It only rubbed those few times while backing out of my neighbors tight driveway and it was FULL left. It will not do it now, I was trying to duplicate it and see where it was rubbing after reading a few posts where people had rubbing all the time. Put a little grease on the ucas because I couldn’t even see where those two or three times I heard it actually rubbed. Nothing, nada, ziltch. So yes it’s varied from truck to truck, tire brand and size. Not complaining, next set (going Grappler) may rub.
  15. 2.25 RC level with BFG K02 275/60R20 only had rub two or three times backing up with full left lock. Can not duplicate now. Rubbing only occurred backing and tires were brand new. That was last October, truck only has 3,458 miles as of today, it had about 50 miles when these tires went on.
  16. Mobile1 is great oil but I’m gonna stick to AMSOIL Signature Series 💯 % Synthetic no oil debate here, haven’t used Mobile1 except in my Honda.
  17. Yep! So much nicer than having that go back through your intake and valves. It amazes me that when pictures show the crud, there are still doubters. I can’t say this is a cure all for valve coking but it’s gotta help!!! Thanks for posting
  18. Fuel question

    Thanks, E85 is pretty much non-existent here, closest one is about 160 miles away although I have not checked Alabama. My 6.2 is not set-up for flex fuel but I may do the upgrade down the road.
  19. Fuel question

    Does it break down 100% synthetic, Full synthetic, blended synthetic/conventional and conventional oils all the same?
  20. Must be a fortune teller LOL...it's already creating problems.
  21. No they did not, got them off Amazon, they have black or blue...less than $10 very well made. Thank you for the compliment ESPEEDER 2pcs AN10 Billet Aluminum Dual Oil Fuel Water Line Hose Separator Clamp Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07C13FH9P/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_cLdBCbKJG55XR

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