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  1. I love my atak. Haha neighbors in my association at 530am not so much.
  2. MotoFab2.5. Havoch109 20x10 flat black. Nitto Ridges 33/12.5. Minor NorCal
  3. Interesting, any thoughts on Mickey Thompson,federal, atturo,amp. I’d like a great hybrid.
  4. what's wrong with the Nittos? seems like the go to tire for everyone.
  5. Looks so good on oem. I have that red accent on mine. 2 inch blocks in back? Sorry if I post twice I’m replying from an iPhone and it never goes through
  6. beautiful, i have the redline edition silverado, i want to put those tires on my stock wheels the ones you bought your truck with. it looked sick, what lift did you have?
  7. What’s the Pinging noise? Not the clunking from the driveshaft. My 18 Silverado is at Chevy Now and they said “we compared it to another model it’s normal” you hear it on acceleration and when you slow down. But cruising you don’t hear it.
  8. Which cover are you entering to win? 2014+ 1500 5ft 8in model Tell us why the LOMAX cover is perfect for your truck? It makes the truck look sexy.Looks Amazing. Low Profile. And you have to love the attention you get when someone asks what kind of cover is that! What features are most important to you when buying a tonneau cover, why? protection, weather durability, i love them because i can keep person items protected and being able to remove it to help others with my truck Do you have a tonneau cover on your truck? If so, which cover is it? Why are you looking for a change? yes, truxedo, i should have went with a hard cover, all the expressway miles seeing that soft cover flexing in the wind scares me lol What do you use your truck for? work, daily driver, camping,helps with my parents dad being slightly handicapped the truck bed helps store his walking aids, tow my car, help all my friends move their furniture haha
  9. That’s why I was thinking an aggressive all weather tire and maybe a level kit or at most 4 inch lift. And I don’t want a poor man lift
  10. Meh that would be too much. Lol but would be cool to see
  11. Haha awesome. Even tho it has a little red on them. It definitely makes it sexy. I want to do something to it with keeping the redline rims even tho there’re just painted red stripes lol
  12. Thinking of what to do. Ive seen some amazing setups but i do a lot of Expressway/city driving. I either want a great Leveling kit or nothing more than a 4inch lift. I want to keep the stock wheels but give the truck a more aggressive look for a daily driver. Its ChiTown area so winters can get crazy. Im shooting for the BFGsALL Terrain . The stock tires are 275/55/20.
  13. windshield 50% Front Windows 15% Rears Have a Clear 80% all windows are UV protectant They all blend perfect
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