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  1. thanks so much! Literally the only thing I didnt try
  2. Hi gang, question, how do I disconnect the LED harness that connects to the factory LED tailight? Obviously the regular bulb below is twist and pull, but the top one seems different? Thanks in advance!!!
  3. Dumb question but how do you disconnect the top led harness from the assembly?
  4. trk2.jpg

  5. IRS on the GM Triplets

    I miss my old Avalanche too....
  6. happened to me pulling our boat over Bethoud pass. Was nerve racking for sure
  7. license plate fee

    this blew me away when I moved to Colorado...
  8. if you go to https://gatorcovers.com and use the chat now feature they will offer you a discount.
  9. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Hi! New to this forum, but not new to Chevy. Used to be on the Avalanche forum board a few years ago. Recently bought this 2017 Silverado Midnight. Cant wait to start tinkering with it!!!!! Only thing added are the tints and tonneau cover.
  10. Thank you! Will be taking her in
  11. HELP! I just bought my 17 Silverado and went to get gas, when I did the spring door on the capless fuel broke off. Does anyone know how to remove the plastic shroud that surrounds it? Seems like it would pry off, but its not budging..... thanks in advance
  12. Anyone have any idea how to get the black ring off? The spring disc door broke off inside.. I can’t seem to figure out how to get it out? So mad, literally bought this truck 2 weeks ago ... 2017 Silverado

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