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  1. I’m thinking about installing the 30” curved LED light bar from Rough Country on my 2016 Denali. I’m worried that the slots on the grill won’t line up right, all the pictures show SLT grills. Has anyone installed this or have any thoughts?
  2. Haven’t done much to her lately been busy chasing deer so here she is in the mountains.
  3. Put some tow mirrors on this week and I’m sure glad I did. Looks better and helps me see when towing!
  4. Took her out to play, been busy working and chasing turkeys around lately
  5. Haven’t done anything lately but I’m glad I have the standard box! Had it filled up with decoys today and have another load to take out this week at some point.
  6. Sorry if my response was confusing. I didn’t notice any difference from having the air dam on mpg-wise. Putting bigger tires on is the only thing I’ve noticed to decrease my mpg. If you’ve been considering it I would definitely take the air dam off ?
  7. I drove almost 100 miles today and did not notice any difference from when I switched to oversized tires. It was 0.2 mpg less than my average but I was doing 72 mph for most of the drive
  8. Removed the air dam. Sure glad I did too, looks like it sits higher and cleaner IMO
  9. I just removed my wind dam today and I’m kicking myself for not doing it earlier! Loving the way it looks now plus more clearance in the front because the first hunting trip I took I smacked the wind dam pretty good
  10. Figured I’d throw my hat in the ring! Hopefully we get to see a bunch of nice rigs up here! 2.25” leveling kit with some 285/60r20 Open Country ATIIs and tinted windows. Nothing too wild.
  11. Nice sunset and lighting this evening so I snapped a couple pics of her after hunting
  12. I’ve posted elsewhere but figured it goes here as well. Fairly recently did a 2.25” level with 285/60r20 Toyo Open Country ATIIs and really like the look and the ride!
  13. Got any further away pics of the wheel well? I hadn’t considered removing the liner and having them spray directly on the metal but I might have to now
  14. Couldn’t find much on this topic. I have a 2016 Sierra 1500 Denali and was wondering if anyone has had line-x or any type of bed liner sprayed in the wheel wells. My wheel well carpet/fabric (or whatever the factory wheel well liner is made of) loads up on mud and I’m on dirt roads 5 times a week in the winter. I’ve looked at the wheel well inserts but thought line-x would work well if it will stick to the factory liner. Thanks for any input!
  15. Rough Country. I can’t find the exact one online, the dealership installed it and it was marked at 2.25”. No rub from the tires at all.
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