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  1. I used to have this on my 1500 and would like to do for my 2500. What do I need again and what fuses do they have to be stuck into? Thanks in advance!
  2. Off my old truck when it had less than 1,000 miles. $20 a piece shipped or both for $30 shipped. Can text pics upon request.
  3. Will send photos via text if requested.
  4. I do not. I'm sure you could contact afe to get another one.
  5. 2o15 Silverado LTZ Z71 2500

    Newest Rig. Sold the 2014.
  6. Sold my 14 1500 and upgraded to a 15 2500. Intake has about 20,000 miles on it. Will come with cleaned and oiled filter. Shipping is included in price. Located in Wisconsin. Asking $350 shipped. http://afepower.com/afe-power-54-74104-momentum-gt-pro-5r-cold-air-intake-system
  7. What's your best suggestion? The ones that came with my tails made it thru half a winter and I'm finally ready to put in some new ones. Preferably ones that will last longer. Thanks in advance for links.
  8. Stock headlights with cleared corners. Need to be reopened due to fogging in passenger light and turn signals that can only be taken out by reopening. Priced to sell! Paypal only. $230 shipped.
  9. It was somewhat hard to tell as I put the exhaust on a couple weeks before the intake. It did sound like the whole system can breathe better now. I was trying to rev it up to hear if I could hear more of a whine from the intake as I have with previous intakes on vehicles but I couldn't really. I still think it made a difference just wish I would have tried it before doing the exhaust.
  10. Rear turn signal failure

    Do you have yours mounted at all or just hanging out?

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