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  1. Try hitting the fob lock button once and then follow with holding remote start button for four seconds. That seems to work on mine without the double push on the lock button.
  2. Search Google for the Customer Assistance Center and call them with your complaint.
  3. Well, finally — it’s been 2+ months — and the dealer calls to say the part is in-house. So they scheduled for today to do the installation of the replacement touch-screen display. After a 3 hour installation, I am pleased to tell all that the display performs as expected. The “dead” right-hand side of the new display is functioning and I can once again use the settings to adjust the front/back speaker fade control up and down arrows. Thanks to the Chevrolet Customer Assistance Group in Center Line, Michigan at (800) 222-1020 or (586) 834-4780. My Senior Advisor, April, was never available to take my call. I called (865) 790-5600 Rishawnna (excuse the spelling) finally helped by contacting the dealership. I hope that I have better luck with this, my third, display. Bill H
  4. Well, my last entry was Tuesday 12:47pm. Here it is Thursday night and I didn’t receive a call Wednesday or today. I’ll contact them again Friday morning and see what GM Customer Assistance has to say. My screen is doing the same things and I’ve disconnected the battery negative terminal twice. Just to see if that had an effect. So far, no improvement. There is a vertical dead zone 3/4 of the length left-to-right. Cannot adjust the fade control setting for front to back speakers. The bottom block (along that vertical 3/4 bar) for SiriusXM set channels doesn’t respond to touch.
  5. Yes, and what’s really bad is the screen continually flashes from settings - to radio - to media - to settings, etc. And it clicks with every screen change AND it flashes the cluster screen which is known as the DI (Driver Information Screen). I have a case number assigned by GM Customer Assistance and I’m currently waiting for a return contact call from a senior advisor. I will update after the call back. An advisor by the name of Jose wrote that they will contact me in 24-48 hours. We’ll see if this is true. Stay tuned. Please.
  6. Exactly what mine was doing the time it was replaced prior to this service request. Clicking behind the unit, jumping around, starting Pandora by itself, etc. I will let you all know what the technician did to rectify this repeated problem. I had to sign-off on a $150 diagnostic fee, but the advisor will reimburse that after the repair is completed.
  7. Yes, I had a service appointment today; the advisor told me that the technician found that the display needs replacement. They will call and schedule an installation appointment when they receive the new unit. I thought it was the IO5 HMI module itself or wire connection. They tried updates for the HMI, to no avail. It must be something physically wrong with the touch screen display. I’ve seen YouTube videos that show touching the “blue” button on the mirror and another that shows pulling the 20 amp radio fuse, wait 10 seconds and re-insert the fuse to reset the radio. Search YouTube for that. It didn’t work in my case. Good Luck.
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