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  1. let me know if you can open the file, I could..........
  2. will try again F80D7C1D-6C7F-4296-924C-B4CF7DA1FD08.heic
  3. There are pictures , did you click on the paper clip?? Thanks for your comment, maybe GM will pay attention! If they don't I will never buy another GM product again!
  4. I own one of the 2018 Centennial editions of the Chevy Colorado truck. Love my truck, but two of the wheel rims have lost the plating around the valve stem, making the wheels very unsightly. Truck only has 23K miles on it, and rims are considered "cosmetic" and not covered under either one of my extensive warranties. Has anyone else had this issue? Service manager at the dealership advises that my rims are the same as they put on other trucks, so curious if anyone else had this issue. Thank you! AEBF87CF-87E0-4735-BFEA-4558A994D120.heic
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