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  1. I as well am looking for a 5 way switch panel! I was hoping you had one installed and I was hoping you found an ideal location. There are several brands I found that I really like (on the expensive side) but again I like reliability..prefer US made but I'll take anything if it's quality. I don't have the middle console like you do and I did install a single switch but it's at an obscure location. I ended up removing it and looking into the 5 way switch panel. I'm not scared of drilling holes anywhere in cabin I will show pics later..actually at court atm.
  2. Beautiful job. That is very clean and organized. I would be very embarrassed to take a pic of my wires tangled underneath the dash. Just curious why that brand of rock lights? I initially brought what was very similar to your setup but ended up returning it and went with Procomp. It didn't last very long and the multicolor setup is illegal where I live i believe (california). Also did you throw in a on/off switch? Where?
  3. I just got back around tonight just testing the difference of front video camera quality now that it sits higher than before. It looks better now that it sits higher. I am assuming interference light coming from the headlights. The rear camera looks the same, blurry. But now that I am thinking, it's prolly because light interference from the LED license plate light. The side cameras I have since moved to positions where they get cover from the top so that is probably a reason why the view quality seems better. Tomorrow morning I will fabricate a "helmet" for the front and rear cameras hopefully solving that issue. If it doesn't work going back to Amazon and checking out other cameras.
  4. ~ -40° to 200° F? God, that sounds almost military specs. LMK where you find these cameras. I purchased my setup from Amazon. Of course be careful, most electronic purchases are like "Harbor Freight" quality (not dissing HF because I own a Daytona 3 ton floor jack that I love and crapload of impact sockets), but you know what I mean. It's like, if you want rock lights or flood , buy ProComp, Rigid, KC HiLites , etc don't buy Amazon knockoffs...however I went the cheaper route on the cameras because it's still experimental for me.. As far as monitor I decided on RCA connection method. To me, I initially thought this connection is more "trouble free" than wireless/bluetooth. This is from reading reviews from others who installed this method. However maybe those products have improved in the last 4 to 6 months, I dunno. Here is the list of what I purchased. I can tell u how I feel about these items. Master Tailgaters Frameless Rear... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D8J14WB?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share I originally wanted the Master Tailgaters rear view mirror with the Onstar button but they didn't have any in stock on Amazon so I went with this rear view monitor BUT I lost the Onstar button. That is one of the cons of this mirror. I like the fact I can have 2 views at the same time. Video quality is dependent of the cameras. For what it is, it does look OEM. Good quality. Master Tailgaters License Plate... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DLFTMT2?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share Camera view should be as the same as our 8" monitor in REAR. What a POS. I bought 2, for front and rear. Camera sits too low for our trucks. I had to modify it and I remount it to my Go Rhino step guard. See pic. It now sits just as high as the one in the rear of truck. View quality is just horrible to view during the day and night. It's not comparable the 8" screen. I'm assuming any license plate cameras around the same price range (~$30) are of the same quality. Reverse Camera,Front,Side View... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074P17ZLF?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share For a cheap a$$ camera I'm really surprised. I already took truck at a car wash and I did spray hard right at it..i also own a professional steam pressure washer as well and shot 100° C water straight at it..still works fine. Lens are rotatable (Be careful not twist outer cap from shell threads or it will break). For $17, let's see how well it holds up.. Video 1 and 4 are the Master Tailgaters license plate frame cameras. Video 2 and 3 are the sides. Sorry for the long write-up. I'm sure I missed something and grammar messups..I'll fix later.
  5. There are always those with the opinion I've never had to use it, therefore it's not necessary or needed. I dunno. I'm close to my 50's. I have a grandchild, safety comes first. Kinda like having a seatbelt. To the OP, having the front camera should be used only for the blindside of the front windshield. Area below hood..perhaps u might accidently run over a sleeping pet etc. Edit: grammar..it's late
  6. My personal input, I just got 4 cameras installed since my truck only had the rear camera and tbh, I rather have the 8" monitor used only for music and Google maps/Android Auto. Initial thought for the front camera because parallel parking is a pain and not able to see if I'm going to hit a vehicle in front of me (again I have the lower end truck and it didn't come with proximity sensors like the high end trucks most of u guys own). Now I have it, there are some cons. I have the license plate style...it just sits way too low. You can pivot up another 5 or 10° but it's not the way to go. The camera should sit below the M of GMC, or have a lifted truck to abate the height difference. Also at this height at night you just see the glare of rear lights of vehicles. The rear license plate height is just Okay..I wish I had it sit a little higher. The sides are not typical but it's set up for my benefit. Most of u have these on the mirrors. I am still testing the cameras. It's on a trial run..the rear view monitor has passed my test..the cameras I am definitely switching out in a week. Going to see how it holds up
  7. While mine is not a true dual exhaust, I did had to get my exhaust system modified to fit my Hellwig sway bar to fit. I also had to get rid of spare tire as well which I don't mind because it was too small to begin with. I am planning to change knuckle to add 3" more lift so since Hellwig is down the street I am getting longer linkage to for the added height. Please note my sway bar SHOULD be level, currently it is not. The longer linkage fixes that issue once lift is done.
  8. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    Hopefully this is where to post, it's just another pic of different truck heights. Took this earlier today @ Costco and I was happen to park near these trucks. Mine at 2" with Rancho quicklift and airbags in rear, the middle truck I'm assuming 5" and the end is taller yet. There is a Toyota Tacoma in there as well but meh.
  9. CB Radio Antenna

    I've purposely made the gusset sharp for a reason.
  10. CB Radio Antenna

    I've mounted my antenna on ladder rack frame.
  11. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    I am a 3 month lurker. I've read all 303 pages of this section (some pages more than 2x, even 3x, so I can understand what I am getting into lifting my 17 GMC Sierra 2wd). There are a lot of beautiful trucks here and I'm jealous of many. However as much I love my truck and how she rides (I'm coming from an old Chevy Colorado), my truck is used for my small business. Having a 3"-4" lift would be ideal but in all seriousness I think I would be happy with LT 285/70/17 tire setup. I currently have the Rancho Quicklift (2" lift), Bilstein 5100's in the back with Airlift Airbags. Why the ranchos? Well i got those and helwig rear sway bar for $100. I couldnt pass it up. I also have the stamp steel uca. While the ride is very good to me, I still have the urge to go higher, like most have felt. also kinda sucks that I live literally 10 minutes away from Mcnaughy suspension but I have no desire to lift that high. I am just rambling. I just wanted to post my first post because it literally took 3 months to read all 303 pages. Thank you guys...beautiful trucks.

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