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  1. I guess my style is "work truck" style I'm assuming.
  2. If I didnt have weight in the back of truck when its fully loaded, I am do down for McGaughy's. When I ever do upgrade to a 2500, actually if it's even possible - a fully customizable flatbed is my dream then I'll look to it. Currently on my Sierra, even upgraded to a 4.56 gear ratio with locking diff..I'm still on the fence with 35's.
  3. Yes sir! The direction towards the DMV, not the Tower Disctrict...and btw beautiful trucks! You'd figure living in Fresno, I would get Mcgaughy system like everybody else, but I can't seeing myself throwing 35's on a 1/2 ton. I'm happy with the 5" lift and 33's
  4. I live literally about 3 miles from that location where that was shot at ?
  5. We should have more pics of lifted 2wd. I have a 2017 GMC Sierra, 2WD. It is currently at Fearless Gear here in Fresno getting rear differential changed to 4.56 and getting universal joint replaced. I could go 35's but I plan to stay at 33. I will post pics when truck gets back, hopefully Friday. I have appointment with Linex at 10 am. I lifted mine purely based off of looks, never offroad - tbh, I just got tired of the 2500's, etc, sitting taller than me on the road - thats it. In the front, I went with a MaxTrac 5" knuckle lift, Bilstein B8 6100 set at 0" (I di
  6. Thank you both guys for the help. The dual battery project is a go. Dad said he will help with the installation and supply wiring/cables - even the battery - I just gotta come up with isolator, fuse and junction block (power for accessories). As I order parts for the battery and more wiring and end connnector for rocker switch projects, I will research more about inverters and order parts accordingly. The ammeter/voltmeter is a great suggestion. I found several types of LCD display on Amazon that might fit that bill. I can get my dad to install inverter - I just have t
  7. I put it up on OfferUp, no bites - not even a lowball. Last night I was at parents for the fireworks, I talked things over with dad as he looked under the hood. First priority, remove switch control module for now. As the months went by I've been adding lights, etc to switch module and relays - it looks pretty messy. He agrees to adding 2nd battery and use that to power switches, relays and accessories (in a clean orderly fashion). He looked at the inverter sitting at the backseat, laughed and says I don't need it. Now I want it on more than ever n
  8. Yep. I do as well. It works fine. It's our HP LaserJet- that won't work. I've resorted to using a portable thermal ink printer for printing customer's invoice on the clutch, but I prefer the quality of laser print.
  9. Selling it. Thank you Davester..when I say got it cheap it was practically free (with a discount given from a service I done for one of his business). I figured if it was done, it would have been nice. Portable generator was an option for me awhile back, but Milwaukee tools being so useful as of lately, there was never a need for one (also space was an issue as well).
  10. So earlier tonight I got a great deal from one of my customer - a Tripp Lite 2000w inverter and remote control module. Part # PV2000FC for the inverter. He has them on every one of his work trucks and swears by them. This thing is huge. I've seen on YouTube where an individual placed his under the rear bench - but this thing, impossible. Do i need one this large? If anything I would use it for my laser printer, Milwaukee battery charger, etc - anything work related. Again prolly not, but I really got this inverter for a steal - and it's brand new (well hasn't been used yet). I wou
  11. I'm getting ready to build my relays tonight. Just waiting on Amazon truck (that ABS plastic sheet cannot be found locally). Also I wanted to try the 6 relay fuse holder for a cleaner look. 18sierra1500 I like your spot where you put your relays and in fact I will be putting mine in the same spot however where CrazyJokerr77 had mention is ideal, closer to the battery is better. However I checked mine, I just don't have the room. I want to able to have easier access to the relays if I have to make modifications/fix screwups. Did you make any changes yet since you last po
  12. I as well am looking for a 5 way switch panel! I was hoping you had one installed and I was hoping you found an ideal location. There are several brands I found that I really like (on the expensive side) but again I like reliability..prefer US made but I'll take anything if it's quality. I don't have the middle console like you do and I did install a single switch but it's at an obscure location. I ended up removing it and looking into the 5 way switch panel. I'm not scared of drilling holes anywhere in cabin I will show pics later..actua
  13. Beautiful job. That is very clean and organized. I would be very embarrassed to take a pic of my wires tangled underneath the dash. Just curious why that brand of rock lights? I initially brought what was very similar to your setup but ended up returning it and went with Procomp. It didn't last very long and the multicolor setup is illegal where I live i believe (california). Also did you throw in a on/off switch? Where?
  14. I just got back around tonight just testing the difference of front video camera quality now that it sits higher than before. It looks better now that it sits higher. I am assuming interference light coming from the headlights. The rear camera looks the same, blurry. But now that I am thinking, it's prolly because light interference from the LED license plate light. The side cameras I have since moved to positions where they get cover from the top so that is probably a reason why the view quality seems better. Tomorrow morning I will fabricate a "helmet" for the fron
  15. ~ -40° to 200° F? God, that sounds almost military specs. LMK where you find these cameras. I purchased my setup from Amazon. Of course be careful, most electronic purchases are like "Harbor Freight" quality (not dissing HF because I own a Daytona 3 ton floor jack that I love and crapload of impact sockets), but you know what I mean. It's like, if you want rock lights or flood , buy ProComp, Rigid, KC HiLites , etc don't buy Amazon knockoffs...however I went the cheaper route on the cameras because it's still experimental for me.. As far as monitor I decided on RCA connection
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