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  1. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    Hopefully this is where to post, it's just another pic of different truck heights. Took this earlier today @ Costco and I was happen to park near these trucks. Mine at 2" with Rancho quicklift and airbags in rear, the middle truck I'm assuming 5" and the end is taller yet. There is a Toyota Tacoma in there as well but meh.
  2. CB Radio Antenna

    I've purposely made the gusset sharp for a reason.
  3. CB Radio Antenna

    I've mounted my antenna on ladder rack frame.
  4. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    I am a 3 month lurker. I've read all 303 pages of this section (some pages more than 2x, even 3x, so I can understand what I am getting into lifting my 17 GMC Sierra 2wd). There are a lot of beautiful trucks here and I'm jealous of many. However as much I love my truck and how she rides (I'm coming from an old Chevy Colorado), my truck is used for my small business. Having a 3"-4" lift would be ideal but in all seriousness I think I would be happy with LT 285/70/17 tire setup. I currently have the Rancho Quicklift (2" lift), Bilstein 5100's in the back with Airlift Airbags. Why the ranchos? Well i got those and helwig rear sway bar for $100. I couldnt pass it up. I also have the stamp steel uca. While the ride is very good to me, I still have the urge to go higher, like most have felt. also kinda sucks that I live literally 10 minutes away from Mcnaughy suspension but I have no desire to lift that high. I am just rambling. I just wanted to post my first post because it literally took 3 months to read all 303 pages. Thank you guys...beautiful trucks.

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