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  1. I never thought about a tune. I don't know anything about them. I've read about them a little. They can really increase your mpg 2-3 miles per gallon?
  2. I agree with you batman on the winter MPG. I get 19-19.5 too. I haven't checked my summer MPG lately. My son had a "14 Silverado with the 6.2 MAX TOW with 3.73 gears and he only got 18-19 MPG. But he had a very big leadfoot! He never understood what I kept telling him --- when the right foot goes down so does the MPG!. I agree with you on the looks of the 19's. I certainly wouldn't pay for those looks. If they gave me one for free MAYBE.
  3. That's great mileage for one short drive. I doubt that you'll see those numbers for a whole tank. I always check my MPG the old fashion way and divide total miles driven by actual gallons to refill. It always seems to figure out way less than what the DIC is telling me. I have a 5.3 with 3.42 gears and I never can average 23-24 MPG for the whole tank. Maybe 19-19.5.
  4. Welcome aboard! I like your truck but I'm biased because I drive a 2017 Silverado RCLB. I come from the era when all new pickup trucks were only available in regular cab long bed.
  5. Colossus and CadillacLuke24 you guys are spot on. In the mid 70's I had a Chevy half ton pickup- cast iron motor,distributor with a set of points, and a Rochester 4 barrel carb and it would give me 15-16 MPG all day long! Here we are 45 plus years later and we are now up to a whopping 18 maybe 19 MPG!!! What a joke!!! I wish I had a new pickup with that 350 combination in it sitting in my driveway. At least a man could actually fix it himself when it wasn't running up to snuff. A new set of points and plugs and reset the timing with a timing light and away you went! Now you need a computer degree from Harvard to figure out what's wrong with the damn things! Aluminum motors, direct injection, variable valve timing, cylinder deactivation now down to two cylinders,all the aerodynamic junk and whatever else the wondrous engineers at GM can throw at us and they just don't seem to understand---------- A GALLON OF GASOLINE IS ONLY GOING TO PRODUCE SO MUCH ENERGY IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW YOU BURN IT!!!!!!! In conclusion the only thing I gather from all this nonsense is that it costs US the poor old consumer MORE MONEY. Nuff said.
  6. Thanks for the reply Mark. I have read the entire thread and other than getting the correct part number for your vehicle and the programming by WAMS I don't think there should be any issues. What else do you see? I'm curious. Thanks
  7. Odave that cluster is sweet! Do you remember the part number?
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