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  1. What part # did you find? Found this: Mirror Assembly - GM (84565195)
  2. Well, now I am going to have to rethink how I contribute here on the site
  3. It kind of does look like she did just discovered "The Big One", by LoveSac
  4. Found this, you can tell what the tires are, still not sure about the wheels. Really like this picture though
  5. A little off topic, but cannot tell you how many people I have written up for not wearing a seat belt while driving a fork lift (PIT). Oh, we were just going a few feet, and then they crash, kill someone, or drive off of the dock killing themself. Maybe the thinking is, it slows you down, and hopefully you are forced to be aware of your surroundings before taking off. JMO.
  6. Good video, makes me realize I will just buy a new mirror if mine die
  7. That is not a great feeling, will share my 16 on a flatbed with an expired 6.2 at 23000 miles. Good luck, sounds like the truck will be very fun now.
  8. That is why they make pants with elastic, so you don't have to worry about one more thing.
  9. Maybe something to do with this TSB: MC-10113854-9999.pdf
  10. Yea, the truck kind of looks like an archeology dig site, and they discovered a plug from the 1400's.
  11. Yea, they are the gift that just keeps giving. Every time you walk behind your you would either smile or cringe Wonder if those are rubber, and would change in "size", depending if it were cold or hot
  12. Tree is now entering its 3rd week in the living room. One good thing is, we actually do get to take it down sometime in January
  13. Welcome to the site. He does not show the relay, but think it is close to fuse #48 if he can hear it clicking when he pushes the horn:
  14. Welcome to the site. Any of the stripes should just be decals/stickers. Easier to get off when they are new.
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