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  1. I took the ones from my '14 when I traded in and put them in my '19.
  2. Since my truck started doing this, it has been sometimes working, sometimes not. I started noticing that when I leave for work in the morning it doesn't work, but when I leave work the app is working. The only difference is that I lock the truck at work and not at home in my garage. Yesterday, I locked my truck while it was in the garage. When I left for work, I unlocked the truck and the climate app was working. I need to experiment with this some more. I'm going to try some combinations of leaving the truck unlocked, starting it, if the climate app is not working, stopping the truck, locking it, unlocking it, start the truck and see if the app is working. Just to note I do have the passive locking feature turned off.
  3. Or you can turn your hotspot off in your vehicle to prevent your phone from connecting to it.
  4. Didn't drive the truck on Sat. Got in this morning and it was working. We'll see how long it will last....
  5. But for a new girl, she sure is a smooth ride
  6. I just noticed this issue a couple of days ago. The first few times I thought it was telling me that the climate system was off because I turned it off. But now it appears every time I do anything with the system. I opened the Climate app and it just says Climate Off. It has the ON/OFF button displayed. When I tap it, I can hear the fan turn on or off so I know it kind of works. But it does not work at all to make any other changes to the system. I tried this on my profile and the Guest profile - no luck.
  7. I haven't order it - yet. It is high on my list of mods. I would also like to hear a sound clip. I had the Corsa Sport on my 07 Silverado and loved it. Right now for me it's a toss up between the GM Performance exhaust and the Corsa exhaust.
  8. I have the G4 Elite on my '19 Silverado LTZ. I debated on several different covers. I had the G4 on my 2007 so I was familiar with it and liked it. The rails for the cover sit on the bed rails as opposed to some of the other that the rails mounted inside the bed rails. I haul stuff in the bed and can't afford getting the rails bent. The G4 doesn't have drain tubes. And the G4 can be opened from the front. Not exactly water tight, but few rarely are.
  9. I have been contemplating the GM cat back and installing it myself. When you removed the OEM exhaust, did you have to cut it to get it out?
  10. Here is mine after a quick wash. I’ve added the FAC G4 cover and the wheel to wheel side steps.
  11. OP, I was thinking along the lines of having your system installed on the Silverado, but powering the camera through a different source. There are a lot of variables involved with your issue. When you move your system to another vehicle you eliminated those variables. The variables seem to be: a) power to the camera via the trailer wiring and silverado b) monitor reception while in the silverado c) monitor reception when outside the silverado d) power to the camera via an independent power source You know that your system doesn't work with a) and b). You know it works with c) and d). Have you tried a) and c), or b) and d)? I wonder if the Silverado's bluetooth is overpowering the monitor's bluetooth? Keep us posted with what you find out.
  12. You tried powering the monitor with a separate power source and it didn't work. Have you tried powering the camera with a separate power source other than the trailer wiring? Could be that the Silverado is sending some type of interference on the trailer wiring. There is something different with the trailer wiring that lets the truck know when you plug a trailer in. Do you have the keyless entry system? Maybe the geofencing for the keyless entry system is blocking the signal? Just some thoughts...
  13. I like my FAC G4. I had one on my '14 too. I debated a long time on getting this one. I like the looks of the low profile covers, but didn't like that the rails/channels were inside the bed, or there were drain hoses to deal with. I haul a lot of stuff in the bed and didn't want to risk damaging the rails. The cover is easy to take off, 4 bolts to remove. I may replace the bolts with some wing bolts so that I don't need a wrench/socket to remove them. I installed the wheel-to-wheel side steps so that I can access the front of the bed a lot easier since I am vertically challenged - LOL. Not exactly water tight but none of the covers really are - some more than others. If you can get the cover for around $800, that is a good deal.
  14. I was wondering about this the other day. I have the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) on my '19. There is a key hidden in the fob for use in the event the fob is dead. You can use it to unlock the door on the truck. My question is - how do you start the truck if the fob is dead? I have been looking in the owner's manual but do not see anything addressing this issue. I contacted my salesman about it. He thinks there is a place to use the key to start the truck, but doesn't know where it's at. Does anyone know how to start the truck if the fob is dead?
  15. I did some further searching on the internet. While I didn't find anything specific to the '19 Silverados, I did see some results pertaining to GM vehicles with push to start. They all stated that even if the battery were dead, you can put the fob in the transmitter pocket and the vehicle can be started. So there must be an RFI chip in the fob, like Dougie86 said. I guess as long as the chip is not damaged if the fob were to be damaged, then the vehicle could be started. GM should add the dead remote instructions to the owner's manual with the low battery information
  16. Yes - I know the manual addressed the low battery situation. Thanks for the replies. I am thinking more along the lines that it gets wet and quits operating. Say you go hiking and while crossing a creek you slip and fall into the creek. The fob gets wet and doesn't operate anymore. Or what if the fob gets damaged by accidentally dropping it in the dark and then stepping on it while looking for it. Accidents happen. I'm sure you can think of other situations where you have dropped your keys while getting something out of your pockets. Keeping a spare battery in the vehicle is a good idea and I think I'll got get a couple. I think there should be a fail-safe for when the fob is dead and you are not near home or a store.
  17. Have you tried doing the learn process by pressing the button on the back of the garage door opener first, then pressing a homelink button within 30 seconds? I had to do that for my 3rd car garage door to get it programmed. That opener is 15+ years old. This process worked for both my '19 Silverado and '19 Traverse.
  18. I just installed a Fold-a-Cover G4 Elite on my '19 last night. Different model number than the previous 2014 - 2018 version. Don't have a picture of it yet.
  19. Thanks. There is room in the garage to open the tailgate, but not much more.
  20. Picked this up this past Friday evening. Mods to be coming soon. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  21. I downloaded a copy of the brochure from one of GM's websites. Go to the chevrolet web page. Click on Shopping tools. Select 'download a catalog'.
  22. In the past, I manually adjusted the clock. This past spring when we went to DST, I noticed an option for the clock to sync with my phone. I turned it on. This past Sunday I connected my phone via Bluetooth and the clock sync'd up automatically.
  23. I have the OPT7 led bar in red. I bought the Curt adapter, but opted for the 5 pin plug instead of the 4 pin. Then I took an old trailer plug - male end, and cut one connector off. I connected that to the reverse wire. Then I plugged it all into the 5 pin plug. Didn't have to tap in to the reverse wire anywhere.
  24. That is what I did. I didn't have to drop the spare down. I pulled the 7-pin plug off the bumper connector, plugged it into one end of the harness, and plugged the other end of the harness into the bumper connector where the original plug was. I zip tied everything up do it stays hidden.
  25. New Owner In MO

    Welcome. Where in MO are you?

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