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  1. With the strike on are GM dealers taking customer orders. Been emailing back and forth with a dealership for the last couple days for them to spec out a custom order. They said they were not taking orders right now. They were not specific if this was due to me ordering a diesel 3.0 GMC AT4 but they hinted at this as well there is a strike on as well. Is GM taking custom orders right now? Not sure might a smaller dealer not have the allocation to order a new feature?
  2. Anyone able to provide the link to the table to the manufacturing dates of the 2020 1500s. I know they starting building them in August. Table has when orders opened up as well. Looked for a couple hours cannot find it..
  3. How long does it take from order to delivery of a customer truck? Additionally if you lease a truck. Can you pay down the payments faster and save on interest? How does one get 12 to 15% off MSRP on current models? can you close on a price even when customer build and delivery will be a duration away?
  4. After a year of watching every, and literally (the old English use of the word) YouTube videos and reviews on the new RAM and the Chevy/GMC lines. I candidly do not understand what every auto journalists problem is with the New Chevy trucks interior. Now am looking at or discussing High Country, Denali, and AT4 interiors. The perforated leather seats are comfortable. The padding is not to hard. The interior is great. You know your not in a $100K+ Mercedes of even a $65K+ Merc. Although the door soft touch materials are fine. The center console is softer than the doors and great for an arm rest. The phone holder in the middle arm rest is far enough from the end that it will never be in the way. The controls are easily layed out and maybe even considerably more ergonomicly than the RAM. Have a loaded with every option Acura MDX. The Chevy/GMC interior on the high end trims is damn near identical in quality overall. MDX might not be a high end luxury vechile. Might be a rung below some of the German options; but my time in the vechicles today do not warrant the bad press. Chevy now only if you would do adaptive suspension on the High Country Like you used to!
  5. Anyone seen or can link to the maintenance schedule for the 3.0L diesel. To get an understanding of gas vs diesel maintenance. As well start for one to understand high level cost implications. Service oil change duration on non heavy cycle and liters per change would be appreciated..
  6. Thank you greatly. One follow up. With a higher end trim. For a truck that is optioned in the 61K to 65K range. Will be buying a AT4 but we are in Denali price range here. Do you or the community find that dealers discount less off MSRP trucks with a higher price? Higher priced objects will always attract fewer buyers; they have less liquidity. Although the AT4 and Denali models there are fewer of them and the people looking for them usually can afford them more. Or is it just an object and you can get 20%+ off MSRP on any product. It just takes the right approach.
  7. It is easily done if your buying a 2020 from November 2020 through June 2021 hoping people here can talk about their success stories.. specifically the how, the approach and answer all four questions.
  8. Will be buying a 2020 AT4. GMC configurator for the 2019 model shows a price of $62650. we all know we can get $10,000 off a truck on the lot. Have seen ads for 20% off before but wonder if these are for models that there are many of. 1. Can you get the same discount if you custom order? How would one approach this? 2. What is the max percentage one can get below MSRP? 3. Willing to wait until the best sale all year? What would be the absolute best time for best price? 4. Is the way to get maximum dealer discounts is to finance with GM? Then pay the loan off with a credit union loan in 3 months.
  9. Really disappointed the RST Chevy and the Elevation GMC do not get adaptive cruise control. a product decision that will result in hundreds of millions in lost sales for GM. waited five years for a Chevy without chrome and with adaptive cruise. GM being greedy only putting it on the high country. Wanted a fully optioned 55K+ RST with adaptive. Chevy your loosing life long die hard product lovers. Can’t wait anymore forced to buy another vendor.. broke my heart a little with this one.. what is is so hard about letting mid line trucks have adaptive cruise and adaptive suspensions. RAM has airbags on most models. Short sighted old school product design and placement; you have to adapt..
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