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  1. Gentlemen we have a fix. PIT5735B has corrected the issue. I had the software update for the BSCM/brake module controller applied to my truck on May 27 2020. The PDF does not look like it is published online yet, so it is attached below. Had a GM engineer apply the BSCM with the mechanic at the dealership. The engineer also mentioned the PIT5730A & PIT5735B are both addressed in the same latest software update. If you read the description it is caused by the vechicle just rolling a little when parked. Although have never had a auto issue raise so many codes period; especially for a root cause being so minor. 20200529085624982.pdf
  2. Stated better. What brake pads stop the best for shortest stopping distance; with low noise.
  3. Anyone have any good suggestions for semi metallic brake pads for the normal brakes on a 2020 1500 AT4. objective stopping data would be best. How much better over stock. dont want noise.. dust not so bad.
  4. Anyone have a good semi metallic brake pad option. Looking to stop my 2020 1500 AT4 faster. Have the normal brakes. Don’t want the noise can deal with the dust.
  5. Anyway we can get everyone to post their case numbers with GM/Chevy engineers. The techs at every dealership will have called into GM and made a case which has a number. If we all share the case numbers here. And share this thread with the dealership to give back to the engineers they can cross reference all the cases. If a fix is not in the works this will prove to the engineers and product team multiple people are having the issue and will get it prioritized.
  6. Kevin0311 we have the same issue. Told everyone would come back and support. Have been in the dealership three times. First and last time they just cleared the codes. Second time they replaced the electronic brake module. As well they flashed it with the latest as of February software update. during the second service they could not get the codes to go away. They did a software reset procedure multiple times and could not get the software to upload eventually they got lucky and got the upload to the EBCM to work. Although even by a brake bleed and physical reset they could not get the codes to go away so they just cleared them out of the computer. Disappointed with the lack of fundamental knowledge the service writer and techs had about how to deal with a software issue. They think that a code a OBD2 code is a match for a solution . It’s a match for a system or component having a problem but it’s not a match for an excat matching root cause. They fundamentally did not grasp that different software problems could bring up the same obd2 code; They had no idea what a data debug or dump was that they could upload to the GM engineers. Typical non logic or methodical troubleshooting; just random attempts at anything. If something clears a code or hides the code it that is good enough. Still a little baffled that GM tech training does not include what most junior high AP Computer students know about how to start troubleshooting software issues. Supposedly over a month ago (about feb 20ish) a new software fix would be ready in a month and they would call me back. Have not heard back yet. Had the codes another time when my wife was driving the truck had her confirm as have been keeping my obd2 reader in the truck. will put my service work order here and my GM case number.
  7. Pulled the codes with two different readers, on different occasions. Was at home once and at Dads another time so used his reader another time. Truck had only been on the lot for days. Yesterday finally got the dealership after a couple visits to address; probably what happened is the internal engineer case approved the work. I know they changed multiple parts and reprogrammed. when I pickup will update the outcome for the community.
  8. As well the recall has documented it is for a 2019 truck. Mine is a 2020.
  9. Went to the recall site. My VIN does not flag this recall. as well after reading the bulletin. I do not have the ABS or ESC lights on, on the dash console. I know because the first time this happened took a picture of the dash console and looked at it now have never used the app to start. the last two times did not wait the five minutes to start the car. not sure the recall applies to all the U code MIL errors. if anyone else learns anything applicable. Please opt in. I know there are other people having this.
  10. What EBCM firmware update was applied? does anyone have the bulletin number?
  11. Has anyone found a resolution to this yet? i think I have two different issues. The u101 and u100 and u101 and P25a2 issue. Had this twice. First time was to far from a dealer. Second time it was Sunday and the dealership was closed. yesterday I had just p25a2 code only (none of the original ucodes) which might be the brake module; a software release was released for this in December. But it had bugs and caused problems with power steering. Now a second software update was released about a week ago. https://www.autoblog.com/2020/02/11/gm-brake-software-recall-silverado-sierra-ct6/ these show different symptoms and with a high probability are different issues. Did anyone get any real/solid/effective or practical information out of GM on the ucode issues. There are about 4 different threads out there so probably hundreds of people have had this.
  12. Usually not a picky person but candidly not impressed with the Bose system in my 2020 1500 AT4. anyone have any good links on what speaker sizes are in the truck and what may be great upgrade options..
  13. Do I have an issue here. Since new my 2020 1500 with Navigation. Requires I reinitialize the SD card every time I use the interface after restarting the truck.
  14. Went back an re-read the replies. Not sure what remote starts mean? Remotely starting the car from the key fob, or the start system, or stop and go traffic? Ha okay as well. Will fill up and start tracking mileage. If you are all saying am getting 15 mph on the cluster is high and am really getting lower. Will reply back when i know more. As well never understood why people say engines get better mileage after X distance on the odometer. Never made sense to me, the rings are wore in after a1000 miles. Its all the same air fuel ratio and injector tables in the computer..
  15. Live in very south OC. Live where the traffic on the I5 is light. Twenty some miles south of Huntington. So do not get stuck in traffic a great deal. Nothing more than normal traffic light stops the same across any suburban part of the nation. On balance with the highways open i usually am 75 to 80mph where it allows. The AC is on all the time. Which does have a draw; plus it reduces the amount of time the stop is active for the start/stop system. Find that about half maybe a third of the time; at lights the start stop system does not Stay off for the entire duration of the light. Think the AC is turning it back on.
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