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  1. I agree...I'm concerned just how long this "sealant job" is going to last. I don't want to be on the hook for all this myself in a few years...
  2. Got mine back today. Second attempt at the reseal. First time the work was terrible. Looked like the technician used great stuff. Now I can't even tell it was done and they removed the water stain from the headliner. Fingers crossed it works... Raining here today. Hopefully I don't go out in the am and find another wet rear seat. GM should give us 10 yrs and unlimited miles on that rear glass...
  3. On TFL trucks YouTube video of their trail boss, I commented to check for leaks occasionally in the back. Idk if they read those but I'm sure if they get a leak they will surely let everyone know. Theirs is a 2020 but I think some of those are leaking as well.
  4. Fortunately or unfortunately for me when I checked it was raining pretty hard and it was on the top of my rear seat by the headrest. no feeling necessary. I did feel around after that and luckily the floor and seat cushions were dry.
  5. I wonder if anyone has answered with no leak without actually looking back there for any signs. When I was dealing with the brake issue I ran across the rear window leak thread. I said to myself, I'm glad mine isn't leaking. But then I went and looked around and sure enough mine was also leaking and I didn't really even know it.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't their an airbag in the pillars in the rear? I can't help but think it's not good to have it get wet constantly. I saw replies that GM isn't too concerned because its not a safety issue.. I would think the possibility of an air bag deploying because of water/rust issues would be a matter of safety. Good thing we bailed them out huh.... Going to search the thread for the GM customer service info and I think I will also start a case.
  7. Maybe someone should accidentally drive a golf ball thru the glass and let safe lite replace it correctly... IDK at this point.....
  8. At what point does GM authorize a new rear window to be installed ? Do they have to do the "caulk" job first ? Any GM techs on here with any advice?? .. Thanks... Sure would be nice if GM looked at these forums to see what issues their products are having.
  9. Its back at the dealer this morning. I "encouraged" them to this time follow the TSB and not use what looks like yellow great stuff on it. I am fairly certain that the tech didn't even remove the rear headliner to remove the third break light per the tsb. I told them I didn't want to hear back until the correct tsb was done and the correct sealant has time to set. Probably was a typical rush job as its looks like Chevy is giving the dealer 1.5 hrs to do the work. And now they are having to re do it. I'm sure done correctly it takes longer than that. I actually use to work at this dealer, its not where I purchased it but its a Chevy problem so the service advisers are not giving me the standard mumbo jumbo. Hopefully its done right this time.
  10. Nope. Picked it up the same day. Wasn't even that good of a job. I can see the yellow sealant above the window as well. Are the 2020's leaking as well? My confidence in this thing is very low. I'll dump it if I have to keep dealing with this. Is a new rear window even going to fix this?
  11. Back to the drawing board..They did the tsb for the leak..it's now leaking worse than before.. These things need to be recalled...Dealer has been good to me so far, not my purchasing dealer. But Chevy needs to fix this asap. Makes me sick to think of what we paid for these trucks for them to leak. Guess I'll see what the next step is tomorrow.
  12. Dropped mine off today. Dealer has a "water leak" guy coming in to track down the leak. Odd thing, it was filthy and covered in salt a few days ago so I went thru the car wash, expecting it would leak. Not a drop.. Headliner is stained and there were drops on the seat before. No idea what causes the leak. I figured the high pressure would surely do it. Can't blame the dealer one bit. Not even the place I bought it but I did use to work there. So far they have been top notch. Hopefully its not the rear window removal fix. I'll update when I hear anything. I wonder how many are leaking and people are unaware. I never even go in the back seat long enough to notice and the only reason I looked harder was this forum.
  13. Add me to the list..just after getting the brake issue mychevy app fixed...heading to the dealernow
  14. Prior to the recall the only issue I had was the brake pad life monitor at zero after about 12k miles. Washing to see if the newest fix does the trick before I go back in.
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