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  1. https://www.gmoutlet.com/gmepp_quote.html Very good pricing
  2. He wants $67, 765 for his and only offering $36K for my 2019 Trail Boss w 58k miles. Black book shows $40K for trade. I know the market is slowing but I think he's too low on trade. I'll keep looking. May head to LTZ or RST with the LZO.
  3. I need to look into the legacy employee discount. My Uncle worked for GM for I think 40 years but has passed away. I see there may be a way to still get the employee discount but am not sure how to go about it. Thanks.
  4. I worked at a Chevy dealer a long time ago and I seem to remember a salesman telling me there are two invoices. One to show the customer and the true invoice they kept separate. I got this inv20230110065018.pdfoice from a dealer and he's telling me his cost is 67278.51. Anyone in the know think this is really his price? Thanks in advance.
  5. If I may ask, does anyone know why they do not offer the Duramax in the Trailboss from the factory ? Thanks
  6. Same thing I did..as soon as it shows up in their system I called for payoff info and gave the paper work to my credit union. Took a few weeks but that's it.
  7. 10-4, I get that. My buddy was saying all rebates and 0% for first responders. I don’t think it’s a true thing though.
  8. A buddy of mine is going in today so I will see what he gets. Maybe its a regional offer ?? I'll advise if he gets both....
  9. I haven't personally verified this yet but I was told GM is now offering all rebates and %0 for 84 months for first responders /emergency personnel. One of the guys at work said he called a dealership and verified it with the finance manager. Those of you looking may want to ask about this. It doesn't seem to be widely known, if true. If true, I'm tempted to move into a Duramax AT4.... We will see I guess.
  10. First trip in it looked like the tech used great stuff... I printed the TSB and took it back and told them to try and follow it... Been a few months now and its still holding up. I do check it quite often.... I think I got lucky so far compared to others on here.
  11. I'd love that truck with the Trail Boss lift added to it.... Or does it have it already ?? I'm hoping the Trail Boss gets the Duramax....
  12. I've always wondered why the at4 can get the Duramax but not the trail boss.. sure would be a nice option...
  13. I have the N-Fab Podium steps. Easy to put on and enough drop for an easy entrance.
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